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What is it?

Intelleral is a supplement designed to clear brain fog and enhance focus with use. The product helps users stay on task and enhance concentration, without the crash of caffeine or other stimulants.

Intelleral works by using an ingredient known as WGCP, which is a form of caffeine that claims to sidestep some of the usual side effects like stress on the heart, insomnia and more.

Intelleral also has the benefit of being evaluated by the Cleveland Clinic, as well as the University of Tampa.

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Intelleral Ingredients and Side Effects

The official Intelleral page only mentions one active ingredient, whole green coffee powder, or WGCP. It’s unclear if it contains anything else. Regardless, here’s a look at the ingredient:


WGCP: A patented proprietary blend of whole green coffee powder, this ingredient is made from raw coffee beans, which leaves all the fiber, nutrients and antioxidants intact. Chlorogenic acid, which is found in green coffee beans is known to help improve focus, as is the caffeine naturally present in the beans.

  • Because green coffee bean extract contains caffeine, side effects may include nervousness, insomnia, heart palpitations, headache, stomach irritation, and more.

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Intelleral Quality of Ingredients

While looking over the Intelleral formula, there’s really not much to the product. The main ingredient is the WGCB extract, which clearly provides some benefits, but we’re not certain we love the idea that all benefits come from one source, as it means it may not be all that well-rounded.

The product webpage lists chlorogenic, dicaffeoylquic, neochlorogenix, feruloylquinic acids, along with natural caffeine, fiber and antioxidants, as though they are the list of ingredients, but these are all properties found within the green coffee beans, not separate ingredients.

In terms of safety, we don’t really have many concerns. People with caffeine sensitivity would probably be wise to avoid this supplement, though most other people should be perfectly fine. The formula has gone through testing y the Cleveland Clinic — which provided a third-party clinical review of this product.

Despite being vetted by the Cleveland Clinic, it’s hard to say whether or not Intelleral is s good product, and whether it’s worth giving a try. Green coffee bean extract is widely available at a fraction of the cost, and it’s not clear what the added benefits are with this product, other than attractive packaging.

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The Price and Quality of Intelleral

Intelleral is sold on the official website for $59.95 for a one-month supply, and the price decreases the more you buy. The site offers three-month and five-month supplies for $119.90 and $179.95, respectively.

Intelleral can also be purchased directly from Amazon, which offers the product using the same pricing structure. Free shipping offered on the official website, and for Prime subscribers using Amazon.

In terms of quality, we’re not sure if this price seems high, or not. Many reviews mentioned that consumers felt as though the effects were quite similar to drinking a cup of coffee, which is undeniably cheaper.

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Business of Intelleral

The name of the business that makes Intelleral is also known as Intelleral. Here’s how you can get into contact with them.

Phone: 888-577-6712

Email: [email protected]

Address: P.O. BOX 6646

Scottsdale, AZ 85261

The Intelleral website is clean and attractive, it features bulleted information as to how the product works without overwhelming the visitor. The front page makes clear the active ingredient used in the formula with a bit of background on this specific green coffee bean extract, as well as highlights the case study performed by the reputable Cleveland Clinic.

There’s no real issue with the website, it looks good, and we like the fact that this company is committed to safe brain enhancement, rather than looking for a substitute for Adderall or Ritalin, substances people regularly abuse.

Unfortunately, credibility and good design doesn’t necessarily mean that Intelleral is the best mental performance enhancement product on the market.

Additionally, we also couldn’t find much information about the company, and the people who had dealt with them in the past. For that reason, it’s hard for us to suggest that consumers buy this product, though they likely won’t experience any negative side effects.

Customer Opinions of Intelleral

Intelleral has a mix of reviews, and surprisingly, many of them were not so great. Here’s a look at what users had to say after trying this product out:

“This product does not work at all and is essentially coffee. Don’t waste the money on this, I feel like it was something of a scam.”

“I thought this seemed okay. I felt more focused, but it definitely was in this sort of weird way. It’s hard to describe. Really didn’t do what I was hoping, but it does give you a little boost of energy.”

“I honestly cannot tell the difference between taking this product or just drinking a cup of coffee like normal. The latter is much cheaper, so I think I’ll keep on looking until I find the right supplement for me.”

“Wow—I feel like this really enhanced my focus, and I was much more productive than I normally would be. They were right, this did really help eliminate the brain fog. Kind of spendy, but I may keep on using.”

It seems that Intelleral some people had a good experience with this product, however, most seemed disappointed. While we’re not sure why this product received such lackluster reviews, it could have something to do with caffeine tolerance, as the coffee extract is the main ingredient used to make this product.

Based on the above reviews, as well as others we came across in our research, it’s hard to get a good sense of what the typical reaction to Intelleral is. There are quite a few positive reviews, so this may be a promising solution for people who need a boost here and there.

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How Does Intelleral Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Intelleral
  • 33/100
Conclusion – Does Intelleral Work?

After evaluating Intelleral, it’s hard to know if we’d actually recommend this product. While it’s been vetted by the Cleveland Clinic, which is significantly more than we can say for many competing products, it seems users may be paying for a supplement that costs a whole lot less when the packaging is stripped away.

The marketing language on the Intelleral website does mention this is a side effect-free product, and doesn’t come with any crash after the product wears off. This may not be entirely true, as some users reported that they felt tired after the product ran its course.

Many user reviews suggested this product produced disappointing results. From the lack of any notable changes, to the realization this may very well have similar cognitive effects to drinking that morning cup of coffee, Intelleral, didn’t do much to live up to the promise put forth by the product’s marketing team.

That being said, the clinical trials suggest this product is safe for most people and may have some positive effects that line up with what has been advertised.

This may be a good product for people who want a slight boost of mental energy and don’t want to resort to drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day — which is understandable, but we don’t see this as being a substitute for something stronger, and definitely not a natural treatment for ADD, any mood disorders, or for slowing the signs of an aging brain.

We liked that this product seems safe, and has gone through the appropriate channels of proving so, which goes a long way in this space, where supplements may not always be carefully regulated.

However, we’d recommend looking elsewhere for another product. Intelleral is far too expensive for what it is. You can find green coffee bean extract anywhere on the web, or in your local supplement store, and it will not cost nearly as much as this product.

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5 Responses to Intelleral Review

Joe says:

I know a scam when I hear one. When I tried to cancel my trial within 24 hours I had about a six step process of the employee on the phone trying to bargain with me. First he offered me 25% off then 50. After declining both he offered that my initial return fee be brought down to $10. Even though it had not shipped yet. It felt like a pyramid scam or a telemarketer. Stay away beware it’s not worth it.

Cheri Olejnicak says:

I had visited the sight and thats abiut it but then they called me and said they saw i was interested , why not try it risk free , just pay for shipping . Why i always say OK is beyond me but i ordered it . I didnt notice a thing but a headache and i remembered from previous things i ordered that i better cancel right away . Dont wanna be stuck paying 70.00 for coffee pills , so i did . I still got charged 69.95 , BOOO , Of course they had no record of it , so i only got 1/2 my money back , never again !!!!!

Christine says:

Was fooled thinking i only have to pay 4. 95 but didn’t see the fine print after 14 days if i keep it i have to pay full amount of 95.00$. Big scam!!!!!

Toni Vye says:

Toni and Jim:

BIG, BIG SCAM. I have been on the phone for over an hour. I have been hung up on FOUR TIMES BY FOUR DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Latoya, Ali, Ray (said he wouldn’t hang up on me and he did), and Alissa. They are crooks…will not listen to you, they hang up and just say that’s policy and they don’t have anyone higher that I can talk to. Will not let me talk to a supervisor. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. They make their money by the small print on their website. If it was such a great product, they would not have to sell it this way!

Carlo Castorani says:

They say I agreed to pay them 193.95 for sixty capsules filled with green coffee powder

Then offered me 30% back to go away
Then offered me 50% to go away

Then offered me 100% if I sent 45 day supply back, but it would take 14 working days to get my money

Original come on was,
We’ll send you a 30 day supply for free you only pay $5.95 shipping.

Then they charge you $94.00 for the original 30 day supply if you don’t cancel within 14 days….

They say I agreed to that but I didn’t.

They don’t send you invoices

They don’t send you a copy of any supposed agreement….

These are criminals ……

Thieves…. will be getting sued…..

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