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What is it?

Cognifocus is a nootropic supplement designed to enhance the performance of the brain. This product works to provide memory recall improvement and added mental energy to users.

Cognifocus is a blend of whole green coffee powder and caffeine, that claims to offer a potent solution to brain fog. The makers of Cognifocus also have stated that this product does not give users any adverse effects like jittering, shaking or headaches.

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Cognifocus Ingredients and Side Effects

The Cognifocus website does clearly display the ingredients on the homepage, and it’s clear this is just a caffeine pill. Here’s a look at what’s inside this supplement:

Caffeine Whole Green Coffee Powder (WGCP)

Whole Green Coffee Powder (WGCP): Green coffee beans are the unroasted version of the coffee beans typically used to make your basic brew. Green coffee beans, by contrast contain a substance called chlorogenic acid, which is thought to provide users with a range of benefits from lowering high blood pressure to helping users lose weight. It may also have an effect on Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Like regular coffee, whole green coffee powder contains caffeine and as a result, side effects may include restlessness, nervousness, vomiting, nausea, an increased heart rate, increased breathing, anxiety, headache, agitation and more.

Caffeine: A chemical substance found in a number of ingredients from coffee and tea to soft drinks, caffeine is used to help users feel more alert and focused, as well as provide energy. It may be used to treat a number of conditions like asthma, headaches, ADHD, diabetes and can help improve athletic performance:

  • Side effects that may be associated with using caffeine include headaches, upset stomach, insomnia, vomiting, nervousness, restlessness, ringing in the ears, increased heart rate, chest pain, anxiety, agitation and irregular heartbeats.
  • Caffeine may also worsen conditions like high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, bipolar disorder or epilepsy.

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Cognifocus Quality of Ingredients

While there are more benefits associated with taking WGCP rather than plain caffeine, it’s clear that this product has purely stimulatory effects, and there aren’t many benefits aside from the increase in energy that caffeine can provide.

Many users may not appreciate the reliance on caffeine, and it’s not clear how Cognifocus can even market itself as a product that doesn’t provide users with any jittering or other effects that are well-known to be associated with taking caffeine.

Based on this information, we’d advise looking for a formula that doesn’t only contain two stimulant ingredients. There are a number of memory supplements that focus more so on the health of the brain and gently support cognitive function.

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The Price and Quality of Cognifocus

Cognifocus is sold on the both the dedicated webpage, as well as the manufacturer’s website, Neither site offers any information about pricing, and both feature a button that says, “get Cognifocus now.” If you click the link, you are then redirected to a site with a security warning. We were unable to view this page, and therefore, have no idea how much this actually costs.

According to some past users we came across online, this product likely costs about $56 per bottle, with discounts applied should you decide to purchase in bulk.

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Business of Cognifocus

The company that makes Cognifocus called Bio46, and they have neglected to provide users with any way to contact them. We also couldn’t find any information about this company elsewhere on the web. Because of this, we’re not sure if Bio46 is associated with a larger company, or if they’ve opted to fly under the radar.

Bio46 has set up nearly identical websites for both the company, and Cognifocus itself. It appears that they don’t sell any additional products, but it’s not clear.

Both websites are a jarring shade of yellow and feature web copy written in all capital letters. It’s really hard to look at, and could potentially steer consumers away from making a purchase.

It’s also telling that there is no clear pricing information, a key detail in ensuring users know what they’re getting. Should you attempt to buy the product based on the limited information offered, you likely will be prompted by a browser notification that the site is not secure. This does little to assure users that this is a safe product, and that there are security measures in place to make sure credit card and personal information is encrypted.

Additionally, the makers of this product have created something that is essentially just caffeine, and claim that it doesn’t produce the side effects that are typically associated with caffeine, whether it comes from green coffee beans or roasted ones. There’s no science backing these claims, and they run counter to what most people accept as common knowledge.

Aside from the fact that there’s some irresponsible marketing at play, Bio46 has only left an onsite form as its only means to contact someone from the company.

Based on this information, we would not recommend doing business with this company or trying this product.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using brain enhancement supplements for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Cognifocus

There’s basically no information on the web in terms of reviews from people who have tried Cognifocus, nor people who have attempted to order the product from one of the company’s two dedicated websites. As far as we can tell the sites are in working order, we’re just not sure how widely known this product is.

It’s worth mentioning that this product is not available for sale from places like Amazon, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, all of which provide a place for users to share their experiences with a product. Additionally, forums like Reddit haven’t discussed this product either. The only reviews we came across we from bloggers looking to sell another product—so it’s clear there isn’t much unbiased information available for Cognifocus.

It could be due to the fact that Cognifocus is a caffeine pill, and there’s not much new that can be said about this product. It doesn’t contain any herbal ingredients with brain benefits, nor does it contain the nootropic ingredients enjoying a moment as of late. Based on the lack of information, we can’t recommend this product. There are better options for people looking to improve their overall brain health.

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How Does Cognifocus Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Cognifocus
  • 40/100
Conclusion – Does Cognifocus Work?

After reviewing the details about Cognifocus and how it works, it’s clear that this company is charging nearly 60 dollars a bottle (that’s only ten servings, too) in what amounts to a caffeine pill.

Yes, whole green coffee powder contains more antioxidants than your standard cup of coffee, but paired with additional caffeine, it’s unclear how Bio46 can market this product as a side effect-free mental enhancement supplement. There are no other ingredients in the formula aside from some filler ingredients used to encapsulate the active components, so we’re having a hard time understanding where this price point comes from. Granted, we could not get access to the official purchase page on the site, so pricing may have changed.

Additionally, there’s essentially no record of Bio46 anywhere on the web. We don’t know if there’s another company behind this product, or if it’s really new, but there aren’t any social channels, Better Business Bureau listings or any mentions of people who have done business with them.

There are also very few reviews for this product, so it’s unclear if people liked it, or saw any benefits that would set it apart from any other caffeine pill on the market.

Based on the information we’ve collected; we definitely wouldn’t recommend this product. It doesn’t offer the support to the brain that enables improved cognition or memory or increased energy that doesn’t come with a subsequent crash. Users are better off consulting with their doctor to find a way to increase energy and focus without these negative side effects.

After evaluating all kinds of brain supplements and nootropics, we’ve found that Memotenz can best produce the kind of dramatic cognitive benefits users are hoping for. This product is designed to be taken each day, and offers users an improved sense of clarity, focus and productivity.

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They keep charging me and I don’t have the product and have never seen the bottle. I keep calling them and the phone is always busy. I don’t trust companies that do that. Would you?

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