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What is it?

Prevagen is a brain health pill said to be clinically shown to help fight memory issues relate to aging. With 90 days of use it’s said to promote safe and effective results for proper brain function.

They also add that in 2024 they were the number 1 selling supplement of its kind.
The intended benefits include faster brain function, improved thinking, and overall brain health support. Our review experts have examined many brain health pills, and they found Memotenz to be the most effective.

It contains natural ingredients shown to help prevent against the loss of memory while promoting mental acuity. Find out what Memotenz can do by clicking on the link here.

Prevagen Ingredients and Side Effects

Their regular strength formula consists of:

Apoaequorin Microcrystalline Cellulose Cellulose
Water Salt Magnesium Stearate

Apoaequorin: Protein extract taken from jellyfish which is used to improve memory and overall brain health.

It is made to reduce high calcium levels in the brain which can cause cell aging and death. This specific extract is made to be absorbed by the brain without it being broken down and made useless in the gut. If it’s not specially processed, it will not be activated for use in the body.

Evidence on its effects is limited as there is no comprehensive meta-analysis study. This makes it impossible to predict what one can expect.

It is also not studied enough to be shown as a safe ingredient. Potential side effects may include:

  • Nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

For a thorough list of the top ranked brain health pills shown to combat memory decline, click here.

Prevagen Quality of Ingredients

There is just one sole active ingredient, with the majority being inactive. While there are some studies on Apoaequorin, there needs to be much more comprehensive reviews to ensure results are possible.

There are also limited insights on whether or not it is truly safe to use.

Since it’s clear that much more information needs to be presented before making an accurate judgement, it makes it an unlikely choice for a comprehensive brain health formula. To ensure real results there has to be a better blend and clear clinical studies provided to ensure it would be actually useful. Our review experts have compiled a complete list showcasing the top 10 most effective brain health pills.

Price and Quality of Prevagen

The regular strength 30 capsule serving of Prevagen is sold for $59.95 from the official website. The sole active ingredient is highly expensive.

While it may be a promising ingredient, it has not been proven effective just yet. Worst yet, as you’ll see in the next section, the FDA and FTC has filed complaints against the manufacturers for making unverified claims about the use of this ingredient.

Without actual evidence about the use of this additive, you’re unable to verify that it will actually be worth your money. In order to see any results the company also advises for one to use it for 90 days continuously. In this link is our expert crafted list of the most effective brain health pills of the year.

The issue with this claim of requiring 90 days of use is that the company only offers a 30 day money back guarantee. So this means you’d be unable to truly verify if results are possible without risking no longer being able to return it after more than 30 days.

The company could then claim that those who didn’t see results and returned it just didn’t take it for long enough. If a brand requires this much time for it to be effective, it should provide a longer return for people to verify if it’s actually going to deliver results.

Business of Prevagen

The creators are known as Quincy Bioscience and they specialize in researching brain health supplements. They can be reached via the following:

Address: 726 Heartland Trail, Suite 300

Madison, Wisconsin 53717

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 608) 827-8000

The company received a warning by the FDA for making unsubstantiated claims over the effectiveness of Prevagen.  Due to these claims the FDA asked for them to either provide evidence, or to stop promoting it as being clinically proven.

They highlighted several unproven claims made by the company.

In January 2024 the FTC and New York state filed a suit for the company making unproven claims. They said:

“marketing for Prevagen is a clear-cut fraud”

The suit is ongoing and is likely to be filed against the company, as they have no real published studies to prove their claims. Find out about the top 10 best brain health supplements by clicking here.

Their alleged claims about the benefits of Prevagen have yet to be truly backed by evidence, which raises overall questions about the use of this product. No statement has been offered by the company to help explain their position in this lawsuit, but it’s clear that even the initial FDA warning did not change their advertising claims.

They have marketing on YouTube, Facebook, on TV, on their official webpage, and other sources. All of the sources of marketing have been cited by the FTC of being false, and being told without any evidence.

Customer Opinions of Prevagen

The majority of reviews on are negative, with 81 say they were disappointed or did not feel any positive effects. Here are some consumer reviews:

“really not at all as powerful as it’s promoted”

“gave me and another person headaches”

“didn’t see any changes in my memory”

“do not pay attention to any of the hyped up claims, it does not do anything”

Some experienced headaches and there was also a majority consensus that it failed to deliver on any of the claimed benefits.

People who expected enhanced memory or improved focus added how they didn’t see any changes.

There were some who did see slight changes, but overall people added it was not worth the cost. Our review experts have provided a top 10 list of the most effective brain health pills.

How Does Prevagen Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Prevagen
  • 76/100
Conclusion – Does Prevagen Work?

The sole key active ingredient in Prevagen has yet to be proven effective for aiding brain health. The main issue with this is that the FDA and FTC have taken note, and currently there is a lawsuit going on which will verify for certain whether or not the makers of Prevagen need to return money to consumers. They make many bold claims and when you research the data, it’s clear they are not making verified truths about this sole active ingredient. You’re unable to depend on this formula, and the majority of reviews are from unsatisfied users who failed to notice any changes in any way.

Even with 90 days of use people added how it did not promote any of the claimed benefits.

The most effective brain health pill of the year has been shown to be Memotenz. It has an all-natural formula which has been shown to be effective for aiding overall brain health, promoting mental sharpness, preventing age related memory decline, and aiding memory retention.

Users have said it can provide noticeable benefits without any fear of side effects or other side effects. Find out about the top ranked brain health supplement Memotenz by clicking this link.

5 Responses to Prevagen Review

Pamela Panagakos says:

Prevagen gives me dizziness and headaches. Don’t take this

Joan Keith says:

Joan Keith: after 15 days of use I have pains in my chest, horrible headache
my upper back is in a lot of pain, Dizzyness , sharp pain shoots across my right eyebrow. I had to go to the Dr. and was told to stop taking Prevagen for a week
and see if my symptoms clear up. I want to document this so every one will know
Be Careful

Bruce Shuster says:

After 30 days of prevagen I have bald spots.
I have photos.

Looking for a class action law suit.

Linda says:

I have fibromyalgia–a neurological disorder. Three days of taking prevagen and I had the most terrible reaction. Waist down, in legs I got the most terrible tingly..but not too tingly..numbness in both legs,they were about to collapse..I had to hang on for dear life..I couldn’t stop the reaction..almost felt like tiny electric shocks, my bladder let go and it was awful. Happened four times all evening.
Stopped prevagen as it was the only addition to my daily lyrica and Aleve..its been 2 days and hasn’t returned. I BLAME THIS PRODUCT AND IM MAD AS HECK!
Anyone know of a class action I can join?

Michelle says:

I have been ordering Prevagen for 3 months now . I wanted to take it for more mental sharpness, I did not really have any memory loss. Not only it did not give me more clarity but in fact I now have trouble remembering names and events when l need it! I do feel dizzy and tried to trace since when and it came to my mind that it was related to taking Prevagen. That is why l started to research the side effects of Prevagen…. and I want to know if those side effects could be reversed.

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