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What is it?

Geodon is a prescription psychotropic meant to treat mood disorders and schizophrenia. As with any prescription drugs, it needs to be recommended by a doctor first, as there are many potential concerns related to safety.

This brand name drug is also used to provide more mental focus, reduce agitation, and provide a boost in overall mood to provide a better sense of self. This is known as an antipsychotic, and it works by proving a better balance to brain chemistry. Our review expert have examined brain health supplements and found that Memotenz was the best overall. It has a potent formula which can aid memory retention and overall acuity. Click the link for more on what Memotenz can do for proper cognitive function.

Geodon Ingredients and Side Effects


Ziprasidone Hydrochloride Monohydrate Lactose Pregelatinized Starch Magnesium Stearate

Ziprasidone Hydrochloride Monohydrate: Medication used to treat symptoms like post traumatic disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other related disorders.

It is marketed as an antipsychotic, meaning it can treat psychiatric problems. It blocks the dopamine pathways in the brain to prevent the imbalance of brain chemistry.

While shown to be effective, it has been known to cause many serious potential complications. This can include such side effects as:

  • Cardiovascular complications, death, and birth defects.
  • Muscle pain, dizziness, and rapid heart rate.
  • Blood pressure rise and drop, difficulty relaxing, and muscle rigidity.
  • Vomiting, constipation, and weight gain.
  • Rash, weakness, and twitches.

Due to the serious potential for death, it has to be carefully regulated to avoid this possibility. The FDA has also added an additional warning of it potentially leading to type II diabetes.

They also have to add what is known as a black box warning. This means the FDA has required for the company to mention the possibility for life threatening diseases. This is typical with antipsychotics such as Geodon.

It may lead to death in some, and a doctor needs to ensure one is responding to this in a positive manner. This means one would have to continuously meet with a doctor to ensure complications are limited.

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Lactose: A sugar that is extracted from milk. It makes up around 2 to 8% of total milk. It is an inactive ingredient in Geodon, and is added to help stabilize smells.

It can be added to compress surrounding ingredients and acts as reliable filler.

Geodon Quality of Ingredients

The only active ingredient in Geodon is known as Ziprasidone, and it has been shown effective for providing antipsychotic effects.

The issue with this is that it has also shown the ability to cause serious life threatening issues. In some cases it has actually shown the ability to cause death.

This treatment can only be prescribed to you, and it’s an unlikely choice for those who simply want to improve their brain health. For those looking for better focus, mental acuity, and cognitive health, there would be no need to take this antipsychotic. It is far too extreme and is only needed for those with clinically diagnosed conditions.

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Geodon Price and Quality of Geodon

Pricing can vary as this is a prescription drug.  Currently a common price for 10 injections is $447. This is the regular price for those without an insurance plan.

For those with insurance it will be reduced.

The issue with injecting this brand is first it’s invasive, and secondly there are many potential side effects associated.

While it can be effective for schizophrenic people, those looking to simply enhance their brain function would do better looking elsewhere. There is no need to consider this unless one has been shown to have some mood associated problem. Alternative supplements for brain health are offered via the top 10 ranked link.

Business of Geodon

The manufacturers are Pfizer Inc. creates Geodon and their contact information is:

Address: 235 East 42nd Street

New York, New York 10017

Phone Number: (212) 733-2323

They are one of the largest pharmaceuticals manufacturers in the world. They make medicines and have been in operation since 1849.

Many controversies have plagued the company. In one case they offered asbestos laden products which forced them to pay off $965 million. They once sold defective heart valves which killed around 500 people.

They were also outed by Blue Cross insurance for illegal marketing practices with Geodon and other pharmaceuticals. Pfizer offered incentives to doctors to help prescribe Geodon. Because of this they had to pay off a $325 million dollar settlement in 2024.

This means they essentially bribed doctors to recommend this brand more to consumers. Because of these questionable practices, it raises questions about the overall marketing and claims made about Geodon.

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Customer Opinions of Geodon

Several reviews are online; here are a few prominent opinions from customers:

“there are nights I can only sleep for 3 hours, other days are 16 hours”

“it can sometimes sedate me and I cannot function”

“prevented me from learning as I became too slow”

“it helped to stabilize my mood and I no longer have manic episodes”

Those who truly had serious mood disorders did add how it made them less likely to have episodes. While this normalized some, there were also others who felt the side effects were too extreme.

It made some actually lose their focus and attention, and it numbed some to the point of being unable to do anything but sit still.

Sleep schedules were also ruined for some as it caused either extreme fatigue or hyperactivity. It’s impossible to predict for some, but the effects often ranged in extremely different experiences. This made for uncomfortable dosing, as people did not know how they would function. Cited here is a thorough list of the best supplements for mental health.

How Does Geodon Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Geodon
  • 25/100
Conclusion – Does Geodon Work?

Geodon is an effective solution for antipsychotic effects, but this is not likely to be needed for most people. Only those with extreme issues related to mood disorders would even be allowed to use it via a prescription. For people who want to avoid age related decline and enhance their memories and focus, there are better solutions available. Geodon has far too many potential side effects, and it has been shown to be potentially fatal in certain amounts.

Our review experts have analyzed countless brain health supplements and they found Memotenz was the best overall. This is due to its studied formula of natural extracts which have been shown to better focus, attention, and overall memory. It can also aid those who are concerned about age related decline, as it can strengthen the brain and prevent the natural breakdown which occurs over time.

The manufacturers produce it in a FDA approved, GMP certified facility. This ensures people are able to benefit from a formula made in a safe and clean facility, with proper dosage strengths for each batch. Find out more information on what makes Memotenz so effective by clicking here.

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Elise Stover says:

I’m truly worried about being on this medication. I can’t sleep at night, I feel detached, like a zombie, it’s made me more paranoid, I’m worried about it shrinking my brain, I feel like I’m in a fog, it gives me diarrhea, I’m mentally slower, I have no sex drive, I’m light headed all the time, nauseous. I’ve been on it 4 years because I trusted my doctors but I started doing my research and I ‘v been weaning off of it for 2 weeks now 60 mg 2x’s daily. How long will this take to get off of and how long do withdrawals last? I’m so glad that I found this. Thank you.

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