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What is it?

Pramiracetam is a nootropic chemical that belongs to the racetam family of chemicals. Pramiracetam is a relatively recently synthesized product that was designed in order to help memory function, increase energy levels, and improve circulation to the brain.

Pramiracetam is said to have both short-term and long-term benefits for users’ mental functions. It is possible that it can help cleanse the brain of detrimental byproducts while also stimulating cognition levels.

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Pramiracetam Ingredients and Side Effects

Pramiracetam: A synthetic compound in the racetam family of chemicals. Racetams are a type of nootropic drug that share a similar style of molecular structure. The study of racetams is still just beginning, and there is a lack of clear data about their effects.

Pramiracetam is a derivation of piracetam, the first racetam, which was synthesized during the 1960’s out of ammonia and butyrolactone molecules in an attempt to mimic the byproducts of GABA metabolism. GABA is one of the primary neurotransmitters in the brain and is necessary for learning and cognitive development.

The clearest effect of racetams has been shown to be their effects on circulation. Racetams are vasodilators that increase the width of the body’s veins, allowing for increased levels of blood flow throughout the body and brain.

Cerebral blood flow is needed for a number of different reasons. Primarily it is because it delivers the oxygen that is necessary for survival and the minerals and nutrients required for basic functionality. Secondarily blood flow is needed to clean the brain of the toxic byproducts that it generates.

Increasing blood flow has been shown to have both short term and long term benefits for the brain. Unfortunately, beyond that there is very little that is proven about the racetam family in general and Pramiracetam in particular.

What differentiates Pramiracetam from piracetam and the other chemicals in their group molecularly is that it substitutes one amide group with dipropan-2-ylaminoethyl. It has a much longer half-life than the other racetams once it enters the blood, however there are worries that it might not be as well absorbed as other racetams initially.

Pramiracetam first came to notice in the nootropics community thanks to a study that showed Pramiracetam improved memory function in elderly mice that had shown signs of cognitive decline. Many of the mice showed improvement in memory function, if not a total return to previous baseline levels of performance.

One of the critiques of the study is that the mice were injected with Pramiracetam, and that humans have shown that they have difficulty with absorbing the chemical when taken orally. Some racetams, like aniracetam, are fat-soluble, which allows for easy uptake when ingested with food, however Pramiracetam does not bond with lipid structures and tends to be mostly excreted without ever having been absorbed into the bloodstream.

Pramiracetam loses much of its usefulness if it requires injection, as this is a far more invasive procedure. Not only are injections unpleasant and painful, but they carry the risk of infection and other hazards associated with the procedure itself.

The other main issue with the study is that healthy adult mice did not show many signs of memory improvement. The benefits of Pramiracetam seemed confined to older mice and mice that had shown diminished cognitive function, and there was no evidence of Pramiracetam offering a boosting effect past initial baseline levels of performance.

Beyond this and several other manufacturer-sponsored laboratory studies, there is no clinical data that supports the nootropic benefits of Pramiracetam. This does not mean that it has none, however our team of researchers would need to see more concrete data before they were willing to recommend Pramiracetam to our readers.

Pramiracetam is considered nontoxic and has been connected to a relatively limited amount of side effects. It is still possible, however, that some users could experience:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Fatigue
  • Gastro-intestinal distress

Most of the negative effects of Pramiracetam tend to be associated with overconsumption, and users that take the recommended dosages tend to show far fewer unpleasant results. There is still very little data about the long-term safety of Pramiracetam, however, and it is not known what risks prolonged daily consumption may carry.

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Pramiracetam Quality of Ingredients

Pramiracetam has not proven to be a reliable nootropic product. It has very little clinical proof of its manufacturers’ claims about its effects, and the studies that have been done have some serious flaws in them.

Most notably, Pramiracetam is not well absorbed orally, and all of the studies that show its benefits use injection methods. It would be unreasonable to suggest that they begin a daily injection procedure in order to use a drug that has so few actually proven benefits.

Even if users were to choose to inject it, the memory benefits that it displayed were not particularly impressive. There are far more effective herbal supplements, such as bacopa monnieri or ginkgo biloba, that are well absorbed orally and have far more concrete evidence that they actually work.

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The Price and Quality of Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam is no longer carried by Amazon, EBay, and a number of other prominent online dealers. Despite many online rumors that claim it is illegal, Pramiracetam is legal for sale in the United States, however thanks to an FDA ruling it is considered a drug and not a nutritional supplement.

Here are some of the pricing options offered by Absorb Health, one of the more prominent distributors of Pramiracetam capsules online:

  • 1, 30-count bottle of 300 mg Pramiracetam capsules: $22.99
  • 1, 70-count bottle of 300 mg Pramiracetam capsules: $44.99
  • 1, 150-count bottle of 300 mg Pramiracetam capsules: $77.99

Pramiracetam can also be purchased in bulk powder form. Here are the prices for the unencapsulated version of the drug, as found on Peak Nootropics’ website:

  • 1, 50-gram bag of Pramiracetam powder: $77.99
  • 1, 100-gram bag of Pramiracetam powder: $149.99

These prices are on par with average quality nootropic supplements. Given that this is just a single ingredient, however, many customers may choose to add an additional secondary supplement into their daily regimen, which would severely compromise its cost-effectiveness.

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Business of Pramiracetam

Absorb Health is a health and wellness products distributor that carries many lesser-known supplements and chemicals. Their contact information is:

Phone Number: (910) 401-2369

Address: 106 Countryside St

Supply, NC 28462

Email: [email protected]

Peak Nootropics is a supplements manufacturer that specializes in nootropics and other mental performance products. The only contact information that they make public is their email:

Email: [email protected]

Both companies are in good legal standing and there is no evidence of any ongoing lawsuits or formal complaints against them.

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Customer Opinions of Pramiracetam

There are some people that report positive experiences with Pramiracetam, however there are also quite a few that say it did nothing for them, or worse. Here are some of the accounts from former Pramiracetam customers that are found on distributor’s websites and third-party review sites:

“Felt weird all day, but definitely didn’t feel smarter. Tried it for a while and then ended up just throwing the rest out.”

“Having 24 hour a day diarrhea did not make me feel like I was functioning at “maximum capacity” like the ads said.”

“I bought three huge bags of this powder after seeing a really convincing ad. Then I took the nasty tasting stuff for three weeks, and nothing happened. Now I’m stuck with all this junk and I really don’t even want it any more.

Most Pramiracetam users claim to notice no difference at all. Side effects that were reported included brain fog and gastro-intestinal issues.

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How Does Pramiracetam Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Pramiracetam
  • 27/100
Conclusion – Does Pramiracetam Work?

The study of Pramiracetam is still in its very early stages. There have been some studies that suggested that it could be potentially useful for nootropic use, however whether or not they actually are effective in humans is still very much in debate.

Judging by the split nature of the customer responses to their experiences with Pramiracetam, it seems like it may be effective for some people, or if taken at certain times, or in particular dosages, however it is ineffective if taken under even slightly different circumstances.

Until the data around Pramiracetam improves and the dosage methods become more refined, there is not enough evidence for our staff to recommend Pramiracetam to our readers.

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