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What is it?

NeuroFuse is a cognitive performance enhancement supplement. It is designed to have nootropic benefits for the user such as improved recall and retention of information and faster and more accurate information processing.

Their advertising claims that it is useful for fighting fatigue, and that it can help increase the length of time that users are able to stay focused for. They say that their customers have shown improvement in their test taking abilities, workplace performance, and creative pursuits.

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NeuroFuse Ingredients and Side Effects


Bacopa Monnieri Rhodiola Rosea
Choline Bitartrate Caffeine Anhydrous

Bacopa Monnieri: One of the top nootropic products on the market today. It is a powerful herb that is thought to have tremendous effects on the physiology and functionality of the brain.

It was originally cultivated for nootropic purposes in India hundreds of years ago, and it remains a staple of Ayurvedic medicine to this day. It’s a flowering vine that tends to thrive most in swamps and other wetlands, leading to its English-language nickname water hyssop.

Bacopa has actually been shown to help grow the dendrites that connect the neurons of the brain, allowing for the faster, easier transmission of thoughts. This has a significant effect on memory function and attention span, and it has also been shown to help improve anxiety, depression, and blood pressure.

Other conditions that bacopa may be helpful in treating include:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Sexual performance problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma

It is safe for the vast majority of users. Our team of experts highly recommends bacopa to our readers as an additive in nootropic supplements.

Rhodiola Rosea: An adaptogen that may also be helpful for fighting fatigue. Rhodiola rosea is not well studied, however the current data does not suggest that it is technically a nootropic product.

The most data about rhodiola’s effects on humans is related to its ability to help decrease fatigue levels. There are some supplements manufacturers that market it as a cognition enhancement aid, however those benefits seem mostly isolated to tired individuals returning to baseline performance rather than a boost that all users would experience.

It is possible that rhodiola can help its users deal with stress, and as such may increase mental performance in settings like tests or athletic competition. The data that supports this is far more anecdotal than it is clinically supported.

Rhodiola seems to mostly be safe for humans, however there is no data about long term, daily consumption. There are some concerns about the quality of rhodiola in many of the over the counter products that use it. Some of them do not contain any traces of rosavin, the active chemical in rhodiola, and others are thought to even potentially carry contaminated or unfit products.

Choline Bitartrate: A molecule that is important in the neurotransmission process. Choline is manufactured naturally in the body and can also be found in a number of foods.

There are a number of supplements that advertise choline as being able to increase mental performance, however this may be misleading. While our brain needs choline in order for proper maintenance of cerebral function, higher levels of choline do not necessarily correlate to higher levels of mental performance.

Users that have severe choline deficiencies will see improvement, and probably significantly so, in memory, cognition, processing speed and accuracy, and other fundamental mental functions. Individuals that have normal choline levels, however, are unlikely to notice a significant increase in their performance levels.

Choline is a neuroprotectant that can help preserve the cognitive function that users do have. Choline can help in the fight against cognitive decline and may be useful in preventing conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Caffeine Anhydrous: The dehydrated form of the common stimulant found in coffee and other food and beverage products. Caffeine is considered a lower-grade nootropic ingredient due to its inefficiency and the high amount of potential side effects related to caffeine consumption.

Caffeine users have shown performance increases in the short term, however like rhodiola, those effects are most prominently seen in fatigued individuals. Caffeine users are also prone to a “crashing” effect after several hours, where their energy levels and mental performance rapidly decrease, often to levels lower than before ingestion,

Caffeine is also thought to be linked to a variety of negative side effects including:

  • Hypertension
  • Headaches
  • Heart palpitations and arrhythmia
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

The daily upper limit of caffeine is relatively low, and the more of it that someone consumes the more likely they are to experience these side effects.

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NeuroFuse Quality of Ingredients

NeuroFuse does not provide specific dosage amounts for the contents of their blend. This can especially be an issue when it contains caffeine, which can be easily overconsumed. It is not recommended that users take other caffeine products in conjunction with NeuroFuse to avoid the possibility of overdose.

It is also an issue because it is unclear how much, if any, of their more noteworthy ingredients are included. Given the popularity of bacopa right now, as well as the recent issues with poor quality rhodiola, it is hard to say how effective – or even how safe – NeuroFuse can be.

Despite that, the fact that they use caffeine in their blend at all is enough to prevent our team from recommending NeuroFuse as a daily nootropic supplement. Caffeine is not effective for nootropic purposes, it has a long list of potential side effects, some of them serious, and it can even have the opposite effects that it’s being taken for once it wears off.

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The Price and Quality of NeuroFuse

NeuroFuse is sold exclusively online. It can be purchased through several third-party distributors, or through their own website. The last price that they have posted for it before publication of this article is:

  • 1, 30-count bottle of NeuroFuse capsules: $79.99

This is an incredibly high price for a nootropic supplement. This is 3-5 times more expensive than most other top brands of comparable products.

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Business of NeuroFuse

NeuroFuse is produced and distributed but BD Health Partners LLC. The contact information published on their homepage is:

Phone Number: (800) 911-9111

Address: 3007 W. Washington Blvd.

Marina Del Ray, CA 90424

Email: Neither NeuroFuse nor BD Health Partners LLC chooses to publish an email address.

Consumers should be aware that NeuroFuse has an “F” grade with the product review site Fakespot and a 0/5 rating with the consumer watchdog site Trustwerty. They have been known to post fake positive reviews of their products on independent retailers’ websites.

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Customer Opinions of NeuroFuse

Despite the presence online of several clearly inauthentic reviews, there are also quite verified ones that come from former customers. These do not tend to be as positive, and contained these descriptions of their experiences:

“I did what the instructions said, and I got nothing. After a week I doubled the dose – still nothing, but I did have very bad diarrhea.”

“I read the ads and thought maybe this could replace coffee for me. I took one and felt even drowsier than before. I tried it a few more times, but every time I just felt sleepy.”

“Made my brain feel itchy. Made me start acting real weird. Aggressive. Dark thoughts I didn’t like having.”

Not only were their complaints of not feeling any positive effects, but there were frequent accounts of negative side effects, often similar to those mentioned in the reviews above.

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How Does NeuroFuse Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • NeuroFuse
  • 31/100
Conclusion – Does NeuroFuse Work?

NeuroFuse has at least one highly effective ingredient in its proprietary blend. Bacopa monnieri is one of the most effective and reliable ingredients for nootropic products known to science and is strongly recommended by our panel of experts.

Rhodiola and choline are not thought to be as effective. They may have some beneficial functions, however it is unlikely that users will find them to be particularly effective for short term boosts in performance.

Caffeine does not belong in a nootropic supplement. It should be used sparingly and as needed for fatigue, and users should not expect it to have any genuine nootropic value.

Lastly, users are strongly urged never to take supplements that do not publish their full ingredients panel and dosage amounts. You have the right to know what you are putting into your body, and it is never a good sign if a company is trying to hide that from you.

The top recommended nootropic supplement according to industry professionals is Memotenz. It has demonstrated its effectiveness both anecdotally and clinically, and it has received incredibly positive reviews from critics.

Their ingredients blend uses bacopa, however it does not include caffeine or any other low-grade stimulants or “dirty” nootropics. Click here to see all of the contents, with exact dosages, for Memotenz.

2 Responses to NeuroFuse Review

T. Jones says:

Customer service does not abide by what is on the site and does whatever it can even lie and call you a liar verses refund money.

Angel Myne says:

I know that as a person with the MTHFR Double Homozygous Gene Mutation this stuff makes all the difference. I have to track down what ingredient causes me to not be moody. It helped a lot with energy as well and never did do anything weird to me from taking it for long durations and then not other than I get back to being short tempered and unable to get things done.

For some maybe it doesn’t work but for those of us with the genetic mutation like I mentioned it can be a real saver. I can’t keep up with the price point however so I have to sort out what acts as a mood stabilizer that I am not converting from other sources and buy that instead…

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