Etherium Gold Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Etherium Gold is a nootropic supplement that uses a unique mineral ingredient said to be studied to help support brain function. Mental clarity, better coordination, more creativity, controlled reactions to stress, and better memory is some of the claimed benefits.

They also add how thousands have already used this, in particular athletes who practice martial arts, where coordination is necessary. It intends to work by stimulating brain wave activity. The most effective nootropic of the year was concluded to be Memotenz.

It contains a blend of studied ingredients which have been shown beneficial for all around mental support.

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Etherium Gold Ingredients and Side Effects

Powdered versions taken by the teaspoon and spray essence is offered as well as capsules. Here are the full ingredients to all three:

Monatomic Trace Minerals/ Monatomic Mineral Essence Distilled Water Rosemary Essential Oil
Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose Methylcellulose Calcium Stearate

Monatomic Trace Minerals/ Monatomic Mineral Essence: Known as a mineral deposit found in sea beds which are said to aid the “vibrations of cells”. Finding information about this ingredient is difficult, as many non-scientific websites claim it is effective, yet they provide no evidence.

It’s said to be backed by clinical studies, but these findings are not published anywhere.

It is essentially a blend of minerals which are relatively new, and have not morphed into metallic minerals. Monatomic means that there is just one atom, making these minerals unadulterated and not yet in the common form of minerals that surround us.

These ingredients were first researched by the Soviet Union, and while there has been scientific claims made, it’s hard to find anything besides marketing claims.

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose: Inactive additive that is a synthetic added to help other ingredients flow well. This is typically added to liquid formulas such as eye drops.

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Etherium Gold Quality of Ingredients

The main ingredient of Monatomic minerals is unlikely to cause side effects, but there’s no real science behind this additive.  The makers of Etherium Gold point to an Alphalearning institute study which revealed their main active ingredient was effective, but this study is potentially biased.

It’s unknown what kind of background Sean Adam has in any field, who is the claimed person who ran these studies.

While the study he helped publish sounds impressive, there is no evidence to support these claim anywhere else. It seems highly unlikely that such a claimed strong ingredient in Monatomic minerals would go unknown. The only researches you can find from this are holistic websites which make great claims without any evidence.  They frequently add how it can help provide better vibrations and energy, which are not real scientific terms used in the context they use.

The claims of this ingredient are pseudoscience and not backed by any legitimate sources. For the top ranked nootropics shown to be the most effective, click on this link.

Price and Quality of Etherium Gold

Prices vary depending on the specific kind of Etherium Gold used. Here are their listed prices from their official company website:

  • 1.oz of Mineral Spray: $16.95
  • 1.oz powder: $32.95
  • 60 vegetable capsules: $32.95

Due to the lack of scientific studies on this ingredient, there is no evidence that it would be effective in either short or long term use. There are highly questionable claims that sound impressive, but they are only suggestions.

Because of the lack of information, it’s unknown if sourcing this ingredient is truly this pricy.  The official website for Etherium Gold also admits:

“impossible to guarantee specific results…. Every human being is unique”

They add how things like one’s own conditions, what drugs one takes, and what other supplements are used will effect these effects.  Their claim that it can affect people differently, and may not be effective for some makes it impossible to predict what this product can really do. It makes it easy for them to say that users didn’t feel anything because of their own body types.

Still, no real research or specific explanation is given as to how this is meant to work. They add how it can influence brain waves, but it’s unknown how this function is even started.

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Business of Etherium Gold

The creators are called Harmonic Innerprizes and they can be reached here:

Address: PO Box 530455

Henderson, Nevada 89053

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: (702) 205-2604

Though they have a Better Business Bureau page, there are no reviews featured. There is not much information about the company elsewhere.

They do claim to offer a 90 day money back guarantee as long as one returns the unused pills and bottle. Without being able to examine any user experiences, it’s unclear if they truly back all sales with this policy. In the link here is a top ranked list of the most beneficial supplements that can sharpen mental focus and overall health.

Customer Opinions of Etherium Gold

Provided underneath are reviews found online:

“get way from this questionable supplement”

“used it for a few weeks without any results”

“glad to finally be able to use this”

“kept on trying it with multiple attempts but it did not work”

Reviews are mixed, and online there were slightly more positive reviews than negative ones. Oddly enough however, some added how it failed to provide any changes.

It could be possible that the few positive reviews are from people who are experiencing a placebo effect, and this may not be actually based off any real experience. Effective nootropics have been compiled in a complete top 10 ranked list found here.

Some who benefited from this formula mentioned odd things like their energy patterns being rearranged. This is all not backed by any real science, and it’s unclear what some of the users meant when they made claims like this.

How Does Etherium Gold Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Etherium Gold
  • 35/100
Conclusion – Does Etherium Gold Work?

It’s impossible to judge whether or not this would be an effective supplement due to the lack of studies. There are impressive sounding claims made, but the science behind this is questionable. There’s no reason to believe that this would be any more effective than simple minerals. Reviews on it have been mixed, and there’s no way to verify what’s truly possible from this. The only sources which claim the key active ingredients are effective are from pseudoscientific websites that claim it can do exotic things, and aid overall healthy brain waves.

After examining countless nootropics, the one seen as the most effective overall was known as Memotenz. This has studied ingredients which have been shown effective at memory retention, boosting brain health, and helping provide better focus and sharpness. Users have also given it high ratings for its natural ingredients and noticeable benefits.

This supplement also has a formula crated in a GMP certified facility to ensure that there are routine control inspections. They also use only natural ingredients free of any fillers, stimulants, preservatives, or cheap additives. Discover more about the effects Memotenz can provide by following this link.

2 Responses to Etherium Gold Review

Katarzyna says:

I have tried etherium gold. I felt really bad. I was sweaty, dizzy. It didn’t work for me.
There is also information, some of the ingredients are carcinogenic!?

Denise says:

Since I started taking this product I have started getting sick, I have been very weak and my headaches has been consistent. I have been taking Etherium Gold for about a week now and it has worked the complete opposite on me. I just hope and pray that once I stop taking it that I can get back up on my feet again and get rid of these awful headaches.

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