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What is it?

Adrafinil is a wakefulness and mental functioning supplement ingredient that has been used by long distance drivers, athletes, and other individuals looking to stay awake and alert for long stretches of time.

It has been shown to improve the duration of mental activity and to increase general locomotion levels in its users, and its advertising suggests that it has benefits for cognition as well. Adrafinil may potentially benefit memory, thinking speed, mood, and other mental performance factors.

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Adrafinil Ingredients and Side Effects



Adrafinil: A eurogenic compound that has been used to promote wakefulness and mental function in consumers. Some manufacturers also have promoted it as a nootropic drug that enhances cognitive function.

Adrafinil was first synthesized in France in 1974 and was originally sold under the brand name Olmifon. Olmifon was discontinued in 2024 in the wake of the approval of modafinil, and amid concerns regarding its safety.

Modafinil is the active metabolite in Adrafinil and studies have shown that it is far more potent on its own. The effects that it has shown in non-human include:

  • Adrenergic neurotransmissions
  • Increased activity
  • Heightened alertness
  • Improved memory

Amongst mice that were given modafinil higher rates of locomotion, nighttime activity, and a lack of induced anxiety. There is very little data about the effects of Adrafinil and modafinil in humans, although it was used in one study that did find some concerning side effects related to their usage.

Some of the users that took Adrafinil reported the development of tremors and orofacial dyskinesia, and there were also reports of users showing elevated liver enzymes. Elevated liver enzymes can potentially be a precursor to liver damage and, in extreme cases, liver failure.

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Adrafinil Quality of Ingredients

Adrafinil was used more extensively before the isolation of modafinil. When the more active chemical was discovered, it made the use of Adrafinil somewhat redundant.

Olmifon was discontinued due to a severe decline in interest, however some independent manufacturers have begun distributing it on their own. Their results have been somewhat mixed, especially when compared to products with more reliable ingredients blends.

The main uses for Adrafinil are improved alertness and wakefulness, and possibly memory. There is very little information to suggest that it has positive impacts on clarity of thinking and especially not attention.

It is possible that Adrafinil could make attention and focus issues even worse in some individuals. There are some concerns that taking Adrafinil could lead to scattered thoughts, lapses in attention, and difficulty completing tasks.

Previous users have suggested that it is very helpful for tasks like late night driving that only require that the user stay alert and awake, however they are much less useful for situations like studying that require intense concentration.

Adrafinil is legal in the United States, however it is a controlled substance in other places on the globe. In Europe and New Zealand it is considered a controlled substance and its license for legal sale has been revoked. It is also not allowed by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the regulatory agency that is in charge of testing Olympians and other global athletes.

The reason for the regulations are due to the inordinately high risk that Adrafinil puts its users in, especially when compared to other substances on the market. The liver function tests for Adrafinil were the main issue with the drug, especially in light of the fact that modafinil has not had the same issues.

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The Price and Quality of Adrafinil

Adrafinil supplements are rarely carried in stores by vitamins and supplements retailers, however it can still be found for sale through several online distributors. Its price can vary somewhat wildly, so here are the prices of several of the top brands of Adrafinil manufacturers:

  • AntiAging Central Adrafinil: 1, 30-count bottle of 300 mg capsules: $34.15
  • Absorb Health Adrafinil: 1, 30-count bottle of 300 mg capsules: $37.49
  • Absorb Health Adrafinil: 1, 100-count bottle of 300 mg capsules: $104.99
  • Adrafinil USA Adrafinil: 1, 30-count bottle of 300 mg capsules: $34.20
  • Adrafinil USA Adrafinil: 1, 90-count bottle of 300 mg capsules: $98.20
  • Nootropics City Adrafinil: 1, 90-count bottle of 300 mg capsules: $99.50

These prices tend to be considerably higher than most mental functioning supplements, which also often test better than Adrafinil for effectiveness as well. 300 mg per serving tends to be the industry standard dosage size, and prices tend to be, on average, about $1 per pill or more.

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Business of Adrafinil

Of the above brands, the two retailers that have the best reputations in the online community for producing reliable products are Nootropics City and Absorb Health. These brands can be found through the following methods:

Nootropics City:

Phone Number: (888) 733-8816

Address: 4457 Navarre Rd. SW; Unit H

Canton, OH 44706

Email: [email protected]

Absorb Health:

Phone Number: (910) 401-2369

Address: 4705 Southport Supply Road, Unit 202

Southport, NC 28461

Email: Absorb Health does not publish an email address, however they do have a customer feedback form that can be used for all electronic communication needs.

It should be noted that Absorb Health has previously had some issues regarding the labeling of some of their products, however those issues seem to be resolved to the satisfaction of the FDA.

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Customer Opinions of Adrafinil

There are reports about using Adrafinil on the websites of some of the retailers, on consumer rights websites like Ripoff Report and Consumer Complaints Desk, and there are other accounts that can be found on general information sites like Reddit and Erowid. Some users have had very positive experiences taking the drug, however other users were not as positive about their experiences.

Here is a sampling of the responses that former Adrafinil users posted online:

“I’ve taken Adrafinil before hockey games, and I definitely see an increase in my focus and reaction times. On the other hand, I’ve also noticed that I get really dehydrated and cramp up easily, and I can’t go to sleep at all for like three days after.”

“I took some at work to see if it could get me over the 2pm hump. I guess I was more awake, but I was also super jittery and had a hard time finishing my tasks. Then around 4 I got this wicked headache, followed by a backache.”

“After taking Adrafinil I fell into kind of a fugue state. I was working and talking to people, but I remember none of it (and my work was NOT good). Also made my urine smell even funkier than normal.”

The majority reviews confirm the usefulness of Adrafinil for keeping users awake – sometimes too well, as many people complained of it giving them insomnia, often for several days. Other reported side effects were similar to the ones mentioned above: headache and body pain, dehydration, and difficulty focusing on tasks.

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How Does Adrafinil Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Adrafinil
  • 43/100
Conclusion – Does Adrafinil Work?

As with many supplements, how effective you ultimately think a product is depends largely on your expectations for it. Those that use Adrafinil strictly to help them stay awake and alert will probably find it to be a useful product for them.

Those that expect more out of it, such as a boost in brain power or memory function, will probably be disappointed. Many of the past users have reported difficulty staying focused and completing tasks while taking Adrafinil, which is counterproductive for the reasons that many people taking cognitive enhancement products.

Ultimately, it is very hard to recommend Adrafinil when the more effective modafinil is available. Modafinil is the main active chemical in Adrafinil and it has been shown to be both more potent and safer, as the liver enzyme tests came back cleaner in modafinil users.

There is no evidence to suggest that modafinil will be more effective than Adrafinil for increasing mental function or focus. Its uses and effects will be the same, it is just a more distilled version of the same active chemicals.

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