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What is it?

Cognitex is a nootropic supplement made specifically to reduce the effects aging can have on the brain. It is meant to help create a more youthful memory and aid overall cognition.

It also is meant to help improve the brains defenses, as well as enhance the ability to support regeneration. Inside are 10 active ingredients, and each capsule is to be taken in the morning every day. The top rated most wholesome nootropic of the year was found to be Memotenz.

All its ingredients have been studied and users say it can deliver noticeable benefits for mental focus, sharpness, and memory retention. Gain more information about the effects of Memotenz by clicking the link here.

Cognitex Ingredients and Side Effects


Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline Phosphatidylserine (Sharp-PS Green) Brain Shield (Gastrodon) Vinpocetine Leucoselect Grape Seed Extract
Blue Activ Wild Blueberry Extract Sensoril Ashwagandha Extract Uridine-5-monophosphate Perluxan Hops, Rosemary Standardized Extract Safflower Oil
Gelatin Glycerin Sunflower Lecithin Purified Water Sorbitol
Maltodextrin Carob Color Silica Modified Food Starch

Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline: Chemical that is found when fatty acids in plants are broken down. This is used to increase the creation of the brain chemical acetylcholine. This can help support learning and memory.

This is considered safe when added in controlled amounts. In certain people it may cause unwanted symptoms that may include:

  • Skin rashes, confusion, and heartburn.

Phosphatidylserine (Sharp-PS Green): Patented ingredient that is used to help nerve function and brain development. This is made from a vegetarian source, and it is non-GMO and made without soy. This was created by Enzymotec laboratories.

While phosphatidylserine has been shown to be effective, it’s unknown if this version is any better than standard forms of it. The only available studies are offered from the company which has patented it.

Vinpocetine: Found in the periwinkle plant, this contains chemicals in it used for aiding blood flow in the brain. Also used as a way to protect neurons from damage.

There are potential side effects associated with use such as:

  • Weakened immune system, nervousness, and sleep issues.
  • Dizziness, flushing in the face, and stomach pain.

Blue Activ Wild Blueberry Extract: Patented version of an Alaskan blueberry which has a high amount of bioactive ingredients. This contains a high amount of antioxidants which are found in highest amounts in blueberries.

This has been used to help promote healthier aging as well as support healthy brain function and overall mood.

Due to its lacking clinical studies from outside sources, it could be potentially biased in its claimed benefits.

Uridine-5-monophosphate: Found naturally in high amounts in beer, this ingredient is added to help support cell membranes.

Studies on its effects have been seen in gerbils, which improved their performance in mazes. It’s unknown if any comprehensive human studies have been performed.

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Cognitex Quality of Ingredients

Some of these ingredients can help protect the brain and aid overall function, but there are also questionable additives which have only been studied in potentially biased studies.

These patented ingredients are touted as being noticeably effective, but there needs to be far more unbiased reviews to ensure it is long lasting and safe. It is possible that there is no additional benefit to these patented ingredients as opposed to their non-patented counterpart.

Certain additives in this like vinpocetine and Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline can potentially cause side effects as well. Click the link to find a list of the top rated nootropics as reviewed by our experts.

Price and Quality of Cognitex

One bottle from the official website sells for $45.  If taken at the maximum of 3 capsules a day, each bottle will last 30 days. This can be broken down to a daily cost of $1.50.

While some of these ingredients are good, the formula is made up of questionable additives which are lacking unbiased studies. More information needs to be provided to be able to understand what it’s truly capable of.

Even though the formula is made up of natural active ingredients, there are still questions about its overall effectiveness. Overall the formula is sold at a somewhat high cost in comparison to other similar formulas.

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Business of Cognitex

The official company name is Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club Inc. and their contact details are:

Address: 5990 North Federal Highway

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

Email:  A contact form is offered for all questions.

Phone Number: (888) 895-4771

In 2024 the FDA sent them a warning letter to stop making false health claims made about many of their supplements.  This included statements made on their official website and Facebook page.

They targeted over 400 of their supplements, and required them to remove them and reply to the letter within 15 days of receiving it.  The FDA advised them to look over their website to ensure no other broad unproven health claims were made, as they are only reserved for proven drugs. They were essentially caught making false claims which are not backed by any science.

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Customer Opinions of Cognitex

Here are some select reviews from online customer opinions:

“did not see any beneficial changes after about 3 months of use”

“seems to have really made it easier to deal with my brain fog”

“truly not as good as it’s advertised”

“hard to determine for sure whether or not it made a difference”

There is a good blend of positive and negative reviews, though some had no benefit from it at all. Certain customers added how they could only take it before bedtime, as it upset their stomach too much.

Unfortunately there were also some users who took more than one full bottle only to fail to see any benefits.  Those who enjoyed its use did say it reduced brain fog, and that it seemed to have benefits for aiding short term memory. Gain insights into the top rated most beneficial nootropics by clicking this link.

How Does Cognitex Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Cognitex
  • 36/100
Conclusion – Does Cognitex Work?

While there is an emphasis of using patented ingredients made to be more pure, these additives are lacking unbiased studies. User reviews are often mixed, though the slight majority said it was beneficial. The official website makes this seem like a comprehensive aid for preventing the natural breakdown aging can have on the brain. Though impressive sounding, they have been sent a FDA warning for making unproven health claims, which raises questions about the use of this supplement.

The most effective and highly touted nootropic of the year was discovered to be Memotenz. Each ingredient has many studies available online which reveal how effective it is as not only protecting the bran, but also providing noticeable fast acting effects. This can help aid memory, reduce brain fog, enhance focus, support mental function, as well as other benefits.

Users have said it works fast and made it easier to function in their day to day life. For detailed information about Memotenz from the creators, click this link for more.

One Response to Cognitex Review

Donald Cook says:

Too early to tell for sure, so I have stopped taking it. After about a month of ‘below dosage’ I began having periods of paranoia and an uncomfortable ‘fuzziness’ in my head. ‘Mood swings’ is too polite here. It was New York New York roller coaster (Las Vegas) all over again. Will follow up later if these feelings disappear, but it was sometimes almost scary.

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