Joint Pain Supplements

GLC 2000 Review

What is it? GLC 2000 is a joint health supplement that is designed to improve collagen production and cartilage health in humans. GLC Direct has been previously known for their canine and equine joint health formulas, however they have adapted … Continue reading

Joint Ease Review

What is it? Joint Ease is a patented joint health supplement that is imported from China. Their products are formulated to provide core-level joint health by naturally encouraging the joints to strengthen themselves by improving cartilage production and bone health. … Continue reading

Lurosil Review

What is it? Lurosil is a joint health supplement that is formulated to help improve ease of movement while also lowering pain levels. They are specially designed to aid in the repair process and provide relief for the types of … Continue reading

Schiff Glucosamine MSM Review

What is it? Schiff Glucosamine MSM is a joint health supplement designed to help cushion and lubricate connective tissues such as cartilage, bones, and ligaments. Their proprietary blend is designed to help the body naturally produce collagen, synovial fluid, and … Continue reading

Hydraplenish Hyaluronic Acid Review

What is it? Hydraplenish Hyaluronic Acid is a nutritional supplement that is taken for a number of applications. The bottle indicates that it can be used for skin health and moisturization, and their website further suggests it may be used … Continue reading

Heal N Soothe Review

What is it? Heal N Soothe is a joint health supplement and over the counter pain reliever. Their website claims that it can relieve pain and stiffness due to inflammation without the harmful and invasive effects of prescription medications. Their … Continue reading

Golf Fuel Urgent Review

What is it? Golf Fuel Urgent is a dietary supplement that is designed to help golfers and other weekend athletes improve both their game and their overall joint health. Their website claims that taking their pills every day reduces the … Continue reading

Kirkland Glucosamine & Chondroitin Review

What is it? Kirkland Glucosamine & Chondroitin is a daily dietary supplement formulated to provide cushioning and lubrication for the body’s joint and muscle tissue.  It’s advertising claims that its proprietary formula helps protect cartilage and reduce the inflammation that … Continue reading

Replenex Review

What is it? Replenex is a brand of joint health supplements that is recommended for weekend athletes, individuals with repetitive motion stress, and people looking to counteract the effects of aging. Their website claims that Replenex provides natural connective system … Continue reading

Joint Vibrance Review

 What is it? Joint Vibrance is a blend of herbs, oils, and laboratory chemicals that is formulated for improving joint health. Their advertising says that it increases flexibility and restores range of motion in individuals that are dealing with inflammation … Continue reading

Metagenics Kaprex Review

What is it? Metagenics Kaprex is a unique daily joint health and pain relief supplement. Their proprietary blend addresses minor joint pain not just by reducing inflammation, as most traditional joint supplements do, but by stimulating a specific kind of … Continue reading