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 What is it?

Supple-brand beverage is a nutritional supplement taken to improve joint health. It’s peach-mango flavored, comes in both powdered and pre-mixed forms, and their products are billed as being able to strengthen and repair joint cartilage and improve flexibility and mobility. They also sell the book “Strong Women and Men Stay Supple” on their website, a diet and exercise manual that touts the value of taking their product.

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 Supple Drink Ingredients and Side Effects

Supple does not make a complete list of their product’s ingredients available on their website. They do mention several key additives however, including:

Chondroitin Sulfate Glucosamine Calcium Lactate Gluconate
Vitamin D Maltodextrin (Powdered version only) Fruit Juices (Pre-mix version only)

 Chondroitin Sulfate: A key component of cartilage that helps keep joints functioning properly and painlessly. There are very few side effects associated with chondroitin.

Glucosamine: A compound that’s found naturally in the body’s joint fluid that also contributes to cartilage health. It has been taken to combat quite a few different disorders from IBS to asthma. There are few side effects associated with glucosamine, however it is possible that some consumers may have a mild allergic reaction.

Calcium Lactate Gluconate: A chemical compound of calcium, lactic acid, and gluconic acid frequently found in calcium tablets and supplements.

Rebaudioside A: A chemical sweetening agent that is more potent than sugar. Rebaudioside A has been shown to mutate DNA and is thought to have cancer-causing potential. Supple does not list this additive on their website, however multiple consumer advocate groups have published information about Rebaudioside A and its inclusion in their formula.

Supple Drink Quality of Ingredients

It is hard to assess the overall quality of Supple’s products without access top their complete ingredients list. It is always possible that a consumer could have a bad allergic or medicinal reaction with any ingredient, and it’s impossible to make informed judgments about a product’s overall quality.

Supple also does not provide dosage information anywhere on its website, which means that even in the case of ingredients that are thought to be effective, such as chondroitin and glucosamine, you cannot compare Supple with other products to see how effective it is.

Given all the ambiguity surrounding Supple’s contents, as well as the risks associated with some of their less-studied ingredients, our experts recommend that anyone who is considering taking Supple to do so with extreme caution. If you are taking any medications consult with your physician before taking Supple, and it’s always smart to start with lower dosages and work your way up

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The Price and Quality of Supple Drinks

Supple is only available online, both through their own website and through several other health and wellness products distributers. The beverage is only offered in the peach-mango flavor and comes in either powdered or ready-to-drink forms. Their pricing is structured like this:

  • Ready-to-Drink 24-day supply, one-time shipment: $99.95.
  • Ready-to-Drink 48-day supply, one-time shipment: $139.95.
  • Ready-to-Drink 24-day supply, auto-shipment: $79.95.
  • Ready-to-Drink 48-day supply, auto-shipment: $114.95.
  • Powdered Mix 24-day supply, one-time shipment: $89.95.
  • Powdered Mix 48-day supply, one-time shipment: $129.95.
  • Powdered Mix 72-day supply, one-time shipment: $174.95.
  • Powdered Mix 144-day supply, one-time shipment: $269.95.
  • Powdered Mix 24-day supply, auto-shipment: $69.95.
  • Powdered Mix 48-day supply, auto-shipment: $109.95.
  • Powdered Mix 72-day supply, auto-shipment: $129.95.
  • Powdered Mix 144-day supply, auto-shipment: $219.95.

These prices are on the high side for a supplement of this nature, and especially without access to dosage amounts it is not possible to say that Supple represents a good value for consumers. There are multiple reviews from people that purchased the beverages complaining about their high price and stating that they felt ripped off by the product.

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Business of Supple Drinks

The company that manufactures the Supple drinks is called Supple LLC. They can be contacted at:

Phone Number: 1-800-207-9710

Address: Supple LLC

785 City Rd CB, Suite 100

Neenah, WI, 54956

Email: Supple does not make any e-mail addresses publically available, though there is a contact form available on their website.

Their website also states that they offer live chat with a Supple representative.

Supple’s website sates that they have a 30-day money back guarantee, however there are a number of customer complaints online about the company failing to live up to that promise. Users online have posted comments to sever websites with sentiments like:

“I cancelled my auto-pay, but they kept charging me. Only after I contacted my lawyer did they offer me a refund.”

“My father cancelled his subscription to their drinks, but two years later they just started sending them again. When I called to get them to stop, they still made him pay for the products he hadn’t ordered.”

“Customer service was rude and they refused to refund my purchase, even though I wasn’t satisfied with the product.”

A quick search into the business of Supple, LLC returns some very suspicious findings. They are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which has received 28 complaints against Supple over the last three years.

In October of 2024 Supple, LLC settled a lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission that alleged their company was making unsubstantiated claims about the medicinal value of their product. Defendants were awarded over $150 million dollars in retribution based on the fact that they falsely advertised that their product could end joint pain, and that their “expert endorsements” were in fact not given by accredited experts at all. This came directly after a 2024 class-action lawsuit that also alleged that Supple’s claims were falsified.

Customer Opinions of Supple Drinks

Searching through online customer reviews, these were some common results:

“My father has been taking this drink every day for a month and has felt no improvement”

“I saw some slight improvement in my knees, but it’s awfully expensive for someone on a fixed income.’

“Tried it for two months and quit. The company kept billing me though until I threatened to sue.”

“Ordered this product one night after watching an infomercial for it. I should have known better – they made big promises but failed to deliver.”

The majority of the reviews found on are negative. To see the joint pain products with the most positive reviews, click here.

How Does Supple Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Supple
  • 55/100
Conclusion – Do Supple Drinks Work?

Supple’s drinks utilize some newer ingredients such as chondroitin and glucosamine that have been shown to be effective for managing joint health and flexibility, however they also use some ingredients that could potentially cause cancer.

The reviews about the effectiveness of the drink in living up to its claims are mixed at best. Some users claim to have experienced benefits, others say they have noticed no change, whereas others still report having had a negative reaction to Supple’s products.

The reports about Supple’s business practices are also disconcerting, as the company has been the target of multiple lawsuits regarding their product and there are quite a few reports of manipulative or illegal practices that left consumers feeling scammed.

When this is combined with the fact that we don’t have access to their ingredients and dosages, it is not possible for our experts to recommend Supple’s products to our readers. While they are probably harmless for most consumers, there is too much evidence that the company is dishonest in their practices, and that people are disappointed in their products and their experience with their customer service for us to have confidence saying that Supple will be safe, effective, or a good value.

After exhaustive research, our experts still believe that Flexitrinol is the best joint health supplement available on the market today. Flexitrinol also utilizes chondroitin and glucosamine, with all dosage information included on the label. Their proprietary blend also includes Cat’s Claw and Boron, two of the highest-potency ingredients on the market today.

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Robert Rutter says:

My wife and I consumed glucosamine, and glucosamine with MSM (sulfur!) for months, with absolutely no changes in our knees at all. I finally had to have knee surgery. These supplements are absolute money-making ventures for people who know that they are useless.

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