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 What is it?

 FlexSure is a relatively new nutritional supplement that has been formulated to help provide overall joint health support. Their advertising claims that it is able to reduce inflammation and naturally increase glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen levels, leading to improved flexibility and range of motion. Their website says that it is possible that users may begin experiencing joint pain relief after as little as one week of usage.

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FlexSure Ingredients and Side Effects

FlexSure does not list their ingredients on their website, however some research online will show that they include at least these four additives:

Maca Extract Cat’s Claw Extract
Boswellia Extract L-Leucine

 Maca Extract: The oils of the maca root, a traditional food additive from Peru that is also used medicinally in some cultures. Non-traditional healers have used maca to treat anemia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, and depression..

Maca is thought to be likely safe when taken by mouth, however it should still be avoided by pregnant and nursing women just to be on the safe side.

Cat’s Claw Extract: A once-popular over the counter herbal additive that was taken to treat a number of conditions in the 1990’s. Usage has waned in recent years due to the lack of scientific data to back up those claims, however people have previously taken it for diverticulitis, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and a number of other inflammatory conditions, suggesting that cat’s claw may have some anti-inflammatory properties.

Proponents also claim that cat’s claw can fight the spread of cancer and some kinds of viruses, and that it may even work as a birth control agent. Our experts do not recommend relying on it alone to treat these indications. Side effects associated with cat’s claw include

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • The spins

There have also been some indications that cat’s claw can make some pre-existing conditions worse, such as leukemia, bleeding disorders, and some autoimmune conditions. Any readers with these conditions should consult with their physician before use to determine whether or not cat’s claw is safe for you.

Boswellia Extract: A popular joint health supplement additive due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Boswellia, or Indian Frankincense, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, ulcerative colitis, and syphilis. There are no known serious side effects associated with boswellia consumption.

L-Leucine: A form of amino acid chain that is in part responsible for preventing the breakdown of muscle tissues. L-Leucine has been used to treat amniotic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease), hepatic encephalopathy, tardive diskenesia, McArdie’s disease, spinocerebellar degeneration, and poor appetite. There are very few serious side effects associated with L-Leucine consumption, however it should be avoided by pregnant women, infants, children, and alcoholics.

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FlexSure Quality of Ingredients

These are fairly unconventional ingredients for a joint health supplement, as only boswellia is a commonly occurring additive in traditionally successful over the counter blends. Maca, cat’s claw, and L-Leucine are less proven from a clinical perspective and may or may not be helpful for long-term joint health.

Assuming that you are not allergic to any of these additives and aren’t taking any medications that react poorly with them then there are relatively few dangers associated with these herbs and chemicals. Their positive benefits may be somewhat limited as well, as all four active ingredients seem to be more effective as anti-inflammatories than as overall joint health aids.

The advertising for FlexSure claims that it increases glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen production, however that is not a known side effect of any of their ingredients. They do not provide any kind of data, links to outside sources, or scientific backing of any kind to support these claims, and as such our team of experts find it highly doubtful that FlexSure actually does live up to them.

Furthermore, there are probably some unknown ingredients included in FlexSure that are not mentioned here, and there are no known dosage amounts for the ingredients that are known. It is possible that fillers and preservatives that some users may have allergic or medicinal reactions to are included in FlexSure as unlisted parts of their blend. In general, our team encourages all users to know exactly what they are putting into their body in order to maximize nutritional effectiveness and to avoid all potential negative interactions.

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The Price and Quality of FlexSure

FlexSure is one of the most expensive joint health supplements on the market today. Typically, one can expect FlexSure to retail in this range:

  • 1 80-count bottle of FlexSure: $69.95

Given that FlexSure also recommends taking three pills per day, users are paying well over two dollars a day for a joint health supplement, which is well outside of the range of typical market expectations.

This is especially unreasonable given that most users would also feel compelled to purchase a secondary joint health supplement that actually is indicated to increase collagen production and cartilage health.

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Business of FlexSure

FlexSure is manufactured by a company called Vital g-NETICS, a relatively new nutritional supplements company. Their contact information listed online is:

Phone Number: (800) 826-5491

Address: 4302 Fm 2225

Quitman, TX 75783

Email: Vital g-NETICS doesn’t make an email address available to the public, however they do have customer comment form on their website.

There is surprisingly little about Vital g-NETICS available online. They do not sell their products through their website, which is very minimal and shockingly outdated. They have only been in operation for four years and FlexSure is their main product offering.

In January of 2024 the National Advertising Division sent a formal letter of review to Vital g-NETICS regarding their claims that their product is clinically proven and is safe for long-term use. The NAD found that FlexSure had no basis to make these claims and asked that they cease and desist in all future advertising.

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Customer Opinions of FlexSure

The online reviews of FlexSure range from mildly positive accounts based mostly on the reduction of inflammation to very negative accounts about lack of product effectiveness and its unpleasant side effects. Customer accounts were similar to these:

“This is junk that’s based on no real science. Let this be a lesson: study your ingredients before you buy, not after.”

“Tried taking the stuff for a month and all it did was give me a 30-day long case of the trots.”

“Not sure how this happened but as I started taking FlexSure my knee pain actually got worse. I tried to get my money back since it was so expensive, but their people were absolutely no help.

The majority of complaints revolved about FlexSure’s lack of effectiveness, however customers had a number of other issues as well. Diarrhea was the most frequently reported side effect, and customers also were displeased with the pill’s high cost and their inability to get in touch with FlexSure’s customer service department.

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How Does FlexSure Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • FlexSure
  • 44/100
Conclusion – Does FlexSure Work?

FlexSure uses one reliable anti-inflammatory ingredient and several other potentially effective anti-inflammatory agents to reduce pain and swelling.

Despite their advertising’s claim that their product will increase glucosamine and chondroitin production, there is no scientific basis for this assertion.

Their ingredients come from a variety of traditional medicinal practices and are largely untested by western medicine. This is not to say that these products will not have any of the abilities that they are rumored to possess, its just that their claims are not backed up by scientific data at this time.

Given all of this information, it is our wellness experts’ opinion that FlexSure is probably an effective anti-inflammatory supplement, however it is probably inadequate as a joint health supplement. If consumers wish to use FlexSure to improve joint health, it is their opinion that a supplement actually containing glucosamine and chondroitin should additionally be used to provide primary support at the core level.

Currently our team ranks Flexitrinol as the most effective over the counter supplement for increasing flexibility, mobility, and overall joint wellness. Their blend of ingredients works to both reduce inflammation and to naturally encourage the body’s abilities to build stronger connective tissues. Click here to learn why Flexitrinol was more effective than the other leading brands in our clinical trials.

2 Responses to FlexSure Review

Suanne says:

I have multiple meniscal tears in my left knee. I avoid surgery at all costs. I’m an RN and maybe a little too much knowledge is worse than no knowledge at all. I took one pill daily and I noticed considerable improvement. I don’t ever take recommended dose of anything. Companies want to sell their product. I use to buy it at WAlmart but they no longer carry it. I may con-cock my own by mixing the ingredients myself from health food store. There are more ways to skin a cat!

Chuck says:

I am amazed at how well Flexsure works for me. My knee pain completely disappeared when taking this, and reappeared when I stopped. My supply is about out so I will try and replicate using the ingredients on the box. Is it a viable product? Well, all I know is it works for me with no side effects, so that is what matters to me.

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