Genacol: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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 What is it?

Genacol is a brand of wellness supplements designed to improve joint health and functionality. Their products work by stimulating collagen growth and reducing the effects of inflammation on the body’s joints and connective tissue.

Genacol comes in a variety of forms including supplement pills, topical creams, and sleep aids.

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Genacol Ingredients and Side Effects


Glucosamine Collagen Chondroitin sulfate
MSM Caramel Coloring Stevia

Glucosamine: One of the most popular ingredients for joint health supplements because of its ability to stimulate natural collagen growth. There are very few side effects associated with glucosamine consumption.

Collagen: Collagen is undoubtedly one of the most essential components of good joint health as it’s the main ingredient in cartilage, your body’s fundamental connective tissue. There is no demonstrated value, however, in ingesting collagen or applying it topically.

Collagen is broken down when it enters the stomach and becomes just another protein in your body’s massive protein-based network. Topical collagens do not somehow penetrate the skin and become a part of the joint collagen, that’s just not how the body works.

Despite its ineffectiveness as a joint health product specifically, when taken as part of a supplement collagen is not harmful to humans and possibly contributes to overall health and wellness.

Chondroitin Sulfate: Like glucosamine, chondroiten naturally stimulates the body’s production of collagen and synovial fluid. Considered one of the more effective ingredients for over the counter joint supplements. Chondroiten has very few side effects associated with it.

MSM: The common name for methylsulfonylmethane and a frequent additive in joint health supplements due to its beneficial effects on collagen and elastin production. MSM is a naturally occurring chemical derived from green plants that is safe for human consumption and has no serious side effects associated with it.

Caramel Coloring: The same stuff that give Coca-Cola and Pepsi their coloring also lends Genacol its shiny brown hue. The problem with that is that caramel coloring has come under fire recently as a potential carcinogen, which is especially concerning in a product that is indicated for use multiple times a day.

Stevia: An artificial sweetener that is used in a number of food products. Stevia may also help treat heartburn, diabetes, and high blood pressure, though the data is limited at this time.

Clinical trials are also still being performed to determine stevia’s long-term safety for humans, however there are concerns that regular consumption can result in metabolic changes in the body that permanently affect its ability to process carbohydrates.

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Genacol Quality of Ingredients

Genacol’s ingredients are a mixture of very high quality additives that should be found in any good quality joint health supplements, as well as some other additives that should cause concern for potential consumers.

Glucosamine, chondroiten, and MSM are all highly recommended by our nutritional experts. All three of these chemicals are natural collagen production stimulants and anti-inflammatories that should probably be in any joint health supplement you buy.

Collagen is an ingredient found in many over the counter joint health supplements, despite the fact that clinical tests have demonstrated that there is little-to-no link between ingesting collagen and actual collagen production. Consumers tend to buy products that contain collagen due to the false assumption that since cartilage is made of collagen, supplements with collagen in them must be good for their cartilage.

It is possible that any given supplement manufacturer is genuinely unaware that collagen is not a useful additive, or it is possible that they are taking advantage of consumers ignorance and continue to include the product because they think it will make people buy it.

Our experts do not recommend any supplement that contains caramel coloring or stevia. Both products can have negative impacts on the body when taken regularly and Genacol is indicated for use three times a day.

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The Price and Quality of Genacol

Genacol is not available directly from the manufacturer, however it can be purchased from a number of retailers both online or in terrestrial stores. A general sampling of prices includes:

  • 1 90-capsule bottle of Genacol Plus with Collagen: $20.00
  • 1 180-capsule bottle of Genacol Bioactive Matrix: $26.00
  • 2-pack of 180-capsule bottles of Genacol Bioactive Matrix: $49.98
  • 1 tube of Genacol Bioactive Matrix Instant Gel: $18.13

These prices are in line with what one would expect from a supplement that utilizes these types of ingredients.

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Business of Genacol

Genacol’s website lists Genacol, Inc. as their manufacturer. They can be contacted at:

Phone Number: (450) 433-8538

Address: 81 rue Gaston-Dumoulin

Blainville, QC J7C 6B4


Email: [email protected]

Genacol, Inc. is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. There do not seem to be any formal complaints or lawsuits filed against them at this time.

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Customer Opinions of Genacol

Online reviews are mostly positive, however there are a number of negative reviews of their products as well. The criticism was similar to these sentiments:

“I’ve been using this stuff for a few weeks now and I haven’t seen any improvement… I also haven’t gotten worse though, so that’s a plus!”

“I had a bad reaction to their cream and had to discontinue use.”

“I bought this for my dad to help his arthritis. He said he tried it for a couple weeks but it didn’t really do anything so he ended up throwing the rest of it away.”

Most of the negative reviews were do to product ineffectiveness, however there were also complaints about negative reactions to their topical products. Some customers additionally reported frustration with their customer service experiences.

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How Does Genacol Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Genacol
  • 33/100
Conclusion – Does Genacol Work?

As a joint health supplement, Genacol has some positives that work in its favor. It is relatively inexpensive and it contains some of the more effective ingredients available at this time, so it is reasonable to conclude that many users will see some positive results.

It also contains several ingredients that our experts do not recommend:

  • Collagen is harmless, though its presence often indicates a direct attempt to manipulate consumers into purchasing products that may not be as effective as they sound.
  • Stevia is an unknown as an ingredient at this juncture, and there is no need for a supplement to be artificially sweetened.
  • Caramel coloring is a potential carcinogen that has been linked to multiple types of cancer in cases of overconsumption. Our nutrition experts strenuously recommend against any supplement that utilizes caramel coloring as an additive.

Glucosamine, chondroiten and MSM are popular enough ingredients that they can be found in a number of other supplements that do not also contain cancer-causing agents.

Our experts currently recommend Flexitrinol. It uses a blend of glucosamine, chondroiten, MSM and other natural ingredients to stimulate the body’s collagen production system. Click here to see how Flexitrinol works to improve joint function, flexibility, and range of motion.

3 Responses to Genacol: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

naziera says:

i would like to know if this product Halaal Certified …where does the collagen come it animal based, does it come from pig?

Belinda says:

Hi I have been using genacol for a few month’s. I have terrible pain on my stomach can genacol cause it? Because it has inflammation benefits

Danny says:

I haven’t been using Genacol that long and it seems to cause stomach upset. I have done some extensive research on this product and based on what I have found I will no longer be using it due it possibly containing carcinogens.

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