Nootropics Smart Pills

Cognishield Review

What is it? Cognishield is a nootropic supplement designed to help you unlock your brain’s true potential. This product claims to keep your brain from deteriorating as you age, as well as protects against damage cause by seizure or stroke. … Continue reading

CogniQ Review

What is it? CogniQ is a daily supplement used to boost memory recall, increase energy and improve your brain’s overall reaction time. The primary function of this product is to help users maximize their efficiency. CogniQ is made from a … Continue reading

Curcumin2K Review

What is it? Curcumin2K is a wellness supplement aimed at improving cognitive function in users, and preventing memory loss as users age. Curcumin2K also boosts energy levels by delivering antioxidants to the brain, joints and the heart. Curcumin2K is made … Continue reading

Choline Review

What is it? Choline is a substance that occurs naturally in the body, which helps promote communication between neurons.  People take Choline supplements as a way to improve their mental function. Choline is essential for the function of all cells, … Continue reading

Cebria Review

What is it? Cebria is a daily supplement used for brain support, particularly in older adults. This supplement helps improve age-related memory loss symptoms like confusion, forgetting names or where something is, as well as overall brain fog. Cebria works … Continue reading

Berocca Review

What is it? Berocca is a fizzy drink tablet added to water to help users increase energy and mental performance throughout the day. This effervescent product comes in three different flavors and is meant to be taken regularly as one … Continue reading

Bacomind Review

What is it? Bacomind is an enriched composition of the herbal ingredient bacopa monnieri, a plant with memory enhancing properties. Bacomind is used to help older adults maintain their memory and cognitive function, as well as children with learning disabilities. … Continue reading

AdderRx Review

What is it? AdderRx is a supplement that is used to help supply the brain with energy to power through work, school or other daily tasks. AdderRx is an alternative to caffeine or prescription drugs, improving concentration without the crash. … Continue reading

ADDTabz Review

What is it? ADDTabz is a study aid aimed at helping students and working professionals increase their cognitive abilities. The makers of ADDTabz claim this product helps users increase focus, critical thinking and problem solving. ADDTabz markets itself as an … Continue reading

Synaptol Review

What is it? Synaptol is a homeopathic supplement that is said to be helpful for treating the symptoms of ADD. They claim in their advertising that it can reduce hyperactivity and increase focus levels and attention span, even in particularly … Continue reading

Ruckpack Review

What is it? Ruckpack is a nootropic supplement designed by former Marines. They invented the blend while on duty in Afghanistan and then began mass-marketing it to civilians in 2019. Their advertising claims that it is able to increase alertness … Continue reading