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What is it?

Enzyte 24/7 is an herbal male enhancement supplement that targets symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The makers of Enzyte 24/7 have created a “three pronged attack” aimed at maximizing testosterone levels through a set of three supplements.

This pill is aimed at helping men achieve longer lasting erections, and improved stamina and sexual performance. The makers of Enzyte 24/7 claim this provides long lasting results over time, rather than just in time for a sexual encounter.

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Enzyte 24/7 Ingredients and Side Effects

The official label for Enzyte 24/7 is listed on all websites where this product is sold. Here’s a look at the ingredients used to make this product:

Korean Red Ginseng Ginkgo Biloba Grape Seed Extract Zinc
Epimedium Muira Puama Niacin

Epimedium: An herbal ingredient used to support the ability to produce erections in men, epimedium may help with sperm production and balancing testosterone levels in men.

  • Side effects may include upset stomach, diarrhea and dry mouth. Epimedium may also cause irregular heartbeat, changes in mood, low blood pressure, nosebleeds, and in rare case, muscle spasms and respiratory failure.

Muira Puama: A Brazilian tree bark, muira puama is used to alleviate nerve pain and boost nervous system function, as well as promote sexual desire and performance.

Niacin: Also known as vitamin B3, niacin helps dilate blood vessels, allowing blood to more more readily through the body, promoting brain function and improving erection quality.

Grapeseed Extract: Grapes are loaded with tannins, which promote cardiovascular function and fight free radicals in the body. Grape seed extract is thought to help increase levels of nitric oxide in the body, which promotes blood flow and an increased capacity for firmer erections.

Ginkgo: A staple in traditional Chinese medicine, ginkgo is used to improve memory and cognitive function, as well as general immunity and wellbeing. It may also promote blood flow throughout the body, improving erectile function.

Korean Red Ginseng: Ginseng has long been used to promote wellness and fight the effects of aging on the body. It is also thought to help promote sexual stamina and enhance physical performance with use.

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Enzyte 24/7 Quality of Ingredients

Looking at the formula behind Enzyte 24/7, we liked that the manufacturer opted to use natural ingredients like tongkat ali and rhodiola, both of which have not been linked to any adverse side effects with regular use, and have shown some promising benefits.

However, mucuna pruriens does has some troubling side effects like symptoms of psychosis and heart palpitations. For that reason, we’d recommend proceeding with caution should you decide to use as Enzyte 24/7 as a sexual enhancement solution.

Overall, there aren’t many reports of people who had experienced serious side effects after taking this product, so we don’t know what the risk of a bad reaction is.

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The Price and Quality of Enzyte 24/7

Enzyte 24/7 s sold in a number of online marketplaces like Walmart.com, the Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens and others, and retails for about $35-$40 for a box containing 40 pills. According to the label, users should take one pills per day.

The price point seems pretty standard. You’ll get just over a one-month’s supply at roughly a dollar per pill depending on where you purchase this product from. As far as quality is concerned, while we can’t speak to the efficacy of this product, ingredients like epimedium, muira puama and ginseng are well-known to have positive effects on sex drive and performance, so the price seems pretty reasonable.

However, there are some risks associated with substances containing epimedium, as some of the side effects include trouble breathing and stomach problems. While the product is likely safe for most people, it is advisable to first talk to a doctor before adding a new supplement to your daily routine.

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Business of Enzyte 24/7

The company that makes and distributes Enzyte 24/7 is known as Berkeley Nutraceuticals, and their information is the following:

Phone Number: 888-238-1864

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1954 Camden Ave #4
San Jose, CA 95124

The Enzyte company has a rather checkered past. Enzyte 24/7 has initially sold under simply Enzyte. Featured in countless late night commercials, Enzyte was a popular herbal male enhancement product in the early 2000s, that came under fire for automatically signing customers up for a $70 a month auto ship billing cycle. Multiple court cases culminated in the founder being convicted for 25 years in prison on charges of fraud.

Somehow, the Enzyte website is up and running and Enzyte 24/7 can easily be found in a number of reputable stores like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart, the reputations of the aforementioned retailers loan some credibility to the brand, but after such a major scandal that really shook customer confidence—mislabeled products and unauthorized charges, it seems strange that they wouldn’t change their name and rebrand.

A company known as Vianda bought Berkeley following the scandal, and appears to have turned things around. As of late, there are no negative reviews concerning the company’s business practices.

Currently, the Enzyte website is still trying to get consumers to buy multiple boxes of the product at a time, and keeps customer cards on file when they request a free sample.

Customer Opinions of Enzyte 24/7

Based on the customer reviews we looked at for Enzyte 24/7, many people were very unhappy with the results, even after multiple adjustments to the formula and a change in ownership. Here’s a look at what customers were saying after they tried this product:

“This is just another male enhancement scheme designed to take your money without offering any kind of benefit. I feel like this product is a total scam, and recommend hanging onto your money.”

“This is okay. I’ve used lots of these products and Enzyte is better than most. I take it once a day, but also use Viagra if I’m going to have sex. I definitely wouldn’t use Enzyte on its own, but I think it might help a little.”

“I’m disappointed with this product. The old version worked much better. I tried it again not too long ago, as I had just gotten back into the dating scene, and thought this would help with performance. It didn’t work at all.”

“Didn’t see much in terms of benefits after using as directed, and it caused my blood pressure to rise a considerable amount. I also felt lightheaded after using on a few separate occasions. Don’t think I’ll use again.”

Customer reviews for Enzyte 24/7 tended to lean toward the negative end of the spectrum. Many people felt this simply wasn’t an effective product, while others outright experienced some negative effects.

Because this product has been around in some form or another for several years, there are a number of reviews across the internet, from end users to professional reviewers, many of which have stated that despite the manufacturers’ efforts to make this product more legitimate, there have never been any improvements in quality.

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How Does Enzyte 24/7 Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Enzyte 24/7
  • 93/100
Conclusion – Does Enzyte 24/7 Work?

Upon evaluating this supplement, it is clear that Enzyte 24/7 may have some merit as an herbal sexual enhancement product. The consumer reviews suggest mixed results, but most people have not reported any serious side effects.

The ingredients like ginseng, ginkgo, muira puama and epimedium are all pretty standard parts of an herbal sexual enhancement product, but based on the information we found about the history of Enzyte, there are better places to find a supplement of this kind.

While the makers of this product are not the same as those who made the original Enzyte that was plagued with scandal a few years back, it is unclear why the new owners would keep a brand associated with so much negativity. Unfortunately, while business practices seem to have improved greatly, Enzyte 24/7 seems to be ineffective in treating erectile dysfunction.

After extensive research in the male enhancement space, we’ve found that Viritenz delivers the most consistent results as compared with similar products. Made with a safe, yet potent blend of herbs like ginseng, maca root, tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris and L-arginine, which work together to treat symptoms of ED, low T and more.

Viritenz is made from all-natural ingredients in a FDA-compliant facility. For more about Viritenz and the benefits it can provide, click the link here.


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