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What is it?

Neuro XR is a nootropic supplement made to deliver well-rounded effects quickly. They say it is clinically proven to help aid concentration.

There is no official website for this supplement, but many other websites will market it.

Another claim made is that it can help you raise your IQ points, and that it can aid faster memory retention. The most well reviewed nootropic of the year was found to be Memotenz.

Users and our reviewers have rated it highly for its all-natural formula, and studied ingredients. Gain more insights into the benefits of Memotenz by clicking the link here.

Neuro XR Ingredients and Side Effects

There is no full ingredients list found online. Some websites have mentioned some additives, but they have failed to provide a comprehensive list. Here is the few claimed ingredients use:

Folic Acid Vitamin B-12 L-Glutamine Taurine
Caffeine Gingko Biloba Bacopra Monnieri

Folic Acid: B vitamin that is necessary for the body to help create DNA. This is essential in food, and can cause serious side effects when not received via food.

In large amounts it can contribute to symptoms such as:

  • Rash, confusion, and cramps.
  • Mood changes, gas, and seizure.
  • Diarrhea, excitation, and difficulty relaxing.

It’s unknown what the total amount of folate there is in Neuro XR, which makes it impossible to predict whether or not it is added in a safe enough amount.

L-Glutamine: Amino acid that the body naturally creates, and which is also used in supplement form to help relieve stress. This is often not needed in people who aren’t nutritionally deficient, or who aren’t vegans or vegetarian.

Taurine: Organically found acid that is found in foods, particularly in meat. This can help regulate healthy heart and blood health.

This is used to help neurotransmitters in the brain function better. 

Caffeine: Common stimulant which can increase focus, energy, and overall mental output. When taken for long periods it must be cycled, as its effects will be reduced with repeat use.

This can also cause many side effects that include:

  • Rapid heart rate, stomach pain, and headaches.
  • Insomnia, difficulty relaxing, and jitters.
  • Involuntary spasms, frequent urination, and mood swings.

A standard dosage strength advised to avoid side effects will often be advised at 400 mg per day. There is no mention as to the total used in this supplement.

Gingko Biloba: One of the most popular herbs which has been used to treat lacking blood flow to the brain, as well as many kinds of mental issues such as dementia and schizophrenia. This ingredient has been shown to be well suited for many, and is unlikely to cause any side effects.

Bacopa Monnieri: Herb often added to nootropics for its ability to enhance overall mental function. It is also added to treat anxiety and improve lasting brain health.

This is often added to other nootropics since it has been shown effective at providing positive changes.

Our review experts have crafted a top 10 nootropics list highlighting the most effective supplements out.

Neuro XR Quality of Ingredients

It’s impossible to truly determine if the formula used in Neuro XR is any good, as there is no full ingredients list provided.

There are a few claimed ingredients, but it’s also important to look at the full dosage strength. For unknown reasons the creators have not provided more information.

Judging from the few ingredients which some websites say are used, there are questionable additives such as caffeine.  This needs to be taken in moderation, and since the full dosage strength is never mentioned, this makes it impossible to determine if it is safe.

There’s also folate and vitamin B12 which often does not need to be supplemented in any additional amounts.  To help sharped your focus and aid your cognitive health, click on the link here.

Neuro XR Price and Quality of Neuro XR

Many websites will advertise this supplement with a claim of a free trial, but they fail to offer the full price. This can lure potential customers into trying this brand, but the issue is that you still have to submit your sensitive credit card information to pay for shipping.

The issue with this is that you can be placed into an auto-renewal plan if you’re not careful.

It’s highly important to be told of the official price of a product before purchasing it, as it’s the only way to determine if it is sold fairly.  This also makes it easier to see if it’s truly worth it to supplement with. Real solutions which can aid your brain health have been compiled in a top 10 list.

Business of Neuro XR

No official company website is offered anywhere, and instead there are many websites using the name of Neuro XR in their web address, but this redirects to another brand.

They all claim to offer a free trial by clicking one of their ads, but this will take you to any trial. This is similar to other scam websites in the hundreds who will redirect users.

There were a few online users who said the company is operating a scam, and that their free trial will turn into an automatic $89.79 charge each month. Because of these claims, it’s clear that it is highly likely that the company has decided to stop publishing their own material, and instead allows others to run scam like activities.  For details about the most effective nootropics of the year, click here.

Customer Opinions of Neuro XR

There is no official use reviews found online. This makes it impossible to determine how well received this is, and whether or not one can expect food results that last. It’s import to be able to examine some sort of proof for the effectiveness of this, especially since there is no ingredients list.

The added caffeine is also an issue, and it’s impossible to tell if others felt it was added in sparing enough amounts to not cause side effects. Discover which top ranked nootropics made the top 10 list.

How Does Neuro XR Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Neuro XR
  • 40/100
Conclusion – Does Neuro XR Work?

Neuro XR is lacking in any real studies or evidence to prove whether or not it is effective or what kind of formula is used. There are multiple websites that market this brand claimed to offer a trial, but they redirect to another brand. The only user reviews are negative, and they highlight the automatic charges that the company is said to be hiding as soon as you sign up for a free trial. Due to their highly questionable practices, it’s highly likely this company is operating a scam.

After examining nootropics the one our review experts and users alike felt was the best brand is Memotenz. It contains a blend of natural ingredients that have been studied and shown effective for boosting mental function, productivity, and overall focus. This has only natural ingredients free of any stimulants or harsh additives which need to be cycled.

The company that makes it produces it in a safe, 3rd party reviewed GMP compliant facility. This helps ensure that each batch is free of contaminations. Gain more insights into the effects of Memotenz by clicking here.

39 Responses to Neuro XR Review

Patricia Williams says:

Can someone please give me the phone number for Neuro XR. I find numbers. They just happened to be wrong.

Anita says:


Norma Miarecki says:

I just called the number on MY bottle and it’s different

Cameron Collins says:

Hi there

I am currently posting a reply to all free trials out there concerning this product. Here is how it reads.
This is a scam! I ordered it and did not receive the product or an email as a confirmation of my 4.95 then I called and tried to cancel within the 14 days and spoke to 3 different men from India who refused to cancel my order and told me they are charging me $95 dollars.
DO NOT BUY! I am having to call my bank now to try and stop payment from these scammers.
They told me they are stopping shipment of my free trial and I am gonna have to eat my 4.95 I paid cause that was for shipping and handling, but I never received my free bottle this website said I would after paying that 4.95. What a scam! These scammers are raking it in.
They are deceitful! I reiterate DO NOT BUY!
I found there number on my online banking when they took $4.95 out of my account. The number i called is 877-497-3327.
What a scam is all I can say. I will say they take out the $95 …I will call my bank again. I suggest buying the ingredients separately or find others products they are in and save money!


beverly shoemake says:

I have been trying to get a hold of neuruxr for months with no luck .i want them to stop sending me this crap.

Susan says:

I called 1-877-479-8565 and got a guy who could barely speak English.

Norma Miarecki says:

try calling 1-844-893-4640
I just got a SECOND bottle in the mail and I DID NOT realize they’d put me on auto refill…. The first time I called, I got a message saying that no. is no longer in service….so I called again…I could barely understand the guy, and when I told him I never signed up for auto refill, he said can refund my card 50%!!! I let into him, and said I never signed up for auto refill..then he changed it to….”okay I can refund your card 80%” ….. I was so furious that I was this stupid…so I said “then do it.” Im writing the better business bureau…what a scam!

Anonymous says:

Try 844-844-0095 I’m trying to cancel and send mine back Have a return merch # now after calling this number.

Irlande Cherubin says:


Nina says:

Neuro ER is a scam! Beware of their hidden marketing and so call ‘trial’ in which you only have to pay shipping. Any company that does underhand marketing makes you wonder what is really in the so call hidden ingredients in the products they sold.

Susan says:

SCAM!! Please stay away from these people. I made the mistake of ordering the “free” bottle for only the shipping and handling charge. Now they are charging my bank account $89.78. I did not authorize this to be a continuing thing. I am a disabled, senior citizen on a very tight budget, and this is just bulls**t. I was foolish and got taken, so please beware and don’t fall for this free bottle bullcrap. If you need to reach them, the number is 1-877-479-8565, but good luck if you can understand them.

KELLLY says:

This happened to me today. I thought I only paid $4.95 for shipping to the us postal service. THIS PRODUCT DID ABSLOUTLY NOTHING!!! The were going to charge me $89.78. I could hardly understand the man BTW. I had to jump through hoops to get all the return numbers and call them back with a tracking number in 3-5 business days. I WILL NOT pay for this. We have 3 children. I work, my husband works, I am in school as well. We just purchased our new home. I could go on and on. But these As*holes did not care it was either return or pay. I explained to the stupid customer service and told him they should all be ashamed for doing this to people. Let me tell you they make it almost impossible to return. But I am. I was FURIOUS when I hung up. I NEVER do free trial were you just pay s/h, I was always nervous b/c I thought they were a scams, well I was right. ANYONE READING STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. SCAM ARTISTS.

Grace says:

We all have the same terrible experience. Why can’t this people be exposed?
I was charged every other day for 10 days $89,78
But I have a lawyer and she contacted the customer service #….they reimburse 85% only. I told them ” I want every penny back!!…i am still fighting for it.
So here is what I think…some times we believe that we need these products because they are “free” and help us with something in particular, but the others parts in your body really need it?? Self prescribed can be very dangerous, not even counting how much mony can cost. Specifically for those who work hard for every dollar. All this people are seating in a tarp, some Country far away from here…while we work our souls out to provide for our family. DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!! YOU MIGHT NOT NEED THOSE PILLS, YOU MIGHT JUST NEED A GOOD VACATION TIME TO REGAIN ENERGY, CONCENTRATION AND THE SENSE TO KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS SCAMMING YOU!!

Danielle says:

I decided to try the “free trial” I really see no difference. Then 3 days ago I review my bank statement and see they drafted 169 dollars from my bank account. No sir!! I called and was treated very disrespectful by their “customer service rep” and then treated with my attorney, charges for drafting my account without my OK, and demanded to speak to a supervisor in which they put me on hold then came back with a full refund and deleted my acct. These people are a joke and the product their selling

KELLLY says:

Just FLIPPED out on this companies sales rep. was sent to a manager or supervisor. I do not have to send it back, they have deleted me account, no further charges. I screamed them that they wanted me to write 36 RA # on the back and the C.S agent asked if that was an issue, I said YES plus pay for return shipping and call you back with a TN number, no it is NOT convenient to return this product! He put me on hold, came back and said my account had been cancelled, no charges and I do not have to send it back. I have never been so mad before! I lost it because of what a damn scam it is. I am an attorney, I told them I would be reporting them to the BBB and that there are ONLY negative reviews of this product. I said I read on review where a customer had there account cancelled without her/him having to ship back. I hope this help, I will certainly be keeping my eye on my bank account. But I am positive they’ve cancelled my account. Basically go ape s*it on their a*ses and you will get you money back or wont have to write down 36 RA numbers to the return address on the box or shipping envelope. But I was shaking I was SO angry! The is a scam.

KELLLY says:

NEUROXR SLEEP is just Melatonin! $4.99 at cvs!

Anibal says:

i got the same i order neuro xr and i got neuro xr sleep

Jackie says:

I just purchased trial for $4.99, contacted their customer service line 844-893-4640, spoke to gentleman that spoke good English and he gave me the run down. Basically today is 7/16, it will take 3-5 working days for the order to be filled which will bring us to about 7/21, it take 5-7 business days for shipping to arrive which puts us at 7/28. I will be charged on 7/30 for the next month, which will be the $89.79. You basically get the product and have a couple days to decide if you like it to cancel. I have learned from my mistakes in past and put this on a CREDIT CARD, NEVER PUT ON A DEBIT CARD and know exactly the day I have until to cancel. James was nice and extended my date until 8/15. Overall, if I don’t like it and want to cancel I know their is a working number and when I have until to cancel. As well as a last resort I can always call my credit card company to report issue or just cancel my credit card. Hopefully, product is good! I will let you know how it goes.

Amanda says:

Yea I just ordered and did the free trial and I received a call from them saying my order was not completed but yet I received a conformation number at the end of my order and asked for my credit card number again! I declined and went and got a statement from my bank to make sure my charge was there, I called back and told them it was already charged twice to my account and I wasn’t even given option if I wanted the sleep aid too! So I called again YESTERDAY and the lady told me 5-7 days from the date I ordered 7/18/17 and not to worry that I would get my product, well its day 4 I’m confused cause one service rep told me it wasn’t completed and the other said if I was charged that o would receive the product. Well I just went to use my card and the bank detected fraud and closed my card down before another 38$ or how much ever is taken out. I’m so confused. I’m gonna call again. I don’t have a 1800/877 number I have 953-0006 that’s what appeared on my caller I’d when the rep called me to say my order wasn’t complete! Ugh! I will keep everyone posted on what happens! Never again will I order online stuff! Ever!

Deborah Joyner says:

Almost the same thing happened to me!! Called and said my order wasnt complete! Yet, I had a confirmation number!! I just called them and said cancel my subscription….he said I must return product! The first lady said keep it and call to calling back

Horace Corum says:

They got me too, I read up on this product and heard so many good things over&over, this was exactly what I was looking for,so I went on line to order the trial size 1st got confirmation # and the next day got a phone call saying my order wasn’t finished, etc., so I gave them my credit card information again and my card had 4 charges on it instead of the one, and if I didn’t call and cancel within a certain time which I was never told that,they were going to charge my card $100 each, that’s about $500 worth and never received a working number so I could cancel, no paperwork nothing. This is a scam!!!

Ashley says:

Im sorry you had a bad experience with this but I decided to comment bc I hated to see that this company may cause you to never shop online again. Online shopping doesnt have to be a bad experience. If you take the proper precautions you can actually enjoy shopping online far better than in store. And often times the deals are much better. Especially now with the cash back help from sites like ebates and befrugal. There are many reputable companies who operate successful online businesses and are loved by people from all over the world. Amazon, overstock, ebay, wayfair… so many more. Dont let this bad experience with these thieves scare you away from the internet. We have all been there, trust me. We learn the hard way. Educate yourself on how to avoid scams in the future and then shop smart online or off. My best advice is to ALWAYS push that impulse to the side and take a minute to research the legitimacy of any product or web company BEFORE you give them ANY of your info. Google the name of the product and or company and type the word SCAM? after. Hit search and within 5 or less you’ll know if it is. Thats what I am actually doing right now. Saw that ad, felt that impulse bc of course why wouldn’t I want to be alert, energetic, smarter, happier, cooler, lol… but as ive learned if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is, I did that search and landed here where I found enough reason to steer clear and stay tired, drinking coffee, appreciative of unexpected opportunities to nap and hitting the snooze button. And only kinda cool. At the end of the day that’s better than being stolen from and dealing with people who cant understand me nor I them to only get some of my money back…. you get the picture… hope this helps.

Fool me twice says:

Rofl I ditto your response. Name of company or product + SCAM. Brought me here as well ;-).

Horace Corum says:

Be careful when ordering trials for shipping price only!!! That’s the whole scam, they get you bank account/ credit card information and that’s all they want then they can charge what they want because they don’t give out real working numbers!!!

Steve Drake says:

Yes, they are a SCAM, when trying to return the product for refund they fail to
tell you to send it with a service providing a tracking number. Then when you
call to get the refund they tell you no refund without the verifying tracking #.
They will tell you anything to get you off the phone. Cancel your credit card if
you want to be sure they don’t debit your account monthly.

Den says:

Yea it’s BS scam. Do not do the trial. Just took off 8979 off my account and blocked them!

Jung Drew says:

I would like to make comments on NeuroXR. I ordered this product online for my aunt to try. My aunt is a very smart, very active 50 year old college professor. Recently she mentioned that her memory was not as good as it used to be. Since she is not that old and shout not be losing her memory, she gets a little concerned. I happened to get an email promoting this NeuroXR in association with Dr. Ben Carson’s name. I ordered one bottle as a gift to my aunt. On the ordering page I saw the free trial would cost $4.99 of shipping charge. Nothing about other charges or another other companion product. My aunt took two pills of NeuroXR a day as directed for a few days. She got cramps and headaches that she believed was side effects from NeurXR. I also received another product called NeuroSleep which I did not order and was not sure whether it was from the same company. Today I called the company and told them that I was not sure if I was under an auto-shipment plan. If I was, I would like to cancel it. To mine surprise, I was told that I must pay shipping charge to return NeuroXR and NeurSleep to prevent from being charged full prices of $79.00 each. That information was not on the order page or anywhere else. I asked why they sent me the Sleep pills without my authorization. They told me that the two things should be taken together. That information was not on the order page either. I did not even know there was a product called NeuroSleep. I was so surprised by what I heard from them. I felt I was fooled by the company’s misleading info and lack of info. The experience told me a good lesson: Don’t order things online unless it’s from reputable and well known companies such as Home Depot, Amazon and so forth.

L. Daniels says:

I also took this product and had serious side effects of headaches and stomach cramps of which i did not see as a side effect nor was i aware of another product having to be used with this one called Neurosleep. I have immediately stopped taking Neuro XR.

I'm an American who's been scammed says:

scam is right. I got billed for the trial offer $4.95 x 2 for the trial neuroxr and the melatonin. Then on my next months credit summary I was billed $89.78 for the same bottle of neuroxr and billed $79.97 for the same bottle of melatonin. I actually believe the neuroxr worked, but the scam isn’t working. I’m making my report to whomever will listen tommorrow.

Mike says:

Same story as most everyone else. This is a scam. Online ad for free trial of Neuro XR to pay only shipping – a minimal fee. Got billed approximately 80 dollars. Figured that was my error for falling for the ‘free trial’ scam. Tried it out and got no apparent benefit from it at all. And… just received another bottle of the same stuff unasked for with another charge on my credit card – I never signed up for any reoccurring subscription. I’m going to dispute the charge.

Brian M. Smith says:

I was scammed as well. I have a brain cyst n memory loss. I tryd the 4.99 free trial and next month had a 100$ withdrawn from my bank. I called the bank n filed a claim. My doctor said I would not have any benif8from this medicine and they sent me a sleep med I didn’t sign up for. Doctor says it only has melatonin in it that might help some but since they automatically went and did another month supply without my consent. I feel taken advantage of n have enough problems without this stress.

Anonymous says:

this product is nothing more than a big scam to take peoples money . leave it alone ,it should be illegal.

Kat B. says:

I, too, have been scammed. I’ve learned a very hard lesson not to order ANYTHING as a trial product. NEUROXR is the worst as every phone number associated with the order has been disconnected. I got charged the full price for the two items so I took the drastic measure of cancelling my credit card so they cannot continue to charge me and send further product.

Jason says:

Will fully charge you right away the shipping for them and $4.95 more if send you a sleep aid added on, Than right away your charged near $90 each, Scam!

Michelle Campbell says:

I took it and got headaches. I called and told them that I wanted to cancel. The rep told me I had to send back the unused portion to a post office box and get a tracking number and call them back and give them that number. I had him on speaker phone and the girl that was with me could not believe how little he cared. I said nobody explained that to me. He said “It happens.” Didn’t care one bit!

Missy says:

I did this and feel tricked into my bank account being hit for $89 per month. Seems theres a lot of that sort of thing going around. I like the product but, not for that amount of $$ monthly. Ultimately, NEURO XR loses.

Howard Gunter says:

Report the scam to the attorney general of the State of California! There is no other source to file a claim or complaint – probably why they are in California.

Joy says:

THIS IS A SCAM! They keep charging $89 on my credit after buying their free trial!!!

JP Pasche says:

I just discovered a monthly $89.78 withdrawal from my account, since December of last year, even though I have not received anything since my trial bottle!!!!!!!!!!!
I did get hold of customer service, was able to cancel my subscription and get a refund for the last withdrawal only as it was withing 30 days. They said someone from the “refund dept” would contact me about the payments that were older than.30 days within the next two days…
to be continued.

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