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Natrolex a male enhancement supplement made with all-natural ingredients for more libido, better sexual performance, improved stamina, and stronger erections. An official video shows that men are based off of their accomplishments, and they add this can continue with Natrolex.

It’s said that over 4 years of development went into the making of this, and that it was made with science in mind. Herbs, minerals and vitamins are used which they say can be found in reputable vitamin and health stores. They also outline their ingredients and claim that this will allow for lasting all-day virility and energy.

Out of all the brands which can improve male enhancement, Viritenz impressed our review team the most. This supplement contains only natural and well-regarded ingredients which can boost overall sexual health. Read about Viritenz and see what our review experts have to say about it by clicking this link.


No full supplements facts list is cited on the product page, but they do highlight it on their company page:

Zinc Oxide Tongkat Ali Root Powder Maca Root L-Arginine HCI Panax Ginseng Root
Eleutherococcus Senticosus Root Powder Sarsaparilla Root Powder Pumpkin Seed Powder Muira Puama Bark Oat Straw
Nettle Leaf Cayenne Pepper Astagalus Root Licorice Root Catuaba Bark Powder
Tribulus Terrestris Orchic Powder Boron (amino acid chelate) Oyster Extract Microcrystalline Cellulose
Vegetable Stearic Acid Calcium Carbonate Vegetable Magnesium Stearate Croscarmellose Sodium Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
Silicon Dioxide

Tongkat Ali Root Powder: Common aphrodisiac ingredient used in male enhancement pills as a way to increase fertility and overall sexual function. It has natural chemical within it used to support virility in men. Many improvements are suggested such as an enhanced ability to retain erections, improved athletic function, and even fat burning.

Maca Root: Long-used aphrodisiac herb that is used to support libido, energy levels, and overall virility. This is native to Peru where it is used for male and female sexual enhancement. This also has rich nutrients including fatty acids and amino acids.

Web MD considers this to be likely safe in the amounts often found in its pure form. It’s because of this that it is often added to male enhancement supplements.

We’ve analyzed many brands for male enhancement and by doing so, where able to determine which supplements were top ranked.

Pumpkin Seed Powder: The nutrients in this natural seed include zinc which can help improve overall male virility and sexual function. Pumpkin seed also has healthy fatty acids which can increase energy levels.

Eleutherococcus Senticosus Root Powder:  Known most commonly as Siberian Ginseng, this adaptogen can help improve wellness and make the body better adapted to stress, which can improve overall wellness.

This herb can also improve energy levels and support the immune system.

Astagalus Root: A medicinal herb that is used to improve immune function as well as blood flow. By improving blood flow this can potentially make it easier to sustain an erection.

Orchic Powder: Taken from the testicles of cattle, this has nutrients within it meant to support overall male virility.

Oyster Extract: A potent seafood extract which is known to have the highest amount of zinc out of any other food. Zinc is an especially helpful nutrient which can boost immune function and male virility.

Licorice Root: Herb which has a natural chemical within it that is used for digestive function and for the support of regulated health during stress. This is often combined with Siberian ginseng in order to maximize benefits.

The best in male enhancement support are outlined by our top 10 supplements list.

EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.


Many of these ingredients can be effective at supporting overall male virility. On the FAQ section the company does say that this is a “top tier” formula, but it’s unknown what kind of proof there is to back it up. They also suggest taking it for a 3 month period in order for there to be lasting benefits; no evidence is cited to prove this claim either.

While the ingredients can be helpful they should have published evidence to let consumers know what is truly possible. They also add that there is a possibility for:

“Dramatic improvement”

An asterisk is provided to help show how this is not proven by the FDA, and that it is not meant as a cure. Still, some sort of citation is needed to show how they came up with the health claims made about the product.

Our analysis of the best male enhancement pills shows what brands were ranked as being the best for overall improvement.


A 60 capsule bottle purchased from the official website sells for $59.95. If taken at the maximum suggested amount then this is a 30 day supply. For the types of ingredients used this is priced slightly above average, and it averages 1.99 a day when used twice daily.

Some of the ingredients added to this such as Tongkat Ali, Maca root, L-Arginine, Pumpkin Seed, Muira Puama, and more can help improve male enhancement. There is a proprietary blend of 838 mg of 13 different ingredients as well.  They add that all this comes from non-GMO ingredients which means they are quality.

The concern which will be examined in the next “Business of Natrolex” heading will showcase why there are concerns about the overall quality of service.

Detailed in this top 10 list is a great explanation as to what supplements can offer the best male enhancement benefits.


Their company name is Vitamin Boat, and their contact details are:

Phone: (855) 542-4639

Address: 930 New Hope Road 1-308

Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Email: Contact form if provided as well as [email protected]

Returns from 60 days of the delivery date are offered only if the container is not used or opened. They also do not cover shipping and handling. For unknown reasons in the same section they say that returns are offered for opened bottles. It’s not known what statement is true, and this may be why so many consumers had issue with their policies.

The company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, with a total of 7 complaints, 6 related to delivery and 1 with the quality of service. Here’s what customers complained about:

“No product yet… haven’t responded to my emails or calls”

“charged me but never shipped”

“said they offered a money back return but I have not gotten my money back”

“never received the sent items”

Many customers shared the same issues, of being charged for product they never received or which they believed fell under the money back return policy. Because of this lack of reliability, it raises questions about whether or not the company can be relied upon.

Click here for a rundown of the best supplements for male enhancement as seen by our dedicated review team.


Not many reviews are available online but here are the few available opinions:

“so bad I was on the toilet like mad”

“Wish I didn’t take it was not effective, a waste of my time and money”

“No changes at all, used it for some time and saw no benefits”

“Like it thus far but the price should be lower”

Though there weren’t many consumers who left their opinion, the 3 out of 4 majority said they wished they never had taken it. The one sole customer who enjoyed it also said it was overpriced.

Typically when there are so few reviews to examine it’s impossible to say for certain whether or not a brand can be relied upon, but so far the consensus has not been favorable. Testimonials are offered on the official website but it’s highly questionable when most outside opinions are not favorable.

For exclusive insight into what supplements ranked highest for male enhancement support, click here.

How Does Natrolex Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Natrolex
  • 31/100

Natrolex does have a formula of potentially useful male enhancement ingredients. For unknown reasons however the consumer response was mostly negative and this includes reviews of how the company operates. For some there were issues with the lack of a money back return and complications with charges that were processed without any shipped product. Because of these concerns it makes it difficult to trust this brand. Another concern is that the company makes many great sounding claims about how effective this will be, yet they fail to offer sufficient evidence.

We favored Viritenz over all other male enhancement brands due to its natural ingredients, GMP certification, rave reviews, potent formula, and potential for benefits. This supplement has been shown to help improve sexual confidence, libido, and overall virility in men.

Their ingredients can be effective at not only supporting healthy sexual function, but improving energy levels and wellness. The company that makes it is also reputable and they have a great reputation. Click on this link to read about what Viritenz can offer by reading our official review of it.

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