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What is it?

Test Worx is a male enhancement product made for aging men or those with low testosterone looking to keep their body young and healthy. The makers of Test Worx say this supplement is useful for men looking to build more muscle mass or enhance their overall sexual performance.

Made from an herb-based formulation, Test Worx claims to work by releasing testosterone trapped in fat cells to boost the levels of the hormone throughout the body. Ingredients like tribulus terrestris and eurycoma longifolia aid with sexual function, while eurypeptides target the blocked hormones.

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Test Worx Ingredients and Side Effects

While the official website does not provide a list of the ingredients included in Test Worx, opting to use vague language instead, we were able to find a list of ingredients someone uploaded after purchasing the product.

Euypeptides Tribulus terrestris Eurycoma longifolia
Maca Powder L-Arginine

Tribulus terrestris: A fruit-producing plant from the Mediterranean, tribulus terrestris is used to enhance sexual function and boost athletic performance. It is also thought to help treat infertility in men.

Eurycoma longifolia: A Malaysian aphrodisiac used to treat male infertility and increase testosterone levels.

Eurypeptides: A supplement that is used to regulate hormones, boost athletic performance, increase fertility and fight the effects of aging, eurypeptides are the “secret weapon” in Test Worx according to the manufacturer.

Maca powder: A crop grown in Peru, maca powder has long been used as a natural source of energy, and is thought to help improve sexual function and low libido.

L-arginine: An amino acid used to enhance performance both physically and sexually, L-arginine helps the body produce nitric acid, which promotes blood flow to the extremities, including the penis.

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Test Worx Quality of Ingredients

Upon looking at the quality of Test Worx’s ingredients, the main issue is, we don’t have any dosing information.

While we don’t know the exact mix of ingredients used, there aren’t any major side effects associated with anything they’ve included. Tribulus terrestris, L-arginine and eurycoma longfolia are useful ingredients that are featured in a wide range of male enhancement products. We just can’t fairly assess this product when we don’t know the amounts of these active ingredients, as it may not be enough to yield any of the promised results.

Additionally, there have yet to be any clinical studies on this formulation as a whole unit. Because this is an herbal supplement, and therefore not evaluated by the FDA, there is no guarantee that this particular blend is safe for consumption.

Even safe herbal ingredients have the ability to interact with each other or other medications, so it’s best to talk to a medical professional before starting the 6-week supplement cycle per the Test Worx recommendation.

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The Price and Quality of Test Worx

Test Worx is sold for $57.95 on the official website, and a single bottle should last about 6 weeks. The site also offers the option of buying this product in a three-month bundle, which lowers the cost significantly —  $97.95 for three bottles. In terms of value, each pill only contains about a gram of the propriety blend of the above ingredients, which seems a bit low for the price. In addition to the website, Test Worx can be purchased from a handful of online shops like Bonanza, but it seems hard to find elsewhere or in any physical stores.

The Test Worx website offers a 100% money-back guarantee, and accept returns within 60 days of purchase with proper documentation. The product ships in discreet packaging within 48 hours of placing the order.

This formula does contain some effective ingredients, but without any information regarding how much of each is included, it’s hard to know whether each capsule contains enough to truly make a difference.

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Business of Test Worx

The name of the company that makes Test Worx is known as Superior Labs and their contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: (888) 708-5227

Address: 9921 Carmel Mountain Rd
San Diego, Ca 92129

Email: [email protected]

The official Test Worx has a contains a lot of information about how the product works to release bound testosterone, and the effects it has on the body, as well as a legitimate looking storefront featuring plenty of ways to get in touch with the company, if needed. While there is some useful information in the science section of the website, they don’t cite any actual data or the results from any clinical trials.

Though testosterone boosting supplements are not tested by the FDA, Test Worx is manufactured in a facility approved by the organization, which offers a level of safety we usually don’t see with these kinds of products.

Superior Labs offers free shipping on all orders and an unconditional, “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.

Based on the above information, it remains unclear whether or not Test Worx lives up to its claims, but there aren’t any glaring complaints against the company and its business practices.

Customer Opinions of Test Worx

Customer opinions of this product were largely negative. Here’s a look at what people had to say after trying Test Worx:

“With so many 5-star reviews, I though this would work. Ended up buy and using two bottles, and didn’t get any of the benefits.”

“Just finished the bottle and I didn’t feel any different at all. Thought I give this a try to give me a little boost but I didn’t see any results. This product did not work for me.”

“90% of the positive reviews seem to be fake. I used this product until the bottle was done, and then received a free bottle from the company. Took half of that, and still nothing.”

“Have not seen any results after 3 weeks. I’ve also had blood tested, and my doctor says there hasn’t been any increase in testosterone levels at all. Unfortunately, this seems like a waste.”

Most of the consumer feedback for Test Worx was negative, suggesting that there was little payoff for the amount of money spent on the product, as well as the time spent waiting for results. Most people did not notice any changes after using, even after taking the supplement for a couple months as suggested. Based on the feedback above, it seems like there are better options out there for men looking for penile growth.

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How Does Test Worx Compare?
  • Product Name
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  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Test Worx
  • 22/100
Conclusion – Does Test Worx Work?

As a male enhancement product, Test Worx contains some good ingredients that have been known to help boost sexual performance, increase desire and improve the ability to achieve an erection. However, claims from Dartford Kent that this supplement can actually increase penis size in just a few weeks seems exaggerated at best.

According to customer reviews for this product, many users felt some mild effects after taking this supplement, such as more defined muscles, a boost in energy, or the ability to work out a bit longer than usual. Unfortunately, these effects only last if the supplement is taken on a regular basis, as there were several reports that the effects had worn off after a week or so they had stopped taking. Test Worx is intended to work in three to four weeks’ time, so this may not be the best solution for men looking for a sexual boost right before an intimate encounter.

Because this formula is reasonably priced and contains ingredients like L-arginine and tribulus terrestris, Test Worx may be worth a try for men looking for a supplement to help alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Our main problem, is this product may have some misleading advertising. This product could very well lead to stronger erections and an improved libido, but any supplement that claims it can make the penis actually increase in size is likely using false advertising to generate sales.

After looking at several different products, out review experts have found the most effective male enhancement supplement out there is Viritenz. This sexual enhancement pill is made using a potent blend of herbal ingredients like ginseng, tongkat ali, maca root powder and L-arginine, and more which have been proven to be effective in men with sexual issues like low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Viritenz is made in an FDA-approved facility and is is subject to regular third-party evaluations to ensure the product is both safe and effective. To learn more about the benefits of Viritenz and how it can improve your sexual health, click on the link provided here.

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