Novedex XT Review (UPDATED 2021): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Novedex XT is a dietary supplement that claims to help the body increase testosterone levels in the body naturally. The makers of Novedex XT say this product reduces estrogen levels, which allows test levels to rise.

Novedex XT works by helping the body naturally produce testosterone. Novedex XT also works to maintain testosterone to cortisol ratios, which prevents the body from breaking down muscle tissue.

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Novedex XT Ingredients and Side Effects

Novedex XT contains only three key ingredients, which makes up a patent-pending formula, the makers of this product refer to as dianestrozole. Here’s a look at what’s inside this supplement.

3, 17- Keto-etiochol-triene 6, 17, Keto-etiocholeve-3-oltetrahydropyranol
3, 5, 7-Trihydroxy-4-Methoxyflavone

6, 17, Keto-etiocholeve-3-oltetrahydropyranol: A non-androgenic anti-aromatase compound that helps limit estrogen conversion and production in the body.

3, 17-Keto-etiochol-triene: Also known as ATD, this ingredient is used as an aromatase inhibitor, meaning it blocks the body’s production of estrogen. ATD, which is now illegal in the United States

  • According to the FDA, side effects associated with ATD may include infertility, liver problems and kidney failure, as well as increased aggression, lowered sperm counts, hair loss and more.

3, 5, 7-Trihydroxy-4-Methoxyflavone: A flavonoid commonly found in a variety of citrus fruits, this ingredient is used as an aromatase inhibitor.

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Novedex XT Quality of Ingredients

In looking at the ingredients of Novedex XT, it seems the key ingredients focus more on blocking the body’s natural production of estrogen, rather than boost the production of testosterone.

Unfortunately, because the product itself is hard to find, there isn’t much information regarding Novedex XT and what it is that makes it work. We don’t have access to the results of any clinical studies that may have been done, despite the manufacturer’s claims that there have been no reported side effects nor any adverse effects that showed up in clinical studies.

Additionally, it seems this product has been banned for the inclusion of ATD, a prohormone that has been linked to kidney and liver problems, among other side effects. In 2021, President Obama signed the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act, which makes it illegal to buy and sell prohormones.

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The Price and Quality of Novedex XT

Novedex XT appears to no longer be sold on the official website and may have been replaced with a product known as Nova-X, another testosterone booster made by this company. You can find this product on various websites that sell other male enhancement products for between $30 and $50 for a one-month supply, but because this product was banned a number of years ago, the safety of this product is questionable.

Again, while we appreciate the manufacturers have kept the list of ingredients rather short, it is almost exclusively made from anti-estrogen compounds, ingredients known for helping users build muscles and increase athletic performance.

The ingredient, ATD has been linked to some side effects that are troubling. Organ failure combined with the risk of hair loss and infertility seems like a high price to pay for more muscle gains.

The risk of adverse effects associated with ATD, and by extension, Novedex XT, has led us to the conclusion that there are a variety of solutions out there that will boost testosterone and overall energy and performance levels that are much safer. While you can no longer legally buy products made with ATD, it is probably best to avoid seeking it out.

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Business of Novedex XT

The name of the company that sells Novedex XT is known as Gaspari Nutrition, and their information is as follows:

Phone Number: 888-742-7727

Address: 6025 A Unity Drive

Norcross, GA 30071

The Gaspari Nutrition website looks professional, showcasing social media accounts and retailers that sell their products. The company was founded by Rick Gaspari, a professional bodybuilder who was well-known in the 1980s and 90s. He started his own supplement company in 1998, and has since been making products centered around bulking up and improving performance at the gym.

While the company webpage looks good now, Novedex XT has run into some trouble in the past, which has likely led to its discontinuation. A few years back, this product was recalled due to the presence of 3,17-keto-etiocholetriene, a key ingredient in the formulation. This ingredient, also known as ATD is linked to aggressive behavior, low sperm count, infertility and kidney and liver problems.

Overall, it seems like the makers of Novedex XT are currently operating legitimately with no major issues. However, you are probably better off looking for a product that is currently in production, rather than this one that may cause some dangerous side effects with use.

Customer Opinions of Novedex XT

Because this product has been banned, most of the reviews are a bit outdated. However, there were many reports of troubling side effects from the mild like acne or increased sweating, to aggression, changes in mood and hair loss. While Novedex XT does seem to produce many of the effects it promises, there are some clear downsides involved with taking this supplement.

“After taking Novedex, I noticed my skin was peeling on my hands and arms, kind of like popped blisters, and I feel like it’s caused me some pretty bad stomach cramps.”

“Overall, I think I generally have more energy, maybe some more strength, but I also feel more aggressive. I haven’t been working out as much lately, so not entirely sure of the effect.”

“Only noticeable effects I’ve seen is an increase in body heat and my hair is falling out. My libido seems to be about the same, and I don’t really feel stronger or more aggressive.”

“The only side effect I’ve seen from Novedex is that I’m hot all the time, and frequently wake up in the middle of the night. Also, my testicles started hurting after I started using this product.”

Reviews for Novedex XT were pretty consistent. A lot of men saw increases in strength, and along with it, some major shifts in mood. There wasn’t much evidence this product did much for libido or other sexual issues, so that remains an unknown.

Additionally, it seems the negative side effects are pretty unsavory. Some men reported noticeable hair loss after only taking this product for a short while. Others saw more acne, and many had upset stomachs that kept them out of the gym, defeating the purpose of the supplement to some extent.

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How Does Novedex XT Compare?
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  • Good Company Reputation
  • Novedex XT
  • 23/100
Conclusion – Does Novedex XTWork?

Based on the information outlined above, we cannot recommend Novedex XT as a viable solution for men looking for an increase in testosterone levels.

While most people will have trouble finding this substance, due to the ban a few years back, there may be some bottles circulating online. We’d strongly advise looking for something else, either an herbal test booster or a prescription for testosterone if something stronger is required.

Aside from the clear dangers of taking ATD, this product may lessen male virility, which is a strong selling point for other testosterone boosters. The main benefit of this product is to increase the production of muscles, while shortening recovery time after lifting or working out. There are no sexual benefits associated with this product, and consumers may feel more aggressive after using rather than more energized.

Additionally, while Gaspari Nutrition has appeared to take steps toward amending the misstep that was selling Novedex XT to the public (this product was made before selling ADT was illegal), we’d advise looking elsewhere for male enhancement or testosterone-boosting supplements, as there are other companies out there who have not been involved in a ban of this scale.

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