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What is it?

Penomet is a penis pump that relies on water to create the vacuum effect. Like most penis pumps, Penomet is designed to help users gain length and girth with regular use.

Penomet is designed to be used in or out of the water, and claims it’s unique AquaPressure system makes the penis bigger within 15 minutes. Penomet claims that in addition to size increases, this device can help treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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Penomet Side Effects

Because Penomet is a device, rather than a male enhancement supplement, it does not contain any ingredients that will make the user ill. However, there are some risks associated with using Penomet, or similar devices. Here’s a quick look at some of the side effects that may occur with use.

  • The sensation of semen being trapped inside the penis. Basically, you might feel as though semen won’t come out when you ejaculate, or ejaculation may be painful.
  • Pain or bruising with use, as well as numbness or cold skin where the device was used. If numbness occurs, it’s best to stop using the device and wait for normal feeling to return.
  • Bleeding directly beneath the surface of the skin, causing small, pinprick-like red dots to appear.

Additionally, penis pumps may not be safe for those suffering from blood-related conditions like sickle cell anemia, as pumps like Penomet may increase the risk of a blood clot.

If you’re taking any medications that thin the blood, Penomet, or any other penis pump may increase the risk of bleeding.

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Penomet Quality

Beyond a few reviews, it’s hard to find information from people who have used Penomet, though as far as quality is concerned, it seems there have been some reports of the device not working after a year or less. The site promises a lifetime warranty, though unfortunately, it seems the makers of this product have not been consistent in honoring the policy they put into place.

Based on the lack of information we have about Penomet, it’s hard to make a judgement on whether or not this is better or worse than other penis enlargement pumps. It poses the same risks as similar products, like bruising, numbness or unusual sensations, however, most people using a product like this won’t have too many issues should they follow the directions.

The main cylindrical part of the Penomet is made from polycarbonate plastics (the site claims they are the toughest plastics on the planet), while the part that does the pumping (known as gaiters) are made from medical grade silicon. The pump comes with different gaiters that provide different levels of force.

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The Price and Quality of Penomet

Penomet is sold through the official website, and there are a few different models to choose from. The lowest cost model starts at $169 (though its currently marked down to $127), while the premium model retails for $457 (currently marked down to $297).

The lowest priced Penomet comes with one gaiter and an exercise guide, while the others add increasingly more gaiters, cleaning foam and more to the package. It’s not clear whether the various gaiters are worth the extra cost.

In terms of quality, again, it’s hard to assess whether Penomet is worth the cost. The lowest priced models is offered at a fairly reasonable price, but the more add-ons included in the package, the more expensive the product gets. We weren’t able to find many reviews, so it’s hard to say whether the extra gaiters were helpful or just a way to get more money from the consumer.

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Business of Penomet

The company that makes Penomet is also known as Penomet, and their contact information is as follows:

Phone: 800-350-3344

Address: 2625 S 600 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

The Penomet website does contain a lot of good information regarding how the product works, as well as what users can expect when using the device.

Unfortunately, the website has some navigation issues. For example, if you click the contact page, you can’t leave the area and go back to the home page.

While Penomet does not have an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, the company does have an F rating with the organization, due to six complaints about the product and business practices.

Here’s a look at what people have said after dealing with this company:

“This company lied about the length of the warranty. I got this just over a year ago, and it stopped working. Customer service would not return, claiming the warranty only lasts a year, despite the fact the site says 3 years.”

“Company failed to mail product after 14 days. Asked for refund and they said they were unable to do so, saying they had no refund department, and they couldn’t tell me when or if my order would ship.”  

Overall, it seems that there are some risks involved in doing business with Penomet. With numerous people not receiving the product, the issues in navigating the website, and the lack of customer reviews, we’d recommend going with a different device if you’re in the market for a penis pump.

Customer Opinions of Penomet

Based on the customer reviews we found for this product, it seems people had vastly different experiences while using Penomet. Many people felt the side effects were too much, while others felt that a little discomfort was worth the benefit of building muscles and gaining strength in a relatively short period of time. Here’s a look at what past users had to say:

“This product really did work. After a couple months, my penis grew a couple of inches, which is really pretty great. One thing I did also notice, it I’m always ready to have sex after use — an added benefit I didn’t really expect.”

“I do manual penis exercises every day for 20 minutes, and then I use my pump for another 30 minutes. After a month of this routine, I still haven’t seen any results. Nothing when I’m flaccid or erect. It’s frustrating.”

“Penomet is not great. I thought it would be similar to the Hydromax or the Bathmate, but the gaiters were really bad. They leak and don’t hang on the the pressure at all.”

“I’ve been using Penomet daily for about two months now. It seems like its provided some extra length, but it’s hard to know if its permanent. It’s worth noting that sometimes the water leaks. Aside from that, I’m pretty happy.”

Reviews for Penomet were somewhat difficult to find. There were a number of people commenting on blogs, but it was hard to find the kind of independent reviews where people reviewed more about their experience, and the extent of the results they saw after using this product for a while.

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How Does Penomet Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Penomet
  • 41/100
Conclusion – Does Penomet Work?

Based on the information outlined above, it is unclear whether or not Penomet in permanently increasing penis size. While a device is a good alternative to trying to stimulate growth through using a supplement, they do require a large time commitment, as well as the specific set of skills needed in order to produce the desired results.

Aside from the complaints filed on the Better Business Bureau webpage, it was hard to find many unbiased reviews about Penomet. Since there’s no formula to evaluate with a device, reviews are really the only way of gaining insight into whether or not this product works. The few reviews we were able to locate suggested that sometimes the pump leaks, which could be a problem, given this company hasn’t been consistent with their return policy or guarantee.

Ultimately, not enough information regarding the efficacy of Penomet is available to the public, and for that reason, we recommend looking at a different product with demonstrated claims and plenty of reviews.

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