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Dietspotlight Boost is a testosterone boosting supplement used to enhance T levels naturally with its studied ingredients. Information about this brand is limited due to its lack of reviews, though they do offer all the necessary details to review it.

The side benefits of increased testosterone include better sexual performance, more libido, passion, and vitality according to the company website. They require 3 capsules on an empty stomach once in the morning daily, and for pre-workouts they advise using the same dosing 30 to 45 minutes before. Our research made it clear what the best all-around male enhancement brand is, and we rated Viritenz as being the most effective. The effects weren’t just for sexual enhancement, but also for improving overall male vigor and testosterone. To read more information on what made Viritenz the top rated brand, click here.

Dietspotlight Boost Ingredients and Side Effects


Tribulis Terrestris Fenugreek Seed Extract (Testofen) Coleus Forskohlii Milk Thistle Digestive Proteolytic Blend
Alpha Lipoic Acid Horny Goat Weed Eurycoma Longifolia Extract Black Pepper Extract  

Tribulus Terrestris: A traditional plant used to help decrease infertility, boost athletic function, and support healthy circulation. This also has an impact on libido and overall sexual health, making it a popular addition to male enhancement supplements.

Fenugreek Seed Extract (Testofen): A patented version of the herb fenugreek which is often used to increase testosterone. Lawsuits were filed against the company that patented this ingredient due to claims that they exaggerated the benefits.

Coleus Forskohlii: Testosterone boosting herb that is also used for fat burning. This was used in Ayurvedic medicine though recent scientific studies are lacking according to Examine who adds:

“still being researched”

Though it appears that some research says it might be useful, it’s clearly not enough to know for certain what kinds of results this can have, if any.

Milk Thistle: A common herb often used for fighting liver disease, reducing cholesterol, and improving heart health. It’s unknown why this is included. The official Dietspotlight Boost website says that fighting liver disorders is:

“exactly the reason (this is added) to Boost”

This raises further questions as to why they felt there needed to be liver protection. It may mean that this supplement may have potentially damaging effects to the liver when taken alone. There needs to be further explanation to highlight exactly why they felt it necessary to include this to the mix.

Digestive Proteolytic Blend: A mixture of various digestive enzymes including bromelain, protease, papain, and peptidase. This is added to help increase the absorption of the rest of the ingredients but digestive enzymes aren’t truly needed as the body creates its own.

A review by talked to a nutritionist who admitted that the

“benefits of digestive enzymes is lacking”

You’d only need to take these kinds of ingredients if you’re unable to produce your own enzymes.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: A kind of antioxidant that is naturally within many foods. This can be used to help support the immune system and protect the body from damage.

Eurycoma Longifolia Extract: Aphrodisiac plant that was traditionally used to increase libido and reduce erectile dysfunction. Popular and often added to supplements like this due to its reliable potential benefits.

Black Pepper Extract: Natural herb that increases the absorption of the rest of the ingredients. It has no other purpose but to boost digestion.

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Dietspotlight Boost Quality of Ingredients

There are some decent ingredients in this, most notably Tribulus Terrestris and Eurycoma Longifolia, but it’s not enough to satisfy real male enhancement support. Worse yet, there are some unnecessary ingredients in this which have no impact on male enhancement such as milk thistle and the proteolytic blend.

This blend is intended to increase the usefulness of the other ingredients, but it’s also unnecessary unless the user has a serious medical condition.

The fact they added Testofen is also cause for concern, as there were multiple lawsuits filed against the company for making unproven health claims about this ingredient.

Overall it’s too basic of a supplement to expect many benefits from it.

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The Price and Quality of Dietspotlight Boost

For a 30 day supply each bottle is sold for $79.95. It’s important to keep in mind that although they advertise a 120 day money back guarantee, many said they were denied even though some never used the bottle, and they sent it during the allowed time.

The proteolytic blend and the black pepper only serve to raise the cost and they’re not truly necessary. There’s also unneeded milk thistle which has no impact on male enhancement, also raising the cost unnecessarily.

There are some decent ingredients in this, but it’s clearly not enough to justify the high cost. There ae brands which have the basic useful ingredients in this with much more added to it to improve the quality. This is far too pricy for what you’re getting; there is no need to pay around $80 for a single month long supply of mostly common ingredients.

This isn’t added in a significant enough amount to consider it actively useful enough for male enhancement.

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Business of Dietspotlight Boost

They are owned by Green Bracket LLC and their contact information is:

Phone Number: (855) 246-1336

Address: Unknown

Email:[email protected]

Their return policy is set for 120 days as long as it is not:

“overly used”

They do not make it clear what they mean by this, as this can be interpreted in many different ways which voids the guarantee.

They don’t offer much information about themselves on their official website, and after reviewing them it became clear why. They have 93 total complaints on the Better Business Bureau, and a total 12 negative reviews. People complained that the free trial was a “scam”, and that the false advertising locked them into a monthly contract.

A common problem was that people received a bottle, never used it, retuned it within the allowed time, yet they were still denied a return. Repeatedly people use the word scam to describe their subscription service. With these many common complaints it seems likely that there is a serious issue. You can read multiple different experiences of people who were greatly unsatisfied and who felt cheated out of money.

It’s because of all these issues why the official website likely failed to mention many details about where they are based out of. No address is cited and they fail to give much of an explanation into their business standards.

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Customer Opinions of Dietspotlight Boost

There are very few reviews we found online, unfortunately there were only three at the time of this review:

“Felt better after a week”

“less fatigued”

“improved my weight lifting”

With such few reviews to go on it’s impossible to say if this would lead to a reliable effect. The amount of negative feedback about the business practices is enough to cause major concern about the overall quality of this product, as no business should resort to auto-billing if their product is truly good.

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How Does Dietspotlight Boost Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Dietspotlight Boost
  • 51/100
Conclusion – Does Dietspotlight Boost Work?

Dietspotlight Boost is full of too many problems to consider it an effective enough supplement. To summarize, the price is high, some of the ingredients do not have an impact on male enhancement and the company admits it, there are issues with the money back guarantee wording, few have reviewed it, and many said the company is untrustworthy. The last issue is the telling as so many people said they were scammed out of money, and that they were placed on auto-billing without their consent.

The only useful ingredients in this are often used in other brands which have a lot more to offer since they use well-rounded ingredients. Because they word their money back guarantee in a way where it can be interpreted in many ways, it also makes it possible that they would deny returns based off of their own understanding.

The male enhancement brand we saw had the greatest potential for noticeable results was Viritenz. It’s unique in that it can provide an all-natural improvement of energy, blood flow, stamina, and overall erection strength with studies ingredients.

The ingredients are all backed by research from many various clinical studies, and they’re easy to take since they work with the body without any stimulants. There’s also the dedication to high quality manufacturing that the company follows through their GMP certification. If you’d like to get the specifics behind Viritenz we recommend clicking this link.

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