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100% Male a male enhancement supplement intended to increase sexual performance within 30 days. More sex drive, stamina, and safe and effective results are all claimed.

Their all-natural formula is touted as being backed by a reliable scientific study. They highlight one this clinical review by stating how 97.4% of users had an improvement in overall sexual function by using it for 30 days straight. The added aphrodisiacs are said to be used traditionally as a way to enhance overall virility and sexual health.

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No full supplements facts list is provided on the official website, and it’s unknown if there is anything else added other than the 7 mentioned ingredients. No dosage strength is offered for the following known ingredients:

Gokhru Fruit Safed Musli Kawach Kali Musli
Gokulakanta Ashwagandha Shilajit

Gokhru Fruit:  Known more commonly as Tribulus Terrestris, an Ayurvedic herb used to help increase libido and virility in men. This has also been used effectively as a way to prevent infertility, support athletic function, and increase cardiovascular health.

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Safed Musli: Herbal aphrodisiac and adaptogen used to help the body adapt to stress and increase erection strength. Research is insufficient in humans and Web MD questions its safety by adding there is:

“not enough information”

Kawach: Mucuna pruriens is a legume native to Africa and Asia which is used to improve blood flow, mood, and support brain health. For male enhancement this can be used to help support healthy orgasms and libido.

Kali Musli: Roots of an herb that are used to prevent STD’s and improve libido in men. This is used in Ayurvedic practices as a natural medicine.  Information about its safety and effectiveness is lacking.

Gokulakanta: A plant used in Ayurvedic medicine in order to [prevent jaundice and anemia. Little is known of its use and it’s unknown whether or not it would be safe to use.

Shilajit: A mixture of minerals used in Ayurvedic practices as a way to improve cell health and support overall wellness. This does have vitamins and amino acids, but studies are lacking to know what kind of benefit they may have.

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Most of the known ingredients can help improve male libido. The main issue is that there’s no way to know if they add it in safe and effective amounts. No information on the total dosage strength or if anything else is added is known.

There has to be more information provided in order for our review team to determine the overall quality.  Many of these additives are also lacking sufficient studies, which is why trusted sites like Web MD have said there is either no way to determine safety and usefulness of things like Safed Musli, Shilajit, and Kali Musli.

On the official website there is a notice which says that the ingredients have been used for thousands of years, while this may be true, it is no indication of the overall quality of use of these additives. The studies are lacking and there are far too many questions to know for certain if this can be relied upon.

They also do not add any information about the inactive ingredients, so it’s unknown if any fillers or cheap unwanted additives of any kind are used.

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They offer a 30 day trial which bills consumers $119.90 after 30 days, and which extends into an auto-renewal plan with 2 bottles every 60 days for the same price, but with $9.95 shipping and handling.

This price can be broken down to $3.99 a day for daily use, which is extremely high for a supplement with these kinds of ingredients.

They do provide a clinical study that was performed on a few ingredients added to 100% Male, but there are also 2 added ingredients not added to this which were included in the study. It also concluded with the need for:

“Further studies”

This is in order to determine what the right amount should be and how it works. Neither of which have been proven by the company.  This means that even their own published study determined that there needs to be more scientific trials run in order to determine for certain what is possible.

Outside reviews have been equally as unfavorable, since there is a complete lack of data to know what can be expected with many of these additives.

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Their company name is 100% Male LLC and to reach them they offer the following:

Phone: (800) 221-0512

Email: Contact form is offered.

The terms and conditions states that if the free trial is accepted consumers are accepting the auto-renewal plan, and that it is the customers duty to cancel. If credit card information is changed or billing is not up to date, a pay-by-check plan is activated.

The company warns that after this period if there is no timely payment that the account:

“may be sent for collection”

They also outline the fact that any and all legal disputes are to be settled in arbitration, and that no class action lawsuit is possible, which is a rare clause that companies use to escape legal issues.

Unfortunately their return section says that those interested should look at the return policy instructions. They fail to mention where to find this however. The bottom portion of their page has a “Guarantee” listing but when you click it, it does not lead anywhere.

The complete lack of important details and the questionable auto-renewal plan makes it difficult to trust the company. By doing business with them if customers do not cancel, it may result in being continuously billed for product since the terms and conditions outlines a binding contract. Click here for male enhancement brands which our review experts rated as being the year’s best.


At the time of this review there are no published reviews from consumers. Without any reliable opinions found online it’s impossible to know for certain whether or not this can be relied upon for either short-term or long-term benefits, and it’s not known if it will be safe to use.

Typically even a handful of reviews are available on even new supplements. The only reviews are a few testimonials on the official website, but outside of this, no other consumers had anything to say. This may be reliable but when a supplement has zero reviews on any other website, it raises concerns that it is unpopular for a reason.

Many great claims are made about its use but it is difficult to know for certain if this can be relied upon. Everything outside of the official website shows that the ingredients are untested, it’s not popular, and it’s unknown if this can be a reliable supplement.

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How Does 100% Male Compare?
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  • Quality Ingredients
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  • 100% Male
  • 34/100

The big problem with 100% Male is the lack of a supplements facts list and the lack of consumer reviews. Without knowing how much of each ingredient is used, and whether or not there are additional additives, there is no way to know for certain what can be expected. The company also has a very questionable auto-renewal plan which is the consumer’s responsibility to cancel, and they only allow for these kinds of sales with no direct one time purchases offered.  They fail to publish their address and little is known about the company outside of their website. Because of all this confusion there are doubts on whether or not they can be trusted.

Our review experts have determined that the overall best male enhancement supplement of the year is Viritenz. This brand can help improve energy levels, vitality, libido, sex drive, and overall confidence in men. The way it works is through its all-natural, high dosage strength ingredients which have all been reviewed in 3rd party studies.

Many positive testimonials are offered as well, and consumers consistently saw improvements. The creators produce it in a facility approved by the FDA to verify that the quality is consistent. To read our review on Viritenz and to see what it can offer towards male enhancement, click this link.

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