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ArthroActive is a joint health supplement used to reduce inflammation and pain while regenerating cartilage. 8 natural ingredients are used which are claimed to help support flexibility and overall joint function.

They claim that all that is needed are 2 tablets daily on an empty stomach with water. No side effects have been found in the customers who have taken this thus far, and they add that it uses great ingredients made in a facility approved by the FDA.  Consumer reviews as well as an easy to understand breakdown of each ingredient is offered on their official website.

Many brands were examined and when it comes to joint health, Flexitrinol was our preferred supplement of the year. A review of it showed its high dosage strength formula and numerous rave reviews. Learn more about Flexitrinol and what it can offer by examining reviews and the ingredients list provided here.


The supplements facts reveal the following ingredients:

Glucosamine Sulfate Boswellia Extract Chondroitin Sulfate Turmeric
Quercetin Methionine MSM Bromelain

Glucosamine Sulfate: A standard joint health ingredient that is almost universally used in supplements used to treat arthritis conditions. The human body is naturally composed of it, in particular within the fluid that surrounds the joints. It can help provide a cushioning effect, it may build a structure to the ligaments tendons, and cartilage.

People suffering from osteoarthritis and related conditions will often take this a way to find relief.

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Boswellia Extract: An herbal exact that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine in order to help reduce inflammation, and to provide relief in those suffering from osteoarthritis. It is taken from the resin of a tree.

Web MD considers this to be


This is when taken appropriately for up to a 6 month period. Some side effects are possible, however, and it may include:

  • Nausea, stomach pain, and digestive related issues.

Turmeric: A yellow spice that is used commonly in curries. It is supplemented for many reasons including to help relieve inflammation and swelling.

Likely side effect free when taken appropriately in most, it does have the potential to cause side effects in some:

  • Dizziness, upset stomach, and diarrhea.

Methionine: A essential amino acid that the body requires in certain amounts in order to help regulate cell function. This is commonly used to prevent liver damage in acetaminophen overdose.

Large amounts taken for a long period may lead to side effects:

  • Brian damage, heart disease, and death.

MSM: A commonly used chemical that is used to help prevent arthritis symptoms. It is well-studied and regarded in certain clinical studies as a way to help provide relief from common arthritis conditions.

Bromelain: Naturally sourced enzyme that is found in pineapple. This is used to help reduce inflammation and to prevent muscle soreness after a strenuous workout.  Web MD states that side effects may result including:

  • Diarrhea, upset stomach, and allergies.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven joint pain pill such as Flexitrinol for better results.


It’s common fair for ingredients like this to be used in a joint health supplement. Both glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate are often found in even the most basic formulas because they have studies to support their use.

The added MSM and methionine are also found which both are popular. There are some healthy flavonoids in quercetin which can reduce inflammation. Turmeric is also added for the same purpose and it is likely safe for most when used appropriately.

What’s sorely lacking in this are vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Not only are all 3 versions of this well-regarded for general health, but they can also help prevent many of the common joint health issues. Fatty acids, in particular, are very important for joint health, and they are well-regarded because of this.

The formula is far too basic and much like many other joint health supplements that it raises doubts about its use.

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Direct sales from the official website are offered at different price ranges depending on the amount selected:

  • A one month supply for $38.99 plus $5.95 shipping.
  • 2 month supply for $59.49 and free shipping.
  • 3 month supply for $81.87 and free shipping

They add that shipments occur within 24 hours of purchase and that it is bet supplemented by users 45 to 70 years or more. This can also be used as a preventive measure to help prevent future complications which can result from achy and stiff joints.

This brand is fairly generic and many other joint health brands often have the exact same formula though with varying dosage strength. While it can help provide relief, it’s also not impressive in any way that would make it more suitable than a standard brand.

It is good that they only make it with natural ingredients and without stimulants, but this too is a common trait with joint health brands. It’s hard to justify the price when other brands reviewed sell for either less, or are more highly rated by consumers.

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The company name is Cellular Research Institute and they can be reached by contacting the following:

Their contact information is:

Phone Number: (855) 237-3339

Address: 8152 S. Welby Park Dr.

West Jordan, UT 84088

Email: A direct contact form is offered including an email [email protected]

A refund within 120 days of purchase is offered as long as the bottle is sent back alongside the order ID and name of the recipient. Their FAQ states that no auto-bill program is offered and that all sales are per customer’s discretion.

For unknown reasons, their contact information has details about their Utah location, but the supplements facts list shoes what the company is based out of Nevada. It’s unknown if this means that their shipment facility is different, or if they have since relocated to Utah.

There have not been any notable controversies from any 3rd party websites, however, so at the very least there are no published issues.

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Here are some reviews we found of ArthroActive on various websites:

“Nothing real unique about it, it just didn’t work for me I saw no changes”

“After struggling with arthritis this really helped me feel a lot better”

“Made sure to take it as directed but I didn’t notice an improvement in my joint pain. I know it’s maybe not intended for that but I expected some change”

“Made it really better for me, my back has been experiencing issues but this actually helped”

Most of the reviews were positive, though some were disappointed to find that they did not experience any changes at all. There were also some who rated it highly though oddly enough they admitted they were awaiting results, so this inflates the number of positive stars which were seen on

Those that did enjoy the effects said it helped them be more active, and that it didn’t cause any side effects or uncomfortable symptoms.

Our specially crafted top 10 list highlights the year’s top-ranked joint health supplements as seen by our review team.

How Does ArthroActive Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • ArthroActive
  • 32/100

This brand does have natural ingredients and many of these additives can help with flexibility and joint renewal. They add common additives like glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as other anti-inflammatory aids. What’s lacking most is that it only used a few ingredients with many provided at only 17 mg per serving. The company is also not well-known, so it’s undetermined at this point whether or not they can be trusted. No studies are provided to show how it can promote cartilage regeneration and joint healing, which makes it impossible to verify if they actually did any research on these additives.

Our number 1 reviewed joint health supplement is Flexitrinol. This supplement offers a wide array of healthy ingredients like fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals which are shown in 3rd party studies as ways to help joint function and overall joint rejuvenation.

The reviews from consumers were greatly favorable, with many noticing a great improvement in their movement and overall range of motion. This supplement is top-ranked and we considered it the best of the year due to its high dosage formula, rave reviews, and company reliability. More information is available about Flexitrinol and its benefits through the link cited here.

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