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Joint Advance is a dietary supplement that is designed to support and maintain the health of the user’s joints. The product also states that it utilizes natural ingredients that can maintain and improve the joint’s mobility.

Joint Advance states that it is ahead of all the joint supplements on the market because it features so many all-natural and herbal ingredients. We tasked our review experts with evaluating the countless joint supplements on the market now, and they found that the best available brand was Flexitrinol. It was judged to be the best because of its potent and balanced blend of ingredients including MSM and Fish Oil, and a strong consumer response. If you want to learn more about what Flexitrinol can do for you and your joints, then just click here.

Joint Advance Ingredients and Side Effects

The website for Joint Advance does not provide even a partial list of ingredients, nor discuss them anywhere on their main site, from what we could tell. We were able to track down a list of the ingredients elsewhere, but unfortunately, we do not know the specific dosage information for each one. This should make potential consumers wary, because they should be fully informed as to what they are putting into their bodies.

MSM Chondroitin Sulfate White Willow Bark
Glucosamine HCL Ginger

MSM: A chemical that is found in animals, plants, and humans, it is taken to treat a variety of maladies and conditions. Most often it is used to treat osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, join pain and inflammation, tendinitis, muscle cramps, scar tissue, and swelling. It can also be used to treat allergies, constipation, ulcers, and bowel disease. It works by supplying sulfur that allows the body to make other chemicals that in turn treat the issues the body is facing.

Chondroitin Sulfate: A chemical that generally found in the cartilage that surrounds joints within the body, it is usually derived from animal cartilage, like that is found in cows or sharks. The ingredient is used primarily to treat osteoarthritis, but can also be used to treat conditions such as heart disease, acid reflux, weak bones, HIV/AIDS, and muscle soreness. It functions to slow the breakdown of cartilage that surrounds the joints of the user. Our review experts have created a list of the highest rate joint supplements that you can purchase now.

Glucosamine HCL: An amino sugar that occurs naturally within the human body, but can also be found in seashells or made in a lab. It is used to treat several different disorders, such as glaucoma, join pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. The body uses it to form a cushion around the joints, allowing them to absorb more damage to the area without taking a toll on the actual joint.

Ginger: Derived from a plant that is common to warmer areas of the world, the leaves and root can be used to make medicine and in food. Most often it is utilized to treat stomach issues, such as an upset stomach, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, and motion sickness. It also can provide pain relief to conditions like arthritis, menstrual cramps, headaches, bronchitis, and diabetes.

White Willow Bark: Derived from the willow tree, the bark is used to create medicine. It is known to function much like aspirin in that is can be taken to treat pains such as headaches, muscles pains, cramps, arthritis, gout, and joint pain. Additionally, it has been used to treat the flu, the common cold, and to aid in weight loss. Unfortunately, there are some potential negative side effects that can come with long term use of the product, such as:

  • Upset stomach, itching, and rash.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven joint pain pill such as Flexitrinol for better results.

Joint Advance Quality of Ingredients

The product utilizes some quality ingredients such as MSM, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin, all of which have been studied and shown to be effective is treating and protecting joints from damage, while also improving the cartilage that surrounds the joints. Ginger is a less commonly used ingredient, but it does feature an ability to treat pain that comes from arthritis and could be beneficial in theory. We are a bit concerned about White Willow Bark, which is known for being similar to aspirin, but when taken over an extended period of time can cause some negative side effects.

What concerns us most is that the manufacturer does not provide any substantial ingredient information on its own, and everything we found had to be tracked down elsewhere. That means we do not know if this is the full range of ingredients and also don’t know the dosage information for any of the ingredients, making it difficult to predict their effectiveness.

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The Price and Quality of Joint Advance

The manufacturer’s website does not list a specific price anywhere. Instated they continually offer their free trial which states that the user can try the product risk free for up to 90 days. On the main page of the site they ask for your contact information and state that they are going to rush your order when completed.

This sort of approach to selling a product should always make potential consumers wary. When a company will not offer the opportunity to buy their product outright, and instead relies on just promoting it through offers that sound too good to be true it usually is, and it often a sign that they don’t have the confidence that product will be able to perform well enough to sell itself. The free trial approach often leads to the consumer being enrolled an auto-renewal program that charges them the full price of the product once the trial ends.

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Business of Joint Advance

The name of the manufacturer of the product is Joint Health Formula, and they offer limited contact information through their website:

Address: No physical address is provided.

Phone Number: (818) 303-9260

Email: No email address is provided.

While researching to company there was not much substantial information that could be located. On their site, they state that they were founded in 2002 and produce several different premium health and wellness products, though no other products are mentioned on this particular site. They manufacturer does not appear to have a page with the Better Business Bureau, and they are not currently involved in any lawsuits or litigation that has been made public.

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Customer Opinions of Joint Advance

Here are some consumer reviews we were able to locate online:

“I suffer from a serious hip issue and this product did not help me at all.”

“Didn’t do anything for me or my joints. Frankly it seemed like a placebo.”

“I haven’t seen many results yet after using it for a couple of weeks.”

“It helped with my pain some, but didn’t provide as much relief as I was hoping for.”

There were only a limited amount of consumer reviews for this product that were available online, as it seems its Amazon page has been defunct for quite some time.

In general, the reviews were mixed as some consumers stated that they found relief using the product, while others stated that they felt it was a waste of money.

How Does Joint Advance Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Joint Advance
  • 34/100

Joint Advance utilizes a handful of potentially effective ingredients within its formula, and therefore it does have the potential to provide some relief to users suffering from joint pain. Alternately, the amount of ingredients that we know of it limited, and they do not provide much relevant information, or any information really, about how their product works.

The lack of information in general that is provided by the manufacturer is troubling. There is only one method of contact provided, a phone number, and there is no ingredient information provided whatsoever, which leaves the user in the dark as to what they may be putting into their bodies. Furthermore, the fact that the product site does not display a clear price and instead pushes a 90-day free trial is almost never a good thing and is often used to get the consumer to unknowingly sign up for an auto-renewal system.

We have a team of review experts and they found that Flexitrinol I the most effective joint supplement on the market now. It is made with natural ingredients, that are clearly listed, and have been tested for their effectiveness. Their high rating is back up by positive consumer reviews from users who have seen an improvement in their joints and overall well-being.

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