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 What is it?

Rock Hard Weekend is a male enhancement product used that promises to deliver an increase in sexual stamina and performance for up to 36 hours. The manufacturer claims this product is all-natural and free from side effects.

Rock Hard Weekend’s main function is to boost sex drive in users, with its key ingredients coming from a blend of aphrodisiacs like epimedium, tribulus terrestris and more. The manufacturers also mention Rock Hard Weekend is a safe and effective way to boost natural testosterone levels while promoting blood flow to the penis, resulting in firmer, longer lasting erections. They also claim the supplement leads to improved sex drive, performance and stamina.

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Rock Hard Weekend Ingredients and Side Effects

It is unclear why, but the official Rock Hard Weekend website has failed to provide a comprehensive listing of the ingredients used in the formulation.

After doing a quick search online, another customer has listed the ingredients in the supplement. However, we can’t be entirely sure the ingredients are accurate or up-to-date.

Tribulus Terrestris Epimedium Extract Huanarpo Macho Bark Chuchuhusai bark
Niacin Long Jack Root Extract Maya Root Extract Rutaecarpine Root Extract

Epimedum: A supplement also known as “Horny Goat Weed,” epimedium is a common ingredient found in a number of male enhancement products. According to WebMD, side effects associated with epimedium may include the following:

  • Dizziness, dry mouth, vomiting, and nosebleeds.
  • Fever, muscle spasms and fever.

Tribulus Terrestris: A fruit-bearing plant that hails from the Mediterranean, tribulus terrestris is used as a booster for both sexual and athletic performance.

Long Jack Root Extract: used to boost the amount of sexual hormones present in the blood. Most of the time, these hormones are inactive, and need to be released in order to promote healthy levels in males over 40.

  • In high doses, long jack root may lead to irritability increased body temperature, aggression and insomnia.

Maya Root Extract: Herb thought to boost male virility and overall sexual performance.

Huanarpo Macho Bark: A natural aphrodisiac used to treat sexual dysfunction in males.

There is little known information about the potential side effects associated with huanarpo macho.

Chuchuhusai bark: Sometimes used as a natural pain reliever, this herb doesn’t have any aphrodisiac properties, so it’s unclear why its included in the formulation.

Niacin: Amino acid used for maintaining nitic oxide and blood flow levels. Niacin opens up blood vessels, which can help produce erections. It can also lead to the release of insulin. According to WebMD side effects associated with niacin include the following:

  • Itching under the skin.
  • Redness, warm skin, or tingling.
  • Sweating, chills, nausea and diarrhea.
  • Insomnia.

 Rutaecarpine Root Extract: An uncommon remedy used to improve sexual virility. Rutaecarpine is also used treat a number of ailments from headaches to stomach problems, as well as more serious issues like heart failure or cancer.

Though little is known about this ingredient and any potential side effects, rutaecarpine counteracts the effects of caffeine.

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Rock Hard Weekend Quality of Ingredients

As mentioned above, the main issue with the ingredients is that the manufacturer makes it extremely difficult to find any official list of product ingredients. The website describes the formula as being “all-natural” and “side effect-free,” however, without any information available for review, those claims remain largely unsubstantiated.

Ingredients like niacin and tribulus terrestris have been shown to improve sexual performance and drive in users, but without a clear idea of what the formula looks like it can be hard to guess whether the supplement provides a sufficient dose.

Provided this ingredient list is accurate, many of the ingredients listed have been unproven in treating sexual dysfunction in users.

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The Price and Quality of Rock Hard Weekend

The price for a single 3 dose packet of Rock Hard Weekend is $18.99, and an 8-count supply retails for $29.99. This supplement is priced higher than other male enhancement solutions on the market, clocking in around $4-6 a pill depending on the quantity. The company does offer a free sample to new customers, it only includes one capsule and you’ll still need to pay for shipping.

While ingredients like epimedium and tribulus have been shown to be effective in producing erections in users, the mix of herbs without extensive research backing them may make for a potentially dangerous mixture, resulting in serious side effects.

Rock Hard Weekend can be found in a number of retail stores from convenience markets to pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS, but that doesn’t mean it’s a reliable or effective product.

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Business of Rock Hard Weekend

The name of the company is Rock Hard Labs and their contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: (800) 562-0543

Email:  [email protected]

Address: Atlanta, Georgia

The official website mentions a money back guarantee is offered, but they fail to add the specific details on how to secure a refund. Sometimes companies will have a restocking fee or only allow returns for certain purchases.

Rock Hard Labs is not Better Business Bureau accredited, and is listed on the FDA website on the Tainted Sexual Enhancement page due to a recall back in 2021. The recall was due to an undeclared ingredient known as Sildenafil, which requires a prescription. The company has reformulated the supplement since then, but does not disclose the official formula.

There were also other claims listed on both Rip Off and Complaints for false claims.

Here are some quotes from users:

“Don’t expect them them to be in business too much longer.  All of my friends confirmed the same thing.  Stay away!  You have been warned”

“Only 2 of the 10 pills that we had actually worked.”

“my account has been debited even though I have not received anything”

“The guy on the other line argued with me and did not allow me a refund”

Judging from the overwhelming customer reviews, it’s clear that there have been many issues with automatic charges, the money back return, and professionalism of the customer service people.

People were often frustrated and told they would be credited a refund, only to find weeks later that their account was still charged the same balance. It’s unclear how people are to contact the company as many claim that they often don’t respond back to calls or emails.

Customer Opinions of Rock Hard Weekend

It is extremely difficult to find any customer reviews on online. After a bit of digging we found most consumers reported they were unhappy with the results. Here’s what people are saying:

“Roughly 5 minutes into sex, I get this painful knot in my stomach. It felt as though I ate too many hot peppers, and lasted for more than two hours.”

“What I thought was going to be a nice evening evolved into major stomach problems, making my sexual performance much worse than before.”

Of the available reviews, most users ended up experiencing similar side effects. While there were some reports of erections, as promised, many users experienced gas, nausea and general discomfort.

Nausea and vomiting were often experienced by customers and this is likely due to the niacin, which can cause burning sensations in the skin, as well as stomach problems.

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How Does Rock Hard Weekend Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Rock Hard Weekend
  • 28/100
Conclusion – Does Rock Hard Weekend Work?

Rock Hard Weekend is made from a mixture of unproven herbal ingredients as well as some potent ones. Between the negative customer reviews, lack of transparency and customer service issues, we cannot recommend Rock Hard Weekend as a solution for boosting male sexual performance.

There’s also the issue of them not supplying an ingredients list, making it extremely difficult to fairly evaluate the ingredients included in the supplement. Because of the recall a few years back, and lack of company information or reliable testimonials readily available, it’s hard to know if the ingredients are safe and up to date. Additionally, there is no evidence to support that Rock Hard Weekend lasts up to 72 hours as advertised.

Our review experts have found that the most effective male enhancement pill is Viritenz. This all-natural supplement is made from a potent blend of herbal ingredients shown to have a positive effect on users.

Viritenz is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, which undergoes routine third-party inspections. To learn more about Viritenz, click here.

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