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Neuro Optimizer Review

What is it? Neuro Optimizer is a nootropic supplement made to provide comprehensive effects without the use of stimulants or artificial additives. It claims its 7 ingredients are formulated to protect the brain and aid performance. It relies on a … Continue reading

IQ + Review

What is it? IQ + is a nootropic supplement that is meant to help maximize creativity, alertness, mental energy, and overall brain fitness. It contains a double blind studied ingredient said to help provide 5 to 6 hours of concentration … Continue reading

Gingko-Smart Review

What is it? Ginkgo-Smart is a nootropic supplement that is made to improve both memory and focus. It is made with a blend of ingredients including herbs, fatty acids, and plant extracts. Main highlighted benefits are intended including improved neurotransmitter … Continue reading

Focus XT Review

What is it? Focus XT is a powdered nootropic supplement that comes in 5 distinct flavors for aiding overall mental performance. The website mentions that each ingredient is added in specific dosage strength to maximize benefits. It’s also intended to … Continue reading

Focus Fast Review

What is it? Focus Fast is a nootropic supplement made to help aid overall concentration, memory, and focus. Results are said to come as quickly as within an hour of use. Maximum effects can come after up to 6 hours … Continue reading

Etherium Gold Review

What is it? Etherium Gold is a nootropic supplement that uses a unique mineral ingredient said to be studied to help support brain function. Mental clarity, better coordination, more creativity, controlled reactions to stress, and better memory is some of … Continue reading

Doxiderol Review

What is it? Doxiderol is a nootropic supplement containing natural ingredients intended to help support healthy brain function and overall focus and energy. It is said to improve one’s attention span and memory, and help one stay sharp to compete … Continue reading

Cortigon Review

What is it? Cortigon is a nootropic supplement that is used to target stress relief as well as aid overall memory and focus. Another additional benefit is increased energy, with full effects coming around 20 minutes. By balancing the stress … Continue reading

Cognitex Review

What is it? Cognitex is a nootropic supplement made specifically to reduce the effects aging can have on the brain. It is meant to help create a more youthful memory and aid overall cognition. It also is meant to help … Continue reading

CogniMaxx XL Review

What is it? CogniMaxx XL is a nootropic supplement made to improve mood, energy, memory, and focus. They add that over time people will naturally lose 60% of their focus starting from age 25 til up to age 70. Another … Continue reading

CeraLoft Review

What is it? CeraLoft is a nootropic supplement said to be the most popular product of its kind for improving memory, mental drive, and mental clarity. It combines a formula of 8 active ingredients that are natural and stimulant free. … Continue reading