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What is it?

Zalmanex is a maximum strength libido enhancement product aimed at increasing stamina, performance and penis size. The maker of this product say this product works to bring users harder, more predictable erections and will improve your overall sex life.

Zalmanex works by increasing blood flow to the penis using a blend of herbal ingredients that are thought to boost nitric oxide levels. The formula also is made from a number of ingredients that help boost testosterone and arousal, all working to boost erectile function and more.

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Zalmanex Ingredients and Side Effects

For unknown reasons, the makers of Zalmanex have failed to list all ingredients on their webpage. They make mention of only one ingredient, but do not mention dosing, or any other pertinent information.

We were able to find an ingredient list posted by a customer online. Here’s a look at the key ingredients, though we can’t be sure if they are the most current.

Tongkat Ali Oat Straw Maca Extract L-Arginine Tribulus Terrestris
Catuaba Bark Pumpkin Seeds Oyster Extract Ginseng Blend Orchic Substance

L-Arginine: L-arginine works to increase the natural production of nitric oxide bringing blood flow to the penis, brain and more, as well as opening up blood vessels, improving vascularity.

Ginseng Blend: Blended from Korean, Siberian and Chinese ginsengs, the makers of Zalmanex have found this blend may provide a heightened level of the benefits of ginseng, which include immune health, sexual health and cognition.

Tongkat Ali: Made from the bark of an evergreen tree from Southeast Asia, this ingredient works to treat male infertility, increase libido and boosts energy and stamina.

Tribulus Terrestris: A Mediterranean plant that is covered in spines tribulus terrestris is used for its ability to boost libido and stimulate testosterone production in the body.

Orchic Subtance: A substance found in cattle testicle, this ingredient may be used as an aphrodisiac and is thought to help boost testosterone levels in the body.

Catuaba Bark: An Amazonian herb long used for its ability to boost sex drive and performance and increase existing energy levels.

Oat Straw: Also known as avena sativa or just oats, oat straw is used to help regulate sexual health and may help provide a healthy environment for sperm to thrive.

Pumpkin Seed: A popular snack containing zinc and magnesium, pumpkin seeds are thought to help boost sperm production.

Oyster Extract: Rich in amino acids and known for their ability to stimulate arousal in those who ingest them, oysters may help improve muscle building and recovery with use.

Those with shellfish allergies may want to avoid this supplement.

Maca Extract: A Peruvian root crop used for centuries by the Inca people, maca is thought to improve athleticism and sexual function, and may improve fertility and libido.

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Zalmanex Quality of Ingredients

In reviewing the ingredient blend used to make Zalmanex, our only issue is the fact that we don’t know if this formula as a whole unit has been evaluated by a medical professional or through any official case studies or clinical trials.

This product is made with a very long list of herbs, most of which we don’t know the amount used in the formulation. There’s no real safety issue here, but we’re not sure whether the product contains a high enough doesn’t effectively stimulate the libido, provide harder and more consistent erections and more.

We are certain, however, that Zalmanex does not contain anything that would cause a penis to increase in size.

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The Price and Quality of Zalmanex

The price for a bottle containing 60 pills is $39.99, which is the equivalent of a one-month supply. This product is only sold through Amazon as far as we can tell, and has no official website or partnerships with other supplement-focused retailers.

Zalmanex is Prime-eligible, so shipping is free for Amazon subscribers.

While the ingredients listed on the Zalmanex appear to be safe, many known for their reproductive benefits, we have no idea if this product has been subject to any form of evaluation, nor how consistent it is in delivering the results as advertised.

The price point is on the lower end of average, as compared to similar products, but aside from that, we’re not sure how this one stacks up against the competition.

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Business of Zalmanex

Unfortunately, we have no information as to who is responsible for making Zalmanex. While being featured as an Amazon seller does lend some credibility to the brand, it’s interesting that we were unable to find the name of the manufacturer, nor any contact information.

Since the makers of Zalmanex have opted to stay off of the grid, there is no dedicated webpage for this product, which means we don’t know if it’s been clinically tested or how to get in touch with the company if anything goes wrong.

Overall, it seems this product may work for a number of people. Obviously it’s preferable to find a product with a more transparent company philosophy, but there are plenty of reviews on Amazon.

Customer Opinions of Zalmanex

Reviews were mixed for Zalmanex. Those who tried the product were either very pleased with the results offered by the product or felt it was a complete waste of money:

“This product has been great for my husband, and it’s really allowed him to step things up in the bedroom. Maybe he isn’t bigger, but our sex life has gotten a drastic makeover.”

“I bought this product and took it according to the instructions on the package, saw zero benefits. I could have gotten the same results from eating the dirt in my yard and saved a few bucks.”

“These pills were gigantic, and even after forcing myself to swallow them every day for two weeks, I did not see any changes. I would not recommend this product to anyone.”

“Look, it won’t make your penis bigger at all, but, it may help with the other stuff. I’m able to last longer, and I haven’t experienced any negative side effects after using.”

Based on the consumer reviews, it seemed a lot of people saw some positive results with use. Not everyone saw any changes, but we did not see any instances of anyone experiencing an adverse reaction or feeling slightly off.

It’s hard to say whether this product works consistently based on the consumers we read reviews from. For that reason, it may be worth looking for a more affordable product with a lower risk to buyers, or something with more demonstrated efficacy.

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How Does Zalmanex Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Zalmanex
  • 47/100
Conclusion – Does Zalmanex Work?

Zalmanex could be a good solution for erectile dysfunction suffers for a few reasons. The reviews suggested there were a number of unbiased consumers who liked the product and saw some benefits from using. There are no ingredients in the list that are known to be dangerous for most people, even those with heart conditions or other chronic health problems.

However, we don’t have a clear picture on how consistent the results are, and we found some of the claims made by the manufacturer a little overblown. Any herbal supplement that promises users that they’ll see penile growth with regular use is engaging in a form of false advertising. It’s likely most people will not believe this claim, and opt to use Zalmanex for its other benefits, but some people may, which is a problem.

We also didn’t like that the company that make Zalmanex does not have an official website, nor is there much information about the manufacturer. Aside from a number of pages advertising Zalmanex’s capability to give men the size they’ve always wanted, there’s no information regarding who makes the product.

It’s heartening that this product is available on Amazon, which allows us to see reviews, and means that the product much meet some standard, but the lack of transparency looks bad. Zalmanex is an effective muscle activator or male enhancement pill.

Upon reviewing other supplements, prescription drugs and more, it’s clear Viritenz is the most effective male sexual enhancement product. It works to combat symptoms of sexual dysfunction by using a carefully selected blend of herbal ingredients.

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