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Erorectin is a male enhancement supplement said to be the very best pill of its kind. It is made to improve blood flow, erections, aid stamina, make it easier to remain aroused, and support one to be sexually active whenever the mood strikes.

Within it is a natural formula including their proprietary blend. The tablets are meant to be easy to swallow, and they are vegetarian friendly. They advise to take 2 capsules daily with 1 in the morning and another in the afternoon with water. After analyzing countless different male enhancement brands the very best one was found to be Viritenz. Its all-natural formula has individually studied ingredients by 3rd parties, and the creators are also reputable. Read about what makes Viritenz the very best male enhancement brand reviewed this year by clicking this link here.


Their full ingredients are listed and it includes the following:

Zinc Oxide Tongkat Ali Maca Panax Ginseng Elutherococcus Root
Sarsaparilla Pumpkin Seed Extract Muira Puama Bark Extract Oat Straw Nettle Leaf
Cayenne Pepper Fruit Astralagus Root Extract Catuaba Bark Licorice Root Extract Tribulus Terrestris
Orchic Substance Oyster Extract Boron Amino Acid Chelate

Tongkat Ali: This herbal additive comes from an evergreen tree that is native to parts of Asia. It has a history of use as a way to prevent infertility, a loss of interest in sex and erectile dysfunction.  This has many chemicals within it which can affect the way the body produces testosterone according to Web MD. has looked at this ingredient and they add it is a:

“pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac”

They also go on to add how it has a lot of evidence for improving erections and preventing a buildup of the hormone estrogen, which is known to reduce testosterone.

Muira Puama Bark Extract: Plant extract which has been used to promote aphrodisiac effects and improve the interest of sexual activity. It can be used to also protect against erectile dysfunction.  This is native to part of Brazil and it is also shown to have cognitive enhancing benefits according to

Nettle Leaf: A natural plant that has been used to help prevent prostate issues by reducing inflammation and supporting the healthy release of urine. Live has also cited a study which showed that this ingredient had the ability when examined in mice to:

“impact the level of testosterone in the body”

It is also used by bodybuilders who need to recuperate their testosterone levels after strenuous exercise.

Astralagus Root Extract: Herb that has been used in Chinese medicine as a way to aid the immune system. It can help aid blood flow which can potentially affect the way the body reacts when stimulated. It is often well tolerated in people when used in medicinal amounts and Web MD adds it is:

“POSSIBLY SAFE for most adults”

Catuaba Bark: Found in trees native to Brazil, this bark has had a traditional use as a general wellness and aphrodisiac herb. It is known to contain unique compounds which can potential assist in treating male sexuality. It has also been touted for its natural cognitive improving benefits.

Orchic Substance: Taken from the testicles of cattle, this is used as a way to help men in supporting their testicle health, as well as supporting testosterone levels safely. When it is taken from treated animals it is unlikely to cause any side effects or contaminations.

Oyster Extract: This natural seafood has the richest source if zinc out of any food. This can be used by the body more efficiently and it has improved bioavailability to help aid booth the immune system and testosterone levels. This is often preferred over natural zinc since it is natural and can provide other nutrients that oyster usually can have.

Boron Amino Acid Chelate: Mineral that can be used to help improve thinking, bone health, and testosterone levels.  This helps improve the uptake of the minerals phosphorus and magnesium, which are essential to good health.

Web MD has said that it is :

“LIKELY SAFE… when used in doses less than the Upper Tolerable Limit”

This is then unlikely to cause side effects when used in controlled amounts.

Boron itself is a mineral that can be found naturally in food, this version has an added amino acid to further improve its benefits. has also confirmed that aging men should take increased amounts as when the body ages, there is an ever increasing necessary intake to help stabilize health.

They also go on to say that it can be used to:

“help balance levels of sex hormones”

Therefore the body requires it to help maintain testosterone levels in men.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.


They no doubt use a great formula of natural ingredients which have all been shown in 3rd party reviews to help improve male virility and sexual prowess. They also mention how to supplement with this and they make the capsules vegetarian friendly. It’s unknown what the inactive ingredients are which would have bene helpful to figure out to help determine the overall quality.

Other than this small detail it appears that this formula is added in a good enough dosage strength to help provide benefits. The amounts included are added in proper amounts.

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Direct sales are offer on the official website for $59 per 30 day supply. They do provide several wholesome ingredients which can help aid male virility. One concern which is revealed in the “Customer Opinions of Erorectin” section is that there are 0 reviews and testimonials found anywhere.

There is another website that uses the Erorectin brand name in their URL which has testimonials, but they offer no company information, so it’s unknown if they are legitimate.

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They go by the name of PureNature Plus and they can be reached via the following:

Phone Number: (888) 457-6441

Email: [email protected]

No address is listed on the official website, and they offer only a contact form, email, and phone number. A 12 month money back return is offered from the purchase date for direct sales as long as one pays a 15% restocking fee and follows their guidelines.

Few details are offered about their practices from any other websites. It appears they are reputable however, as there are no complaints from any websites about how they operate. This website does look fake since they use many cheap looking images that do not match the quality of the official company website. It is also strange that they would have 2 different websites where they sell the same product.

There is no mention on the Better Business Bureau but it appears they have not had any issues with recalls or any sort of controversies.

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Unfortunately at this time there are only 2 reviews which are featured on the official website, but there are 0 third party reviews anywhere. Because of this lack of support it makes it impossible to determine whether or not users were able to benefit from it, or if there was any risk of unwanted side effects.

It’s highly important to have some sort of consensus to try and verify what is truly possible. This leaves doubt about what is truly possible with supplementation.

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How Does Erorectin Compare?
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  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Erorectin
  • 44/100

After looking closely at this supplement it no doubt uses a wholesome formula and while there are concerns about whether or not there are legitimate testimonials , if the company is reputable than they do appear to offer a great formula. No 3rd party reviews are available which a concern is and there is also the issue of returns only being allowed with a 15% restocking fee. Because of these complaints however it failed to meet the demands needed to be featured as one of the best supplements for male enhancement.

The most highly regarded brand reviewed this year was the top rated Viritenz. It contains a blend of wholesome ingredients and their official website has testimonials from satisfied users. People were able to notice great changes to the way they performed in the bedroom without the use of any stimulants or cheap fillers.

The company has also been well-regarded and they ensure that they produce it in a GMP certified facility, which is the best way to ensure there are 3rd party inspections. You can get a hold of the top rated number 1 brand Viritenz by clicking on this provided link.

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