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AirSnore is a specially designed mouthpiece that is supposed to prevent snoring and waking up with issues like dry mouth and a sore throat. The product states that it molds itself to the inside of your mouth and opens your jaw and airways, allowing for more air to pass through and stop snoring.

The product is ready to fit and does not have to be specially molded, and also comes with a storage case as well as AirSnore Drops for those who are having trouble getting to sleep in the first place because of a cough or cold.

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AirSnore Ingredients and Side Effects

As mentioned, the product is a mouth guard rather than a supplement, and it is designed to fit your mouth and open up your airways in order to prevent snoring. We will list what comes in the standard package order, and how the mouth piece is designed to work.

Mouthpiece Anti-Bacterial Container

The product is made to combat snoring, which happens when the airways in your nose and throat narrow while you sleep, so less air is able to travel through, and can lead to more air trying to push its way through, leading to a vibration that causes snoring. While snoring can be annoying to your partner, it can also be a sign of some more serious health issues and can lead to the user getting less restful sleep.

The mouthpiece is inserted and apparently molds itself to the inside of the mouth, so no special fitting is needed. Once a comfortable fit is achieved, the jaw is moved to a more beneficial position, which allows the user to breathe more easily, creates larger pathways for air to travel through, and means more air is getting to the lungs while you rest, creating more restful and energizing sleep.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to using a mouthpiece while you sleep, as they can lead to some annoying and painful side effects, such as:

  • Pain in gums and teeth, sleep bruxism, and changes in bite

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AirSnore Quality of Ingredients

Within the medical community, there have been some debates as to the effectiveness and safety of corrective mouth guards or mouthpieces. Many medical professionals have identified snoring as being a possible sign of a greater issue such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a very serious condition that could lead to issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and increased chances of suffering a stroke.

While AirSnore may be effective in treating and preventing snoring, if a consumer is suffering from sleep apnea or a more serious condition beyond their snoring, they should seek legitimate medical treatment, and not attempt to fix the issue with online or over the counter mouth pieces. If the consumer just has a casual snoring problem, then the product may be worth a try.

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The Price and Quality of AirSnore

AirSnore offers three different package combinations from which to choose when ordering. The basic package includes just the mouthpiece and storage container for $49.95. Their most popular combination is $89.95 and includes the mouthpiece, storage container, and their patented AirSnore drops that are designed to help you sleep when you’re suffering from a cough or cold.

The advantage of the prices they offer are that they are only one-time purchase prices, and not monthly recurring fees. They do not mention whether the product needs to be replaced over time, which is the case with many of mouth guards because of wear and tear, but if so, that is a high price to pay to have to replace the item.

The manufacturer does offer a 60-day money back guarantee on their product, so if consumers find that it is ineffective or just not for them, they can return it without it being a sunk cost.

Business of AirSnore

The manufacturer of AirSnore appears to also go by the name AirSnore, and they only offer one size of their mouthpiece, which they state can be molded to fit any mouth.

Here is the contact information we could find for the company online:

Address: No physical address is provided.

Phone Number: (646) 568-9679

Email: No email address is provided, but there is a page through which consumers can submit their questions electronically.

The company does not appear to have a page with the Better Business Bureau and are not currently the subject of any lawsuits or litigation.

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Customer Opinions of AirSnore

AirSnore is only sold through the manufacturer’s website, and no other online retailers such as Amazon or Walmart. This means that objective consumer reviews are difficult to track down, but in general it seems the product did help some people from snoring, with some notable complaints about the adjustment period and saliva buildup that comes along with the product.

Here are some of the consumer reactions we could find for AirSnore:

“I ordered AirSnore hoping that it would stop my snoring but it was too uncomfortable and I had to return it.”

“The product helped to stop my snoring, but there is definitely an adjustment period. I had to give it a good month before I could sleep comfortably with it in.”

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Conclusion – Does AirSnore Work?

Speaking strictly as a snore preventer, the AirSnore does seem to work for some people, given that they can get used to sleeping with it in their mouth, which seems to be an issue for some people. From consumer reviews, it was clear that the product takes some getting used to and could possibly lead to negative side effects, such as grinding of teeth or pain in gums and teeth.

The larger issue with AirSnore, and most mouthpieces and snore guards, is that they are generally only effective for those who suffer from mild snoring issues, and often don’t do much to treat the underlying issues faced by the user. Essentially, if your snoring so very loud and disruptive, then using a mouthpiece may just be a symptom and not the issue at the heart of the matter. By using a mouthpiece like AirSnore, you may just be putting off what really needs to be dealt with, such as sleep apnea, obesity, or jaw issues, all of which should be handled by a doctor.

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2 Responses to AirSnore Review

richard wentz says:

Do not buy. Very deceptive “guarantee”. Out of many mouthpieces I have tried, this product is the worst in providing a secure fit and did nothing to keep my jaw in place.

When I contacted them to return the mouthpiece, they told me I had to ship the mouthpiece to the United Kingdom. After deducting the cost of return shipment, I wouldn’t get anything back. I asked if I could email them a picture of the destroyed mouthpiece (as they are obviously not going to re-sell it), but they insisted on me sending it back to them. Nothing in their website shows that you have to return the product to a foreign country. Just a sham “guarantee.” Don’t buy.

Sandra Christie says:

Do not trust AirSnore. The company did not refund the full amount of my return product under their guarantee.

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