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Luminite is a sleep aid that is designed to help the consumer fall asleep faster, sleep deeply and through the night, and wake up feeling rested. The product states that it is a revolutionary formula that has been formulated scientifically and tested for maximum efficiency.

Each bottle comes with 30 capsules, with only one capsule needed per night, so each bottle should be a monthly supply.

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Luminite Ingredients and Side Effects

The product website clearly lists all of the ingredients in Luminite, along with a look at the supplement facts label and the specific dosages of each individual ingredient that is used. This level of transparency allows the user to more fully understand what they could be putting into their bodies and the potential effects that is could have on them – both positive and negative. It also allows the product to be vetted by experts ahead of time and expectations to be set.

Here are the ingredients that are used in Luminite:

L-Tryptophan L-Glycine Chamomile
GABA Passion Flower Extract Hops Flower extract
Skullcap Root Extract Melatonin Niacin

Chamomile Flower: An herb that is derived from a flower and used to make medicine. It can be used to treat a variety of disorders, including intestinal gas, ADHD, diarrhea, restlessness, and trouble sleeping. It contains chemicals that can promote relaxation, as well as reduce swelling or inflammation in some users. By reducing anxiety, it helps many users relax their brain prior to going to sleep.

L-Tryptophan: Amino acid the can be found in many plant and animal proteins, and it must be acquired by food. It has a variety of uses, including insomnia, sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. It is also thought by some to increase athletic performance. After entering the body, it is eventually converted in serotonin which can improve mood.

Melatonin: A hormone that occurs naturally within the body and can also be made in a laboratory. Its main function is to help regulate the body’s internal clock and establish sleep and wake cycles, particularly for those who have alternative or changing sleep schedules. It can also be used to help those who suffer from insomnia as a result of ADHD, rapid eye movement, intellectual disabilities, and high blood pressure.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven sleep aid such as Fenotrex for better results.

Luminite Quality of Ingredients

The product contains several key ingredients that have been shown to be effective in battling insomnia and promoting sleep quality. Supplements such as Passion Flower and GABA can hell to address and lower anxiety, while also calming the central nervous system and neurotransmitters within the brain. Furthermore, melatonin is a staple of most quality sleep aids for its ability to help establish a sleep pattern that is recognized by the body.

There is a sizable dose of Niacin that is included within the formula. While Niacin does have a number of quality uses for the body, its connection to sleep health is not particularly clear aside from potentially providing mild relaxation. Additionally, it also can create some negative side effects such as dizziness, upset stomach, and gas.

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The Price and Quality of Luminite

On the GNC website, the product sells for $27.49 for a 30-day supply. The website mentions something about subscribing and saving 10% off of the price of the product, and you can choose the frequency with which you would like the product to be delivered, so it does not just have to be monthly. It is sold through Amazon for the cheaper price of $20.83.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that a free trial or money back guarantee is offered at either location. This means that if a consumer finds the product to be ineffective it will just be a sunk cost and they have no real recourse. That said, $20.83 to $27.49 is a fairly standard or middle of the road price when it comes to sleep aids.

Business of Luminite

Luminite is manufactured by GNC, the well-known vitamin and supplement company, head quartered in Pittsburgh, with retail locations all over the country.

Here is the contact information we could find for the company online:

Address: No physical address is given, but headquarters are in Pittsburgh, PA.

Phone Number: 1-877-462-4700

Email: No email address is given, but there is a page in which consumers can submit questions electronically.

GNC has been involved in a number of lawsuits over the years, recently they were targeted as part of a $5 million suit for selling unapproved supplements. Prior to that they have been sued and investigated by the FDA for using ingredients that were either not disclosed or illegal.

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Customer Opinions of Luminite

The product is sold through its manufacturer’s website, as well as other online vendors such as Amazon. As a result, there are several consumer reviews that are easily accessible online. In general, the customer reactions have been mixed to negative, as some have found sleep relief by using this product, while others have found that it did nothing for them and created some uncomfortable side effects.

Here are some of the consumer reviews that we could locate online:

“This definitely put me to sleep, but the nightmares I had were awful. At first I thought it was a fluke but the nightmares stopped as soon as I stopped taking it.”

“The product did not work for me. I felt nothing from it and definitely don’t plan on buying it again.”

“I used the product as directed for almost a month and saw no results. It’s as effective as snake oil.”

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Conclusion – Does Luminite Work?

Luminite on paper looks like it has the makings of an effective sleep aid. They utilize many clinically backed ingredients that have been shown to be effective in other sleep aid products, and the price, while not exactly cheap, appears to be relatively fair. Unfortunately, it seems to have gotten inconsistent reactions from many users that suggest the formula needs some fine tuning.

Furthermore, while GNC is a trusted and popular manufacturer, we are troubled by the number of lawsuits that they have been involved in over the years, particularly in recent years. When you’re a company as big a GNC, lawsuits occasionally happen, but multiple revolving around misrepresentation of ingredients or using banned substances is particularly concerning and should be for consumers as well.

Ultimately, this is just one of hundreds of sleep aids that are available both online and in stores. For consumers suffering from sleep issues, it can be frustrating and overwhelming to find a sleep aid that is affordable and works for them. That’s why we have tasked our experts with evaluating all the sleep aids on the market now and finding the most effective ones.

Our review experts told us that the top-rated sleeping aid was Fenotrex because of its strong combination of effective ingredients, and consistent results produced among those who tried it, like allowing them to sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling rested.

The active ingredients have been tested by third-parties and shown to effective in treating sleep related issues. It’s produced in a GMP approved facility. To learn more about a sleep aid that could potentially provide a good, healthy night’s sleep consistently, then click here to learn more about Fenotrex.

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John Sollers says:

I am 76. I took a Luminite two nights ago and slept great and wolk up refreshed. I swallowed one last night, and after I awoke I felt really groggly and had trouble functioning. By 11:00, I felt better but still not 100%. So how does my age and any side effects contribute to how I felt and feel. Would I be advised to quit taking Luminite?

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