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Formula 303 is an all-natural, homeopathic relaxant that is designed to provide relief for stress, tension, and muscle spasms. The product states that it can be effective in treating any number of issues related muscle tension and stress, such as cramps, low back pain, restless leg syndrome, PMS, and mild insomnia.

It comes in tablets and users are supposed to take two tablets every three hours until their muscles stop spasming, or take two tablets with each meal and just prior to bedtime in order to relieve stress and nervousness.

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Formula 303 Ingredients and Side Effects

The manufacturer’s web page for the product clearly lists what ingredients are contained in each capsule, though we are not allowed to view the supplement facts label, so the exact dosages that are used remain unclear. They do state how the formula breaks down, with 6 parts valerian root, 3 parts passiflora, and 1 part magnesium carbonate, but it is not made clear what all these parts add up to is actual scientific dosages. This does not allow the user to be fully informed as to what they are putting into their bodies and the reactions they can expect.

Valerian Root Passiflora Magnesium Carbonate

Valerian Root: Derived from an herb that is primarily used to treat sleeping disorders, specifically insomnia. It works as a sedative that calms the brain and nervous system, therefore relieving anxiety or stress that may be keeping the user up. Additionally, it can be used to treat other issues such as fear, depression, hypochondria, tremors, and excitability.

Passiflora: A flower whose above ground parts are used to make medicine. It can treat several different symptoms and has many uses, but is mostly used to treat sleep problems. The chemicals within the plant are calming and can induce sleep while also relaxing muscles and preventing them from spasming. The supplement can also be used to treat seizures, ADHD, irregular heartbeat, and is also used for flavoring in beverages.

Magnesium Carbonate: A mineral that is primarily used to treat users who have a low amount of magnesium in their blood. A healthy amount of magnesium is key for proper function of the heart, bones, nerves, and cells. There is the potential for some negative side effects when the ingredient is used too much, such as:

  • Diarrhea, upset stomach, and nausea

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Formula 303 Quality of Ingredients

As is plain to see, Formula 303 uses a very simple blend of just three active ingredients. The good news is that two of the three have been shown to be effective in treating sleeping issues and are staples in a quality sleep aid. The bad news is the other ingredient is not as effective, comes with the possibility of negative side effects, and the dosages of all the ingredients is unknown.

Homeopathic medicines are notorious for utilizing low doses of their ingredient, and subjecting them to repeated dilution, so while ingredients such as valerian root and passionflower look good and have the potential to provide benefits such as relieving anxiety and relaxing muscles, in order for the benefits to be felt several tablets have to be taken throughout the day.

It is also worth pointing out, that Formula 303 is not strictly a sleep aid – in fact sleep far down on the list of benefits that it mentions. It mostly works as a stress reliever and muscle relaxer, so if those are areas of concern for you that may be effecting your sleep, then the product may be worth a try, but many people’s sleep issues do not fall into that category.

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The Price and Quality of Formula 303

The website for the manufacturer of Formula 303 seems more geared towards medical professionals that are looking into the products that are offered and perhaps purchasing in bulk. You need to create and account with a username and password to even view pricing for any of Dee Cee Labs products. Fortunately, Formula 303 is also available through several online vendors.

It seems the price of a bottle containing 250 tablets is $39.99. The directions to the product state that you take at least right tablets a day just for tension and stress relief, and even more if you are using it for muscle soreness. The product offers some quality ingredients, but they do not give specific dosage information, and based on the usage directions, we can assume the dosages used are quite small, and possibly not effective. Taking that many tablets a day can be a hassle even if they do work.

Business of Formula 303

The manufacturer of Formula 303 goes by the name Dee Cee Laboratories, a producer of health and wellness products since 1962 according to their website.

Address: 304 Dee Cee Ct., White House, TN 371888

Phone Number: (615) 672-4987

Email: No email address is provided

The manufacturer’s website is a bit hard to locate and looks somewhat outdated. It is unclear if you can purchase their products directly through their site and no price is listed, and the site sates you need to create an account in order to view prices. That said, the products are sold through several other online vendors like Amazon and EarthTurns.

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Customer Opinions of Formula 303

Consumer opinions of Formula 303 were mixed to positive through the substantial amount of reviews we read. As mentioned, the product is only sold through third-party online vendors like Amazon, which means plenty of objective consumer reviews. The Amazon page for Formula 303 features over 1,700 reviews.

Here are a few of the customer reviews we were able to locate:

“I followed the dosage on the bottle but it had no effect that I could tell. I increased the dosage and still nothing. Wasn’t able to get a refund either.”

“For it to kind of work you have to take more than is recommended. Not great but not a total waste.”

“I was ready to love these, but I didn’t see any noticeable difference in my anxiety.”

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Conclusion – Does Formula 303 Work?

We recommend generally being wary of homeopathic supplements, because the science on which they are based is in many cases still being debated. Formula 303 does use an easy to understand blend of just three ingredients, two of which can potentially be quite effective, but the dosages that they use are unclear, making it hard to judge accurately.

What we do know is that it requires the user to take at least eight tablets throughout the day, and possibly more if they are experiencing muscle pain, which is time consuming, and annoying to keep up with. This is a particular issue because many consumers mentioned that the smell and taste of the tablets was an issue. Having to take that many tablets just to receive its benefits is not a sign of a supplement being properly dosed.

We did see a lot of positive reviews for the product posted online, but most of the positive reviews revolved around its use as a muscle relaxer, not necessarily a sleep aid. In fact, it was hard to find anybody to speak to its effectiveness as a sleep aid. That said, there are many options when it comes to sleep aids, and most of them take a more focused and well-rounded approach with sleep as its main issue, than Formula 303.

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9 Responses to Formula 303 Review

LaVerne Browand says:

I took two Formula 303 tablets last night for the first time. I was unable to sleep all night so have been awake for 24 hours. My heart raced, and my skin felt as if it were on fire. I think it’s dangerous and would never take it again.

Brooke says:

I’ve been having the SAME issue.. like it is doing the opposite effect. I have been taking it on and off before bed the for last month doing kind of an experiment and every night that I do take it, I wake up almost every hour and am restless ALL night.

Yolie Adkins says:

Not good for me they give me nausea and diarrhea.. upset stomach all day. Can’t take anymore.

Matt t says:

I use the formula 303 brand, and found it to be very effective with my leg cramps and other muscle and tension issues. I have had only one night with leg cramps since starting it nightly. I only take 2-3 and it seems to work, unlike the article that says you need to at least 8. All dosages are related to the individual, so if you try it start low and see how it works for your. And if you have a negative response, stop taking it…

Trudy Savage says:

I have been taking 303’s for a stiff neck. It really seems to help my neck. I took 6 throughout the day then 2 at bed time for 2 days. It has helped my neck, but the plus is both days I took it I did not wake up with restless leg syndrome. I think it is a big help if you have restless leg. I am worried if there is any negative effects with long term use.

Melissa says:

I took Formula 303 as directed, 2 pills every 3 hours and just did it twice. I believe it worked as well as Ibuprofen, but I noticed my eyes drooping above my eyelids and below my eyebrows. Has anyone else reported this? It’s been over 24 hours since I took it and I can still see the droopiness. Help!

JRP says:

I take a 1/4 of a pill a night and I sleep soundly, great sleep for 8 hours straight. I have a horrible time getting to sleep and I usually wake up in the middle of the night, but with Formula 303, I am finally resting.

Regina says:

I have been using Formula 303 for about 30 years. I only take two when I can’t get to sleep and it works well for me. I have never taken 8+ in a day as it seems like overkill. For muscle spasm or extreme stress I might take 2 doses of 2 tablets in one day. When I travel I am sure to have some with me. I consider it very safe but if you take other meds or have depression definitely run it by your doctor.

Martha M Bra says:

I’ve used formula 303 for years for muscle spasms, stiff neck, never for sleep though, take it during the day if needed, doesn’t make me sleepy and never even thought it was for that. I love it and have onlyhad good results with it

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