1st Phorm C-21 Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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1st Phorm C-21 is a dietary supplement and sleep aid that is designed to improve sleep to the point that the user has more energy to devote to losing and maintaining a healthy weight. The product states that it can also help control stress levels, which helps reduce stress-induced fat storage, and can promote fat loss.

The product is sold in a bottle each containing 60 capsules. The label advises users to take 3 capsules with 16 to 20 ounces of water about 45 to 60 minutes prior to going to bed. They also advise that it be used in a 5 days on, 2 days off cycle.

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1st Phorm C-21 Ingredients and Side Effects

The product allows consumers visiting their site to view a full list of ingredients and the supplement facts label for the ingredients that are used. There are a couple different proprietary blends that are included within the formula, so the exact dosages of several different ingredients are unknown. Therefore, there is a decent amount of transparency by the manufacturer but not potential users are not as informed as they could be about what they are potentially putting into their bodies.

Here are all the ingredients that are used in 1st Phorm C-21:

Vitamin C GABA Kava Kava 5-HTP Melatonin
Withania somnifera Rhodiola Rosea Extract Alpha Amylase Beta Amylase Protease
Lipase Cellulase Lactase

Kava Kava: Extracted from a plant that is native to the western Pacific Islands, in the South Pacific it is a popular social drink. While it can be used to treat a variety of medical issues such as anxiety, stress, and restlessness, as well as for withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepine drugs, there are also some legitimate dangers to its use. Most notably it has been linked to serious liver damage in some users, and has been banned in Europe and Canada but not the United States.

5-HTP: Extracted from an African plant named Griffonia simplicifolia, it is used primarily for treating sleep disorders like insomnia, as well as anxiety, depression, obesity, ADHD, seizures, and migraines. The ingredient works by increasing the production of serotonin in the brain and nervous system, which can have a profound effect upon sleep, mood, and sexual behavior. Unfortunately, there are some potential side effects that are associated with taking the ingredient, including:

  • Heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, and sexual problems

Withania Somnifera: Otherwise referred to as Ashwaganda, this plant’s roots and berries are used to make medicine. It is used to treat many different things, but the clinical research backing it up isn’t substantial. It is used for anxiety, insomnia, asthma, arthritis, and bronchitis among other things. It can also be used to improve thinking ability and decreasing bouts of inflammation. There are some potential side effects that could come along with using the product, such as:

  • Upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven sleep aid such as Fenotrex for better results.

1st Phorm C-21 Quality of Ingredients

C-21 features a unique blend of ingredients because of its more wide-ranging goals than traditional sleep aids. The proprietary blend that focuses on better sleep is a bit troubling because of the inclusion of 5-HTP, which can be effective, but can also cause negative side effects. Additionally, Kava Kava can relax a user, but too much of it can also be dangerous, which is why it has been banned in some other countries. This is worrisome because since it is a proprietary blend, we don’t know exactly how much of each of these ingredients they have used.

Furthermore, the use of ingredients that are used to control weight and provide energy increases the chances that the user has a negative reaction, while ingredients such as Withania Somnifera bring a whole new potential for side effects. The fact that they advise taking the product for 5 days, then taking 2 days off suggests that it may be a harsh supplement to deal with at times.

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The Price and Quality of 1st Phorm C-21

It appears that 1st Phorm C-21 is only sold through the product website and not through any other online vendors such as Amazon or GNC. Each bottle containing 60 capsules costs $49.99 plus shipping and handling. This is an excessive amount for a sleep aid, especially when considered that each bottle only lasts about three weeks, meaning multiple orders may have to be made per month if the consumer wants to continue using it.

The product may justify such a high price by stating that it offers something that other sleep aids don’t in weight management, but they do not provide any real clinical research to back up their effectiveness as a weight loss supplement or a sleep aid.

The manufacturer does offer a money back guarantee of 110%, meaning they will refund what you paid plus an additional 10% – within the first 30 days of purchase – if you are unsatisfied with the product which should provide some peace of mind for users.

Business of 1st Phorm C-21

The product is manufactured and sold by 1st Phorm International, a supplements company that makes everything from sleep aids, to fat burners, testosterone boosters, to general health and wellness pills.

Here is the contact information we could find for the company online:

Address: 1st Phorm, PO Box 775217, St. Louis, MO 63177-5217

Phone Number: 1-800-409-9732

Email: No email address is provided, but there is a page on the site through which electronic questions can be submitted.

The company does have a page with the Better Business Bureau, but they are not accredited. In 2024 they were sued by an Illinois woman who believed the stroke she suffered was caused by a supplement produced by 1st Phorm.

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Customer Opinions of 1st Phorm C-21

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any objective consumer reviews regarding C-21 online. The product site provides testimonials, but they are clearly not objective and simply intended to sell the user on the product. It is only sold through the product website, and no other online vendors, so there does not seem to be a forum to broadcast opinions about the product. Without any consumer reactions, we are unable to really accurately judge if the product is effective or not.

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Conclusion – Does 1st Phorm C-21 Work?

1st Phorm C-21’s approach seems to be that providing the users with deep and restful sleep can help them to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, and this is absolutely true. Poor sleep can lead to a poor metabolism, bad eating habits, slow recovery times from workouts, and more. That said, the formula for achieving its goals that C-21 offers up, is somewhat worrisome.

There are several ingredients that are included that have the potential for negative side effects, and the product is difficult to fully vet because it is made up of several different proprietary blends, meaning we don’t know the exact dosages. The price per bottle is also quite high, particularly for something that doesn’t even last a month. Quality sleep does play an important role in weight loss, but consumers would be better off finding a sleep aid that utilizes safer and less harsh ingredients.

Right now, Fenotrex is the top-rated sleep supplement available on the market, mostly because of the positive feedback being given by consumers and the strong, unique blend of ingredients that it uses to make up its formula. It can potentially help users get to sleep faster, sleep more soundly, and establish healthier sleep patterns within their lives.

The formula features a mix of ingredients that have all be studied by third parties clinically, and found to be both safe and effective in some manner for treating sleeplessness. It is also produced in a GMP certified facility for safety. If you would like to inform yourself more about what Fenotrex can do, just follow this link.

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A bottle does last a month. You take it 5 days on, two days off. 3 capsules a day for 10 days each month. That’s 60 capsules, which is what the bottle contains.

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