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Sleepsana is liquid sleep aid dropper that is designed to promote relaxing, deep, energizing sleep using natural ingredients. The product states that it will allow users to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed and not feeling groggy.

The product comes in a 2-ounce bottle with a dropper, and roughly 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime, the consumer is supposed to drop 2mL under their tongues until it dissolves.

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Sleepsana Ingredients and Side Effects

The website for Sleepsana highlights and lists several ingredients that are used in its formula, but it is unclear if this is the full list of their ingredients, or just the ones they are choosing to share. They do not offer a look at the supplement facts label or the specific dosage information for any of the ingredients that are used. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for consumers to decide if the product is right for them or how it may affect them.

Here are the ingredients that are listed:

Melatonin Fulvic Acid Gaba
L-Theanine Valerian Root L-Tryptophan

Fulvic Acid: A brownish-yellow substance that is found in natural places like streams, lakes, coal, and soil. It is derived from decomposed animals and plants. According to the product website its role in sleep is to “help deliver important nutrients”, but it has no direct connection to sleep or sleep health, though it can be used to treat disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and hypoxia.

GABA: A chemical that is made in the brain and is also made as a supplement. It is often used to relieve anxiety, improve mood, and treat ADHD. Furthermore, it also helps to burn fat, lowers blood pressure, and can even help to develop leaner, stronger muscles. It is said to function by blocking neurotransmitters within the brain that allows the nerves within the body to relax.

Valerian Root: An herb that is mostly used for treating those with a sleep disorder, particularly from insomnia. The supplement functions as a sedative for the brain and can also have a calming effect on the nervous system, which reduces anxiety and stress, making it an effective treatment for those who cannot get to sleep because they can’t shut their brain off. Additionally, it can be used to treat issues such as depression, fear, excitability, and hypochondria.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven sleep aid such as Fenotrex for better results.

Sleepsana Quality of Ingredients

Sleepsans would appear to utilize a good blend of ingredients with the exception of Fulvic acid which still needs more research conducted on it before its connection to sleep health can be established. The issue with the ingredients is that we have no idea of their dosages, which is particularly important because this is a liquid that you place directly under your tongue.

Knowing the dosages and the full ingredients that are used allows the users to be informed as to what they are putting into their bodies, and for doctors and experts to vet it properly and set expectations. That said, ingredients such as melatonin, valerian root, and GABA have all shown to be effective ingredients in treating those with sleep disorders.

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The Price and Quality of Sleepsana

The Sleepsana website immediately and aggressively offers you a 30-day half off trial in which the price of the monthly supply is marked down from $60 to $24.95, but you need to sign up for their auto-renewal trial, in which you are shipped and charged for a new supply every month. This is a practice that is commonly used by manufacturer’s that are not confident enough in their product to sell it traditionally, and use the auto-renewal system to mislead the customer as to what they’ll be paying.

To Sleepsana’s credit, they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, but it is strange that there is no way to just purchase a single bottle outright from the manufacturer. It appears that the product is currently available through Amazon for $49.99 for a bottle, without having to sign up for an auto-renewal system, but there they say their stock is limited, so it is unknown if it will continue to be sold there. Both $49.99 and $60 are extremely expensive when compared to most other sleep aids on the market.

Business of Sleepsana

Sleepsana offers very little in the way of details or contact information regarding their company. A specific manufacturer is not revealed, and there is not contact page on the website. Here are all the contact details we were able to find:

Address: No physical address is provided.

Phone Number: 800-355-6990

Email: No email address is provided.

The company does not appear to have a page with the Better Business Bureau, and they do not appear to be involved in any lawsuits or litigation at this current time.

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Customer Opinions of Sleepsana

Sleepsana seems to mostly be sold through the manufacturer’s website, which does not provide objective reviews. Fortunately, it appears that it used to be sold through other online vendors, so we were able to track down some consumer reaction. For the most part, they were uniformly negative.

Here are a few of the reviews that we were able to find online:

“Product was expensive and tasted awful. It didn’t really help me get to sleep because the taste stayed in my mouth.”

“It didn’t work for me, but maybe you’ll have better luck. I had high expectations but I can’t say that I noticed it do anything.”

“All this product gave me was a headache and a bad aftertaste that wouldn’t leave even after brushing my teeth.”

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Conclusion – Does Sleepsana Work?

Simply looking at the ingredients that Sleepsana highlights, you may think that it could be a quality sleep aid. Unfortunately, there are several red flags that prevent us from recommending this product to consumers. The aforementioned ingredients do not have their dosages disclosed and there is no supplement facts label that is provided, so users don’t truly know what they are putting into their bodies or under their tongues.

The lack of transparency continues on the website, as there is only an 800-phone number in the way of customer services and no information about the manufacturer can be found, in case potential consumers have questions or concerns about their background. Also, no direct price for the product is given, instead users are given a reduced 30-day trial price in which they will be automatically billed at the beginning of each new month, presumably at full price. This is a common and shady practice of many supplement companies. The few consumer reviews that we could locate were all negative, complaining that it was not effective and left a terrible aftertaste. We would recommend looking elsewhere for a sleep aid.

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3 Responses to Sleepsana Review

Shelly says:

I’m a truck driver and SleepSana can be purchased at some of the popular truck stops like Pilot and TA. It’s sold individually for $3.99 in a bottle that looks exactly like the 5 Hr Energy bottles. I purchased 1 bottle of SleepSana (doesn’t come with a dropper) for my ex husband who has trouble sleeping. I only bought 1 bottle because I didn’t know if the stuff would work. He raved about it. Not only did he sleep wonderfully after taking SleepSana, but he insists that he sleeps better now each night, even though he only had one bottle of SleepSana. The directions on the bottle say that drinking just half of the bottle is enough for some people, but my ex husband said that he drank the whole bottle. SleepSana is made in the USA. The bottle Does list a physical address, phone number, and website. The physical address is in Springfield, MO 65804
The phone number is 417-717-1210
I’m going to try it myself. I just purchased 4 more bottles for right under $20

Amber says:

Sleepsana was created by a good friend of ours. It’s the best product I’ve ever had for myself and my child. My child suffers from insomnia and ADHD. You CAN buy it outright for $34 a month so no it’s not $60 and you can get from any Walmart in Springfield for that price without a monthly subscription. You can even order it from They are awesome wonderful people and I love how this product works for us. They are new so no they don’t have a permanent address yet. But I feel like this review isn’t 100% accurate and had to put in my point of view. This stuff does work. We’ve tried everything on the market and this is the only thing that actually helps our son sleep. We use 3 full droppers and it’s amazing. It also helps with his ADHD! So if it’s not working for you just adjust the amount you take until you get it right 🙂

Barb says:

My husband thought it was great. But I just need to know if it’s safe for my husband takes it and then 1 or 2 prescription trazodone 100 MG’s tabs
when he wakes early A.M. to get back to sleep.

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