NEW Nature’s Way Melissa Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Nature’s Way Melissa is a dietary supplement and herb that is a member of the mint family, and it is meant to soothe and relax the mind and body of the user. It’s sedative like effects can make it a possible option for those who a struggling to get to sleep because of issues such as stress and anxiety.

The product is sold in bottles containing 100 vegetable capsules. It directs the user to take three supplements at a time, daily, with food. This means that each bottle will last roughly one month each.

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Nature’s Way Melissa Ingredients and Side Effects

The website for the product offers a full list of ingredients that are used, along with a view of the supplement facts label that reveals the specific dosage information of all the ingredients that are used. As you’ll see, the product is primarily made up of just one ingredient, so that makes it easy for potential consumers to get handle on what they are putting into their bodies and the effects, both positive and negative, that they may have.

Here is the main ingredient that is utilized in the product:

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm: An herb from the mint family, it is used to make medicine. It can be used for treating digestive issue, bloating, flatulence, and an upset stomach. Additionally, it has a calming effect, so it is included in many sleep aids for its ability to reduce anxiety, restlessness, and stress. It is also used to prevent and combat Alzheimer’s disease. The balm contains a chemical that acts as a sedative, which make it affective in sleep aids. Additionally, the chemicals that it contains can also reduce the growth of certain viruses.

The ingredient can also be used for flavoring in food and beverages, as be applied to the skin to treat cold sores.

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Nature’s Way Melissa Quality of Ingredients

While Lemon Balm is an effective ingredient that can be found in some quality sleep aids, on its own its effectiveness as a sleep aid is questionable. As mentioned, it does have the ability to act as a sedative, and relieve stress and anxiety, through the central nervous system, which can help relax the body as it attempts to get to sleep. But maintaining quality sleep is often much more complex than one simple ingredient.

There is nothing within the formula that ensures that the user will remain asleep throughout the night, which is an issue that plagues many consumers. Additionally, Lemon Balm will not help to establish healthier sleep patterns by addressing the user’s internal clock which can be addressed through an ingredient such as melatonin. Also, while Lemon Balm could help with stress and anxiety, it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, which is why most sleep aids contain multiple sedative-like ingredients, such as chamomile or valerian root.

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The Price and Quality of Nature’s Way Melissa

The product is not sold directly through the Nature’s Way website, but they do offer links to other online vendors through which it is sold, which are numerous. It is sold through Amazon for a price of $6.79 plus shipping and handling, which is a very competitive price when compared to many other sleep aids on the market, but considering that Nature’s Way Melissa only contains one ingredient, that isn’t necessarily designed for better sleep, but rather just to help users relieve stress, it can afford to be produced for considerably less.

Furthermore, there does not appear to be any sort of money back guarantee associated with the product.

Business of Nature’s Way Melissa

Nature’s Way Melissa is manufactured and sold by the Nature’s Way brand, a company that produces a line of dietary supplements to address several different health issues.

Here is the contact information we could find for the company online:

Address: Nature’s Way Products, Inc., Customer Service Department, 825 Challenger Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311

Phone Number: 1-800-962-8873

Email: No specific email address is provided, but there is a page through which consumers can submit their questions or concerns electronically.

The company maintains a page with the Better Business Bureau, though they are not accredited, there are not any complaints either. It appears that Nature’s Way has been the target of multiple lawsuits, one in 2024 claiming that their products were falsely marketed as effective cure-all medications without clinical evidence to back it up. Furthermore, in 2024 they were sued over claims that their products are made in the USA, when in fact some ingredients were sourced from other countries.

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Customer Opinions of Nature’s Way Melissa

Nature’s Way Melissa is sold through several different online vendors, which means that objective reviews are easy to locate. For the most part, the reviews are mixed to positive, but keep in mind that many of the reviews are for stress relief, and not necessarily improving the quality of sleep for the user.

Here are some of the consumer reviews that we could locate online:

“I bought these with the hope that they would help me to sleep better, but unfortunately, they did not.”

“I used to take prescription sleep aids, but wanted something more natural. I tried these and I haven’t noticed any difference at all.”

“Stronger than I anticipated, it made me feel loopy or high in a way. Maybe effective for a panic attack but not for sleep.”

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Conclusion – Does Nature’s Way Melissa Work?

Lemon Balm is an ingredient that has been clinically studied and shown to be effective, which is why it is utilized in several different sleep aids. Unfortunately, on its own it only addresses one aspect of sleep health, and is therefore unreliable as a sleep aid for many consumers, as most who are struggling with sleep aren’t sure of the root cause and a varied ingredient list can prove to be effective because it addresses several different aspects of sleep health.

If you’re struggling consistently with stress and anxiety, then Lemon Balm may be for you, but there are several other sleep aids that address stress and anxiety with ingredients like valerian root and chamomile in addition to Lemon Balm, and they also more directly address sleep health. We recommend finding a more well-rounded sleep aid that can address a variety of issues that may be preventing you from achieving quality sleep.

Currently, Fenotrex is the top-rated sleep supplement available, due in large part because of the overwhelmingly positive response it has received from the consumer who have used it, as well as its unique and potent blend of ingredients that make up its formula. It can potentially help users to get to sleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up with more energy.

The ingredients that are featured in the product have all been studied by independent third-parties who have confirmed that they are safe and effective. The product is also produced in a GMP-certified facility to ensure safety. If Fenotrex sounds like something that could benefit you or someone that you know, then just click here.

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