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Sleep MD is a sleep aid that is designed to provide relief from sleeplessness and allow for a full night’s rest to be achieved. The product also states that users will fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed when using the product.

The product is sold in boxes containing 30 caplets each. The user is supposed to take one caplet about 30 minutes before they intend to go to bed. Each box is intended to be a month’s supply.

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Sleep MD Ingredients and Side Effects

The website for the product offers a full list of ingredients and a look at the supplement facts label which reveals specific dosage information for each of the ingredients. This transparency regarding what is in the product will allow users to be more informed as to what they are putting into their bodies and the effect it may have on them. Furthermore, it also allows the product to be properly vetted ahead of time by experts for its potential effectiveness.

Here are all the active ingredients that are included in the product:

Magnesium Hops Flower GABA
Calcium Valerian Root Extract Melatonin

GABA: A chemical that is made in the brain and can also be taken as a supplement. It is generally used to relieve anxiety, improve mood, and treat ADHD. Additionally, it can also help to burn fat, lower blood pressure, and develop lean muscles. It can block neurotransmitters within the brain that allows the nerves within the body to relax.

Hops Flower: A plant in which the flowered part is used to produce medicine. It is mostly used for anxiety, insomnia, tension, ADHD, nerves, and irritability. Furthermore, it can also be used to treat different forms of cancer, including prostate, breast, and ovarian cancer. It is also used in food and beverages for flavor, particularly in the brewing of beer.

Valerian Root Extract: An herb that is mostly used for treating sleep disorder, particularly for those who suffer from insomnia. The supplement functions as a sedative for the brain as well as the nervous system, which reduces anxiety and stress, making it an effective treatment for those who cannot get to sleep because they can’t shut their brain off. Additionally, it can be used to treat issues such as depression, fear, excitability, and hypochondria.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven sleep aid such as Fenotrex for better results.

Sleep MD Quality of Ingredients

While the product features a fairly simple formula, it also uses mostly proven ingredients that have been shown to be effective in treating some aspect of sleeplessness. They also share the specific dosage information for each ingredient. In doing so, it shows that they use 5mg of melatonin per caplet, which is a very high amount when compared to other sleep aids.

Melatonin is definitely an ingredient worth using in a sleep aid, but too much of it can be a negative. It is designed to help the body establish its internal clock and better sleep rhythms, but by including so much of it in the formula, it runs the risk of overwhelming the receptors within the body and resulting in an internal clock that is even more out of touch with the user’s needs.

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The Price and Quality of Sleep MD

The product is not sold directly through the manufacturer, but is available through several popular online vendors and in-stores, such as Walmart and Target. The price can vary a bit, but it seems it is usually sold for anywhere from $9.84 to as much as $21.99, though most of the prices are closer to the former.

This is a good, competitive price when compared to many other sleep aids that are on the market, particularly as Sleep MD claims, it uses 2x as much of the active ingredient melatonin as the leading competitor. The formula it features it relatively simple, so the product is likely cheap to produce and because it is not sold through the manufacturer, no free trial or money back guarantee is offered.

Business of Sleep MD

Strangely, the company does not provide any real contact information through its website. The site does not actually sell the product, but it is dedicated to providing more information regarding how the product works and why consumers should give it a try. Not offering any contact information is strange and a bit unsettling, particularly for consumers who may have questions or concerns about the product.

Address: No address is provided.

Phone Number: No phone number is provided.

Email: No email address is provided.

The manufacturer does not appear to have a page with the Better Business Bureau and they do not appear to be involved in any lawsuits or litigation currently.

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Customer Opinions of Sleep MD

Sleep MD is sold through a variety of online vendors, and is not sold directly by the manufacturer, which means that there are plenty of objective consumer reviews that are made available. For the most part, the consumer reactions to the product are mixed. Some users have found it to be effective in treating their sleeplessness, while others found it to be not particularly beneficial in any notable way.

Here are some of the consumer reviews that we could locate online:

“I was disappointed after trying this product. I found that it actually caused me to be more awake and toss and turn more than usual.”

“I used the product for two months and found that it didn’t work very well for me. It would only allow me to sleep for a couple of hours before I woke up.”

“It got me to sleep faster, but I didn’t stay asleep throughout the night, which is what I struggle with.”

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Conclusion – Does Sleep MD Work?

Sleep MD features a simple but strong mix of ingredients that can potentially help sufferers of sleeplessness get to sleep faster. That said, it seems a consistent issue with the product among consumers has not been getting to sleep, but staying asleep. Many have complained that the product puts them to sleep quickly, but did not keep them asleep throughout the night, which resulted in continued restlessness and poor sleep quality.

Furthermore, we find it strange that the manufacturer does not provide consumers with any apparent contact information, which can leave users hung out to dry if they have any questions about the product that they need answered. The product also seems to only promote itself as beneficial for occasional sleeplessness, and not continued use, which can explain the unusually high levels of melatonin that are included. For those who are suffering from consistent poor sleep quality, they will likely be better served with a different product.

Fenotrex was named as the top sleep supplement on the market after review experts found that consumers have reacted extremely positively to the product and that it features a formula that has produced consistent results. It can help you establish healthier sleep patterns, get to sleep faster, and sleep more peacefully.

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4 Responses to Sleep MD Review

Cesar says:

i purchase this product from ebay and read some reviews online they said that its really works for having sleep problem, but when it delivered to me and base on the instructions 30minutes take 1 tablet before bedtime. After taking 1 tablet waiting for to fall sleep i was dissapointed and upset becouse 2hrs im still awake no effect to me..i will not use this product again just a waste of money..


i have found that SLEEPMD does work for me ,went to sleep stay a sleep my doctor put me on sleep md after we lost our son it helped so much i could stay a sleep get up feeling restfully ,an start begin a wife and mother grandmother wonting to be there for my family .don’t know the reason sleep md is no longer on the market but it has left many of us that without sleep an you really do not get over losing a child

Gayle T says:

Sleep MD worked wonderfully for me. I had been having poor sleep issues during menopause. My doctor spouse found it for me after I had an adverse reaction to Benadryl. I’m frustrated that it is so difficult to find. I’d take one tablet about an hour before bedtime, fall asleep easily and stay asleep

Heidi skau says:

I took it to go to sleep and it did nothing for me I was up all night long

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