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Arnold Iron Dream is a sleep supplement that is specifically designed to benefit those who are attempting to build and maintain lean muscle. The product states that proper sleep is a key in providing the proper nutrients for recovery and repair as you sleep, which allows you to perform more intense exercise regimens after waking up.

The product comes in a jar with roughly 168 grams of powder. Each serving is supposed to be around 5.6 grams mixed with 6 to 8 ounces of water. The product is best used about 30 to 45 minutes prior to bed time.

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Arnold Iron Dream Ingredients and Side Effects

It does not appear that Arnold Iron Dream has its own functioning website, but it does provide a full list of ingredients through the Amazon page for the product, as well as the supplement facts label, which fully lists all the supplements used and the specific dosages that are used. It is important for potential consumers to know all the ingredients and the specific dosages that they are putting into their bodies and the potential affects that they could have. Here are the ingredients that are used in the product:

Vitamin D Magnesium Copper L-Glycine Mucuna Pruriens Melatonin Fenugreek
Vitamin B6 Zinc Boron GABA Horny Goat Weed L-Glutamine BCAA Nitrate Blend

GABA: A chemical that is made in the brain and can also be taken as a supplement. It is generally used to relieve anxiety, improve mood, and treat ADHD. Additionally, it can also help to burn fat, lower blood pressure, and develop lean muscles. It can block neurotransmitters within the brain that allows the nerves within the body to relax.

Vitamin B6: Vitamin that is found in foods like beans, vegetables, meat, eggs, and cereals, as well as produced in a laboratory. Its main function is to prevent and treat anemia, heart disease, and high cholesterol. Additionally, it is also used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD nerve pain, muscle cramps, asthma, migraine headaches, and infertility.

Zinc: A metal that is also an essential trace element for the body. It can be used to boost the immune system, treat the common cold, and fight off ear infections. Furthermore, it can also be used to treat asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and AIDS. There is some data that suggests that it is effective in treating arthritis, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and weak bones, but it has no direct connection to sleep quality.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven sleep aid such as Fenotrex for better results.

Arnold Iron Dream Quality of Ingredients

There is an abundance of ingredients used within the formula that should be beneficial for those who are looking to improve the quality of their sleep. Ingredients, such as melatonin, GABA, and Vitamin B6 are all known to be effective in treating those who are struggling with their sleep patterns and quality.

Beyond that, since the product is also designed to help build muscle, there are several ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed and Fenugreek, whose effects are generally not related to increasing sleep quality and can also potentially counteract the effects of the other ingredients. Typically, you do not see this blend of ingredients in one supplement, so it is difficult to know how it may affect each individual user and should be approached with caution.

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The Price and Quality of Arnold Iron Dream

As mentioned, the product is no longer carried through the manufacturer’s website and appears to have been discontinued. The Amazon page for the product lists it as currently unavailable and makes no mention as to when or if the product can be expected back in the near future, though the all signs would currently indicate no.

As a result, we were unable to locate a price for the product listed anywhere official and cannot compare it to other sleep aids on the market.

Business of Arnold Iron Dream

As mentioned, it is no longer being produced or sold by the manufacturer of the product, MusclePharm, and while it has an active Amazon page up, it is listed as being currently unavailable. Nonetheless, here is the contact information we could find for the company online:

Address: No physical address is provided.

Phone Number: 1-800-292-3909

Email: No email address is provided but there is a page through which users can submit questions electronically.

The manufacturer has been involved in lawsuits in the past, recently they were sued by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals over accusations that MusclePharm was inflating the levels of protein within their products. As a result of the lawsuits, Arnold Schwarzenegger left the brand, which is why it is no longer being sold.

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Customer Opinions of Arnold Iron Dream

Even though the product is no longer being produced by the manufacturer, there are still several hundred customer reviews that are available online, particularly through the Amazon page for the product. For the most part the reviews a mixed to negative, although some users claimed it helped them sleep better and recover faster from workouts, others stated that it was ineffective and caused stomach problems.

Here are some of the consumer reviews that we could locate online:

“20 minutes after I take it, my stomach starts to make noises and I get stomach aches, that make it difficult to sleep. Have yet to notice any positive gains.”

“It helped with muscle recovery, but was not worth the side effects. I took the product for three days and experienced nausea, diarrhea, and gas.”

“Seems to have the opposite intended effect on me. I can’t fall asleep at all when taking it.”

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Conclusion – Does Arnold Iron Dream Work?

Arnold Iron Dream is a product that has been discontinued in part because the manufacturer has been sued for misrepresenting some of the specific dosages of the ingredients that they used, which, in turn, forced Arnold Schwarzenegger to disassociate from the products. Beyond that, it appears that the consumers who tried the product found it to cause negative and annoying side effects.

The fact that the product has been discontinued is a clear sign that it was not particularly effective, and it was only designed for a very specific group of consumers anyway: those who were looking to continue to build muscle as they slept. The peculiar blend of ingredients was hard to get a read on and it seems that the formula needed some fine tuning to say the least.

This product is no longer being produced, but something consumers can buy now is the top-rated sleep aid on the market – Fenotrex. It achieved its top ranked status through excellent, versatile ingredients and legitimate benefits to users. It can make you more productive through better sleep and put you in control of your sleep schedule.

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Alex says:

This was the best product that muscle pharm and Arnold made together. Incredible results, recovery, as well as some of the most intense and vivid dreams I have ever had. Woke up feeling refreshed and on top of the world every single morning. I would like to know what annoying side effects you speak of as EVERYONE who i know who has taken this product gave it raving reviews. So many people were disappointed when they stopped making this. If you just browse to forums regarding this product on say, or mens health they all gave it incredible reviews and people are still looking for that or the second iteration of the same formula. I didn’t really care they tired to deceive customers, the product spoke for itself, it was great. It really is too bad they discontinued it, I wish i had bought pallets of the stuff because so many people still want it. I’m desperately looking for a store that still has it available that isnt selling it for a premium.

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