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Tylenol PM is a pain reliever and fever reducer, that is also designed to help users to fall asleep when they’re feeling sick or their pains are keeping them up at night. The product states that it is not habit forming and offers temporary relief from sleeplessness due to illness such as fever or general pain.

The product is designed to be taken two capsules at a time roughly 20 to 30 minutes to bedtime. The manufacturer warns not to exceed more than two capsules in a 24-hour period.

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Tylenol PM Ingredients and Side Effects

The product website provides a clear list of the ingredients, both active and inactive, that are used in their product, along with the specific dosages for each active ingredient. You can also view a supplement facts label. This level of transparency is important for the consumer so that they know specifically what they are putting into their bodies and the possible side effects that may occur.

Here are the active ingredients that are used in the product:

Acetaminophen Diphenhydramine HCL

Acetaminophen: Drug that is issued to generally treat mild to moderate pain, such as menstrual cramps, backaches, headaches, or general fly aches, as well as to reduce revers in users. It is popularly used in a lot of over-the-counter medication. It has no direct connection to sleep health aside from reducing aches and pains. It should be noted that there have been several cases in which this ingredient has been linked to liver damage and those links are still being explored. Furthermore, it has the potential to lead to the following side effects in users:

  • Nausea, vomiting, stomach pain

Diphenhydramine HCL: An antihistamine that can be used to relieve symptoms related the allergies, the common cold, and hay fever. These symptoms include rash, itching in the nose, throat, or eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. Furthermore, it can be used to prevent nausea and motion sickness.

Its main purpose in this product is to help the user fall asleep. As an antihistamine, it blocks the production of histamine within the body, which can keep you awake. Unfortunately, there are some potential side effects that can occur with the ingredient, such as:

  • Dizziness, constipation, upset stomach, and dry mouth

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Tylenol PM Quality of Ingredients

As far as putting the user to sleep, the only useful ingredient in the formula is Diphenhydramine HCL because it is an antihistamine. While antihistamines have been shown to be able to help users get to sleep, they have not been shown to be reliable supplements when it comes with helping the user to stay asleep and wake up energized. Many who rely on antihistamines to get to sleep report feeling groggy when waking up, which somewhat defeats the purpose of the product.

The only other active ingredient is Acetaminophen, a mild pain killer whose only real connection to sleep health would be to relieve aches and pains that are keeping the user up or preventing them from getting to sleep. The concern with Acetaminophen is the potential damage that is can do to the user’s liver when used over a long period of time or in high dosages. It is certainly something to be wary of if the consumer intends to use Tylenol PM to get to sleep every night.

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The Price and Quality of Tylenol PM

The product is not sold through the Tylenol website, but is commonly available in grocery and convenience stores across the country, along with any number of reputable online vendors such as Amazon. Currently, a box of 24 capsules costs $7.99 on Amazon plus shipping and handling, but you figure that if you follow the directions, 24 capsules will last you less than half a month, so the price is not as friendly as it seems initially, though it is still competitive.

The quality of Tylenol PM is a different story, as it does not seem to be designed to be a long-term solution to sleep issues. If you’re struggling to get to sleep because of a lingering issue with pain in some part of your body, then it is likely worth a try, but taking it night after night can potentially be very dangerous for your liver, and the sleep aid that is included within the product itself is somewhat questionable in its effectiveness.

Business of Tylenol PM

Tylenol PM is manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare which is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, a well-known manufacturer of many over-the-counter health products. Here is some contact information for the company:

Address: No physical address is provided.

Phone Number: 1-866-948-6883

Email: No specific email address is provided, but they do provide a page on their website through which to submit questions electronically.

Tylenol has been involved in several lawsuits over the years, unusually revolving around their product’s link to liver damage. In February 2024, they settled more than 200 liver damage lawsuits alone for an undisclosed amount.

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Customer Opinions of Tylenol PM

Obviously, Tylenol is a huge corporation with many products that are sold through a variety if mediums, so finding objective consumer reactions to Tylenol PM was not hard to do, as their Amazon page features nearly 200 reviews alone. Many consumers were complimentary of the pain reducing features of the product, but others complained that was not effective in getting or keeping them asleep.

Here are some of the consumer reviews that we were able to locate:

“When I took Tylenol PM, I experienced restless leg syndrome and ave since found out that many others experienced the same thing.”

“It takes me forever to fall asleep with this medication. I actually fall asleep faster without it. I won’t be buying it again.”

“The product worked well for me, but the delay in the delivery times is what annoyed me and the expiration date on the medication was already close.”

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Conclusion – Does Tylenol PM Work?

Tylenol PM is one of the most popular pain and sleep medications on the market, but when it is actually examined closely, it leaves some things to be desired. First off, it is not a long-term solution for sleep issues, many of which are tied to anxiety, depression, or fear of some sort. There is nothing within Tylenol PM that will address anxiety issues, or the consumer’s nervous system to relax their body.

Instead Tylenol PM is designed to relieve aches and pains, but the Acetaminophen is used in a fairly high dosage, so using the product continually, night after night can lead to the potential for serious liver damage. Overall, the product is one that should be used when needed to manage pain, but not to address sleep issues consistently.

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