NEW Melissa Dream Sleep Aid Review 2024 [Warning]: Does it Really Work?

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Melissa Dream Sleep Aid is a sleep supplement that is designed to promote deep relaxation and promote restful, sound sleep. The product states that it can help to relieve stress and stress-related anxiety, which in turn will relieve sleeplessness.

It is sold in a package containing 60 coated tablets, and advises users to take 3 tablets about 1 hour prior to going to bed. If the directions are followed, each package should last approximately 20 days.

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Melissa Dream Sleep Aid Ingredients and Side Effects

The website for the product provides an abundance of ingredient information, including a full list of ingredients and a look at the supplement facts label for the product. Included on the supplement facts label is specific dosage information for each of the ingredients that are used. Additionally, the site provides a short explanation for the function of some of the key ingredients. All of this allows potential consumers to be more informed about how the product is supposed to work and what they would be putting into their bodies.

Here are all the ingredients that are included in Melissa Dream:

Lemon Balm Vitamin B1 Vitamin B6
Chamomile Vitamin B2 Vitamin B12
L-theanine Vitamin B3 Magnesium

Vitamin B6: Vitamin that is found in foods like beans, vegetables, meat, eggs, and cereals, as well as produced in a laboratory. Its main function is to prevent and treat anemia, heart disease, and high cholesterol. Additionally, it is also used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD nerve pain, muscle cramps, asthma, migraine headaches, and infertility.

Chamomile Flower: An herb that is derived from a flower and used to make medicine. It can be used to treat a variety of disorders, including intestinal gas, ADHD, diarrhea, restlessness, and trouble sleeping. It contains chemicals that can promote relaxation, as well as reduce swelling or inflammation in some users. By reducing anxiety, it helps many users relax their brain prior to going to sleep.

Lemon Balm: An herb from the mint family, it is used to make medicine. It can be used for treating digestive issue, bloating, flatulence, and an upset stomach. Additionally, it has a calming effect, so it is included in many sleep aids for its ability to reduce anxiety, restlessness, and stress. It is also used to prevent and combat Alzheimer’s disease. The balm contains a chemical that acts as a sedative, which make it affective in sleep aids.

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Melissa Dream Sleep Aid Quality of Ingredients

While Melissa Dream Sleep Aid uses some quality ingredients within its formula for addressing sleeplessness, the strength of the formula overall is something to be questioned. Lemon Balm and chamomile are both additives that can address sleep issues, but those two alone are not likely to be able to take on chronic sleeplessness of insomnia, particularly given that only Lemon Balm is used in a dosage that one would consider strong.

The rest of the formula is made up of amino acids like L-theanine, which can increase the body’s ability to absorb incoming nutrients, as well as several different kinds of Vitamin B and magnesium, none of which have a direct connection to sleep health, but can possibly provide secondary health benefits, such as strengthening the immune system. Overall, it seems that the formula is more geared to relaxing the body than inducing sleep consistently, which is why it states that it can actually be taken during the day to treat stress, without the risk of the user falling asleep.

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The Price and Quality of Melissa Dream Sleep Aid

The product is sold through the manufacturer’s website for $34.95 plus shipping and handling for a package containing 60 tablets. Keep in mind that the product advises users to take 3 tablets a night, each package will only last 20 days if used as directed, therefore multiple packages will need to be ordered to last a month. The site does provide some price breaks when multiple packages are ordered at once, but nothing really substantial. Additionally, there is no mention of a money-back guarantee, so if the product is found to be ineffective it could just be a sunk cost to the user.

The price it is being sold at is quite high considering the relative lack of strength from its formula. It does have the advantage of including several vitamins that can have secondary health benefits, but when it comes to getting the user to sleep, it only features a couple of ingredients that could have any sort of substantial effect, and even those are designed more to relax the user than put them to sleep directly. There are several stronger sleep aids available on the market for less money.

Business of Melissa Dream Sleep Aid

Melissa Dream Sleep Aid is manufactured and sold through a Canadian health and wellness company by the name of New Nordic.

Here is the contact information we could find for the company online:

Address: 9900 Cavendish Blvd., Suite 205, Saint-Laurent (QC), H4M 2V2, Canada

Phone Number: 1-877-696-6734

Email: [email protected] Additionally, there is a page on the website through which questions can be submitted electronically.

The company does not maintain a page with the Better Business Bureau. It does not appear that they are currently involved in any lawsuits or litigation.

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Customer Opinions of Melissa Dream Sleep Aid

The product is sold through the manufacturer’s website, as well as several other online vendors such as Amazon, CVS, Walgreens, and Ebay. As a result, objectives reviews of the product were fairly easy to locate. For the most part the reviews that we found were mixed, with several users stating that the product helped them to relax, but did not necessarily help to get them to sleep.

Here are some of the consumer reviews that we could locate online:

“I ordered this product because it advertised itself as a sleep aid, but when I got it the box says it is non-drowsy. I want one that can put me to sleep!”

“I started by taking one capsule the first night and didn’t feel any effects. Tired two the second night and still nothing.”

“Expected this product to make me drowsy but it didn’t. I didn’t even feel relaxed, but when I did finally fall asleep I slept pretty soundly.”

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Conclusion – Does Melissa Dream Sleep Aid Work?

Overall, Melissa Dream Sleep Aid is something of a confusing product. As the name indicated it advertises itself as a sleep aid, but at the same time it states that it is non-drowsy and can be taken during the day when feeling stressed. It appears it is caught in between wanting to be a sleep aid and just a general relaxant to consumers. The formula that makes up the product is equally as confusing as it features a few ingredients that are beneficial for fighting sleeplessness, but not in very strong dosages and features several more ingredients that are not directly related to sleep health.

If you’re having trouble controlling your stress or anxiety, then perhaps this product is for you, but for those seeking relief from chronic sleeplessness and insomnia, we would recommend finding a product that more directly addressed those issues with its formula. Additionally, the price of the product is quite high, particularly when you consider that each package is only designed to last 20 days rather than one month.

Fenotrex was named as the top-rated sleep aid that is available on the market, and it has found itself in that position because of positive customer experiences and reactions, and a formula that is one of the strongest and most balanced that you can find. It can help you get to sleep when you want to and when you need to, sleep soundly, and wake up with more energy to take on the day.

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9 Responses to NEW Melissa Dream Sleep Aid Review

Jack Johansen says:

Didn’t do a damn thing for me, ended up going back to using 10 mg. of amytryptiline which works a majority of the time.

Mrs Harle says:

Not impressed, they were a waste of money.
I slept less than I would normally, as for relaxing nothing, that
is a joke. I feel I have been cheated.

Mrs Harle says:

Rubbish and a waste of money.

Anonymous says:

This product really worked for me. It directs you to take 2 tablets, 1 hour before bedtime. I wouldn’t take it during the day as mentioned because I actually do get drowsy about 45 min after taking it. It may not work for chronic sleep disorders but if it’s mild anxiety keeping you awake this might help.

Christine Evans says:

I was so excited after reading the advertisement in ‘Yours’ magazine, so went to the Town Centre Health Shop & bought 80 tablets, & left with such high hopes.
I am so disappointed.
It certainly hasn’t helped me at all & a total waste of money. Don’t buy!!

Sandra Davis says:

Very disappointed with this product as it was recommended by a lady serving in Holland and Barrett.
I really thought it would help me sleep, it didn’t! Priced at nearly £15.00 which it isn’t cheap.
Would I recommend it.
Definitely not!!

Karin says:

Started using it 3 seeks ago (after hating proper sleep aids at low doses and as little as possible with it’s many side effects and using those for over a decade) and whilst it does not put you to sleep that fast, it totally changed not staying awake while waking up many times during the night, love it!!
It does not have drowsy after effects either.

Ruth Stenhouse says:

I have suffered dreadfully for 20 yrs plus at varying degrees with RLS commonly termed restless legs (sleepless nights and sometimes in the day) I took pramipaxole every night for years, until eventually they stoppped working and my GP put me on patches every 24 hrs and although they seemed to work the long term would be ever increasing dosage so I came off them reducing the strengh and changed to Ragabeline but they to had side effects and an ever increasing dosage. due to an error in ordering I ran out and suffered major side effects. In desperation I started with Mellisus Dream and havent looked back {touch wood} almost immediatly they started working and I havent had a sleepless night since. Still early days and as long as theres no long term side effects, Ill continue to do so. If anyone know of any adverse effects I’d like to know?

Petra Tao says:

I am a customer from China, I bought these pills online, I take 2 before I sleep, and I stayed up all night. That’s crazy.

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