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REMfresh is an advanced sleep formulation that is designed to continuously release melatonin within the body throughout the night. The product claims that by allowing the body to absorb melatonin gradually while they sleep, the sleep will become for restful and the users will wake up more refreshed.

The product comes in packages that come with 36 tablets each. Users are supposed to take 1 to 2 caplets each night about 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. They have a 7-hour reabsorption and release profile, and the package suggests to not exceed 5 tablets in one 24-hour period.

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REMfresh Ingredients and Side Effects

The manufacturer of the product offers a clear look at their full list of active and inactive ingredients, as well as their supplement facts label. This level of transparency, even for a simple formula and combination of ingredients is still appreciated because it allows the consumers to see exactly what ingredients are active and what are more prominently used. Furthermore, the specific dosage information for each ingredient is listed, so users can be fully informed as to what they are putting into their bodies.


Melatonin: A hormone that occurs naturally within the body and can also be made in a laboratory. Its main function is to help regulate the body’s internal clock and establish sleep and wake cycles, particularly for those who have alternative or changing sleep schedules. It can also be used to help those who suffer from insomnia as a result of ADHD, rapid eye movement, intellectual disabilities, and high blood pressure. Fortunately, it appears that the ingredient does not pose the threat of any side effects when used correctly.

There are also several inactive ingredients that are included in the product such as, glycerin, wheat, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, and many more, but no more specific dosage information is offered about those ingredients, their role, or how they may affect the users body.

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REMfresh Quality of Ingredients

There are many sleep aids that rely solely on the use melatonin, just as REMfresh does, and they can be effective for some people. If you are a consumer who struggling to get to sleep at odd hours, set your internal clock, or are adjusting to a new schedule, then melatonin would be well-worth a try. The issue is that melatonin can be purchased on its own and is already included in many over the counter sleep aids. REMFresh claims they are different because their melatonin is designed to by an extended release that slowly makes its way through the body, but have provided no clinical data to support their claims.

Furthermore, many users sleep issue stem from a lot more than simply an irregular sleep pattern or internal clock issues. The product does not seem designed to benefit those who may not be able to sleep as a result of fear, anxiety, or physical ailment, which is something that there are many other sleep aids are designed to address.

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The Price and Quality of REMfresh

The website for REMfresh and other online vendors such as Amazon sell the product for $29.99. It is offered in packages of 36 caplets which is roughly a month’s supply, but it can vary from person to person. Users are advised to take 1 to 2 caplets about 30 – 60 prior to their intended bedtime, so if users are consistently taking 2 caplets a night, one package will not last them a whole month, therefore driving up the cost overall.

Furthermore, it does not appear that the manufacturer offers a free trial or money back guarantee of any sort, which means that if that product is found to be ineffective it will essentially just be a sunk cost to the user.

Business of REMfresh

The manufacturer of REMfresh is IM HealthScience LLC, producer of health supplements according to their website. They do not offer much in the way of contact information, but here is what were able to find:

Address: No physical address is provided.

Phone Number: 1-866-554-7071

Email: No email address is provided.

The product webpage does offer links to their product facebook and twitter pages if you’d prefer to contact them through those. It does not appear that they are listed with the Better Business Bureau at this time.

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Customer Opinions of REMfresh

The product is available through its own site as well as multiple online vendors such as Amazon. As a result, there are several dozen objective consumer reviews that are available to the view. Over all the reaction was mixed, but there were problems with inconsistency and some reports of negative side effects.

Here are some of the reviews that we were able to locate online:

“It puts you to sleep fast, but unfortunately it does not last throughout the whole night.”

“I ordered this product for both my wife and my son, and they both told me that it didn’t work for them.”

“Tried, and I’m sure that it is a good product for some others, but not for me or my wife.”

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Conclusion – Does REMfresh Work?

REMfresh is an interesting case of a sleep aid because it essentially only uses one active ingredient in melatonin. It is not secret that melatonin is known to be one of the more effective supplements for sleep aids, but REMfresh costs $29.99 plus shipping and handling, while melatonin can be purchased for less than half of that total usually at a local convenience store.

How REMfresh claims to set itself apart, is that the melatonin that they use slowly makes its way throughout the body, relaxing and adjusting each important organ to a new internal clock. This would be a novel approach, but unfortunately the REMfresh website does not provide much clinical information as to how this process occurs.

Additionally, while melatonin is great, there are a lot of sleep issues that it does not address, such as severe anxiety, muscle tension, physical relaxation, rather it is more suited to regulating the body’s sleep patterns. Consumers would likely be better served by simply purchasing a more well-rounded supplement that addresses sleep issues from a variety of angles. Many of the consumers who tried this product saw that they would be able to get to sleep but not stay asleep throughout the night.

If you’re looking for the to sleep aid on the market right now, it has been found to be Fenotrex, because of its expanding base of satisfied consumers and a strong formula that can get results. If you’re looking to get to sleep faster, sleep more soundly, or wake up more energized, then it is worth a try.

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7 Responses to REMfresh Review

M. Oxlong says:

Does this product really work?

Anonymous says:

don’t buy. just don’t do it. it is NOT worth the 8 bucks. just buy melatone

Connie.taylor0703@gma says:

Is taking one tablet of Rem Fresh, safe on the brain! My arthritis doctor claims it messes with our brain! So is this dangerous, or not?


My arthritis doctor claims this messes with our brain! Is it safe to take one tablet of Rem Fresh? Will it mess up something in my brain?

Kathryn Berman says:

I’ve used this product on a few occasions (1 tablet dose) and each time I have woken up about 2 hours after taking it with an excruciating headache. The headache gets progressively worse throughout the night and I hardly get any sleep at all.

Michele m Hathway says:

Terrible for me! I wish I could get my money back! Tried for 2 nights and talk about exhausted! It was like I was in a twilight sleep~ kind of asleep, but watching myself sleeping. Awful feeling! I am really trying to get off ambien, so I tried this. Now its on to the next thing and I’ll never see that money again.

D LM says:

I’ve used 5 mg for 2 nights. Groggy yes,but not ever to REM sleep. trying to eliminate ambien .
This really not helping

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