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Seditol is an all-natural sleep aid that is designed to support those who may have an overactive brain or suffer from stress that affects their sleep. The product states that is also may help to calm the nervous system, which would be beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety.

It is mostly sold in bottles containing 30 capsules, and advises the user to take one capsule about an hour prior to going to bed. It also states that it should be used for at least 7 to 10 days to see results.

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Seditol Ingredients and Side Effects

The product provides clearly all the ingredients that are included within its formula, and allows consumers to view the supplement facts label prior to purchasing. This is good for transparency, but unfortunately, the formula is a proprietary blend of just a few extracts, so consumers cannot know exactly how much of each ingredient they are putting into their bodies. It also makes it more difficult to vet the product ahead of time, and accurately predict its effectiveness.

Here are the ingredients that are in Seditol:

Magnolia Officinalis Bark Ziziphus Spinosa

Magnolia Officinalis Bark: Derived from the magnolia plant, the bark is often used to make medicine. It can have a variety of uses, including weight loss, constipation, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and asthma. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is one if the ingredients in a formula that is used to reduce anxiety and make sleep more achievable.

Ziziphus Spinosa Seed: The seed of the Zizyphus tree or shrub. It is generally used to prevent liver disease and ulcers, improve strength in muscles, weight gain, and can also work as a sedative. Additionally, it can address fatigue, digestive problems, fever, asthma, and inflammation. Aside from functioning as a sedative, it does not seem to have any direct connection to sleep or sleep health.

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Seditol Quality of Ingredients

Seditol does have a unique formula that it features, but it also raises a lot of questions. The proprietary blend of two ingredients that makes up the product doesn’t allow users to know exactly how much of what they are putting into their body, and these two ingredients are not often seen effective sleep aids.

It seems that both the ingredients either has the ability to act as a sedative or reduce anxiety and stress, which are both related to achieving quality sleep, but can be only a small part of the equation in getting the body to achieve healthy sleep patterns. While these ingredients can potentially relax the body and mind of the user, they don’t seem particularly designed to put them to sleep and establish their internal clock they way more established ingredients such as melatonin and chamomile do.

Furthermore, it seems to be missing anything that will keep the user asleep throughout the night and try and ensure that a sleep as restfully as possible.

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The Price and Quality of Seditol

The product is not sold through the manufacturer’s website, but they do direct you to where you can purchase it online, the main vendor being Amazon. Amazon offers bottles with 30 capsules and bottles with 60 capsules. As mentioned, it only requires that you take one capsule a night, so the 30-capsule bottle would be a month’s supply and that sells for $13.27 plus shipping and handling through Amazon, while the 60-capsule bottle is $23.61.

Both these prices sound reasonable when compared to many other sleeping aids, but the lower price is also an indication that it is perhaps cheaper to produce than the average sleeping aid because of the lack of ingredients in Seditol. There are only two active ingredients as part of their proprietary blend, while more well-rounded sleeping aids feature many more ingredients in larger dosages. Additionally, there is no money back guarantee offered through the vendors.

Business of Seditol

Seditol is produced by a supplements company by the name of Source Naturals.

Here is the contact information we could find for the company online:

Address: Source Naturals, Customer Service Department, 23 Janis Way, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Phone Number: 1-800-815-2333

Email: No specific email address is offered, but they do offer a link that you can click on to send them an email.

They have a page with the Better Business Bureau, though they are not accredited, there are no customer complaints currently. In 2024, they were sued by a St. Louis woman for $5 million, because she claimed they misrepresented the amounts of vitamins and minerals in their product by as much as 90%.

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Customer Opinions of Seditol

The product is not sold directly through the manufacturer, but rather through several online vendors such as Amazon and Vitacost, which means that objective consumer reactions were east to locate. There are several dozen reviews on the Amazon page alone, and they are generally mixed to negative as it worked for some, but other complain that it takes too long to take effect and comes with potential negative side effects.

Here are some of the consumer reviews that we could locate online:

“I used this product for a full two months and didn’t see any results. I was hoping it would stop me from waking up during the night, but it didn’t seem to work.”

“This product got me to sleep but I had to stop using it because of the awful nightmares I kept having while on it. They were so bad that they made me exhausted in the morning.”

“It didn’t keep me asleep throughout the night. I woke up several times feeling agitated. It ended up being about 6 hours of restless sleep.”

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Conclusion – Does Seditol Work?

Seditol states that it is specifically designed for consumers who have trouble overthinking, stressing, or simply can’t shut their brain off to sleep. While that is a substantial amount of people, it also means the supplement is worthless for consumer’s whose sleep issues derive from somewhere else, specifically something to do with their internal clock or a nutrient imbalance of some kind.

Additionally, there are many clinically studied ingredients that are often included in sleep aids that provide a relaxing, sedative affect, but Seditol selected two that do not have much clinical research backing them up currently. It makes the formula unique, but not necessarily effective, and judging from the consumer reviews, completely inconsistent and often not beneficial at all.

After careful examination, Fenotrex has been named as the top-rated sleeping aid on the market by review experts because of its extremely positive customer response and a formula that is filled with ingredients that have been shown to work in battling sleeplessness. The product can potentially provide such benefits as more restful sleep, the ability to get to sleep quicker, and more energy throughout the day.

The potent formula that makes up the product has had all active ingredients tested by third parties that have confirmed that they are safe and effective. Additionally, the product is produced in a GMP certified facility. Just follow this link if you need more information about Fenotrex and the profound benefits it can provide to you.

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