Lavino Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2023): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Lavino Eye Cream is an eye solution that works to fill in wrinkles and fine lines that result in an older-looking appearance. According to the official website, this product works to give the skin a healthy, rejuvenated appearance promoting moisture retention and smoothing skin.

Lavino Eye Cream is reportedly made with peptides, fruit extracts, and retinol and aims to improve blood flow and new cell turnover. Though the makers of this product never reveal what, exactly is inside this formula,

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Lavino Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Lavino Eye Cream has some conflicting information across its various websites and Amazon listing. Below, we’ve included all ingredients we’ve seen mentioned in connection with this product—so it may not be 100% accurate.

Glycine Soya Pineapple Extract Grape Extract
Passionflower Extract Vitamin K

Glycine Soya: Glycine soya, or soybean oil has become increasingly common in skincare products—it’s rich in vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acids and protects against damage, treats hyperpigmentation, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Pineapple Extract: Pineapple contains enzymes that exfoliate dry, dead cells, brightening complexion and boosting cell turnover.

Passionflower Extract: Passionflower is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants—making this an ideal ingredient for anti-aging purposes. Passionflower extract may help the skin retain moisture and prevent incoming damage from free radicals.

Vitamin K: Vitamin K is thought to help improve the appearance of broken capillaries, rosacea, bruising, acne scars, and redness. In eye creams, it may help with some types of dark circles.

Grape Extract: Grapes are rich in antioxidants, which work to protect the skin from environmental damages, as well as the sun’s rays. This ingredient may help prevent wrinkles, age spots, and other visible signs of aging.

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Lavino Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

One of Lavino Eye Cream’s official website features exactly zero mentions of what this product is made from—which is beyond off-putting, from a customer perspective. Another gives a long list of ingredients—from vitamin K to pineapple and passionflower extracts.

The Amazon listing isn’t any more helpful. Users are treated to a confusing description of the product that’s all benefit and no ingredients. The product improves collagen levels, but never explains how it intends to achieve those results. The product also reportedly contains “extracts,” which could mean anything.

While Lavino Eye Cream might have some good qualities, one can’t argue with the fact that this product isn’t sold with the basic information you’d see with most reputable eye creams.

Most people would balk at the fact that this company doesn’t include a list of ingredients used to make a product that is applied so close to the eyes. But, the makers of Lavino seem to ignore this basic rule of commerce—the product is sold with sort of an odd story about a young woman who has the “gift of a beautiful” face, but age and stress led to wrinkles. Luckily, this young woman was able to find Lavino, upon a recommendation from an acquaintance’s mother.

With all the space used to tell this story, the makers of Lavino could have revealed more about how this product works, what it’s made out of, and more.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Lavino Eye Cream

Lavino Eye Cream is sold on Amazon for $37 per unit. The online retailer does include a note that this item is low in stock, so it’s not clear how long this product will be available.

The main way to get this item, however, is by signing up for a free trial offer through one of the brand’s official landing pages. There’s a form on the sidebar that users can fill out—with shipping and billing details, and from there, they’ll receive a package within a few days.

The catch is, after you’ve given your billing details for the modest shipping and handling fee, you’ll be kept on record for recurring payments of $80 or more. While it’s hard to find, the makers of Lavino Eye Cream have included a fine print contract that states, if the consumer doesn’t cancel the the contact, they’ll be on the hook for a monthly shipment of Lavino Eye Cream.

While subscriptions are becoming ever more popular in this day and age, it’s hard to get behind what the people at Lavino are doing. These “contracts” are drawn up and essentially hidden at the time of checkout and most users fail to catch them. And those who do still often have trouble finding a way out of these arrangements without resorting to cancelling the credit card in question.

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Business of Lavino Eye Cream

Lavino Eye Cream is distributed to a company that has opted to not disclose their contact details or any identifying information on the websites, as well as on the Amazon listing.

As we mentioned above the websites focus on some irrelevant information. For example, one tells a story about a woman who discovered this product—and how it restored the beauty she was once known for. The other site is a little better, as it shows a diagram of what ingredients one can expect to find in this formulation.

But, the inconsistencies add up. The information presented on the websites don’t quite add up. And the ingredient list probably won’t accomplish the many claims that the maker of Lavino Eye Cream have offered up on the site.

There are no documented reviews of this product, other than a few entries on RipOff Report, which echo the same sentiments you’ll find in any of the myriad free trial schemes.

Here are some of the comments we found:

“Total scam. This company charged me over $200 for these products after I signed up for a free trial. The customer service rep only offered a 15% discount for the products I never ordered in the first place.”

“Returned both the eye and face cream and still was charged $180, and disputed the charges 3 times.  The company said they couldn’t prove I returned the product, so I was stuck with the charge.”

“Went back and forth with Lavino and my credit card company to no avail.  The rep at Lavino told me to go f*** myself and that there was nothing they could do. I had to cancel my card and eat the charges.”

“Customer service pretended not to speak English after I tried to dispute charges. They hung up on me four times.”

Based on the comments we read, it seems that Lavino’s customer service department is exceptionally bad—users reported no resolution after dealing with unwanted charges and little help from the credit card companies, as these charges were likely protected by a fine print loophole.

Customer Opinions of Lavino Eye Cream

Lavino Eye Cream has no reviews posted online. The customer response to this product has been limited to complaints about the poor behavior on the part of the customer service representatives, as well as unwanted charges to their credit cards.

That information alone suggests, it’s not worth doing business with this company, no matter what happens to be inside this product.

Even the Amazon listing fails to include any customer feedback. With that in mind, we cannot recommend Lavino Eye Cream to our readers. This product has nothing positive associated with it, and no customers vouching for the quality of the eye cream.

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Conclusion – Does Lavino Eye Cream Work?

Lavino Eye Cream is an eye cream designed to take advantage of people. The company that makes this product has doesn’t care about presenting clear information about pricing or about the ingredients used to make this.

If one of the websites is to be believed, we’re not sure that this is the most effective anti-aging tool on the market. The product relies almost exclusively on fruit extracts to deliver the benefits, without any retinol or peptides to bolster the effects of these ingredients.

Perhaps most importantly, Lavino Eye Cream has been linked to some of the worst customer service experiences we’ve heard. Reps won’t honor returned items, despite consumers following the instructions included in the fine print agreement. Those reps have also become hostile, cursing at customers, hanging up on them, or pretending they don’t speak the same language—despite evidence to the contrary.

Kremovage is the most effective under-eye solution on today’s market. Experts found that this cream moisturizes, firms, and prevents skin from future damage. Made with ingredients like Matrixyl 3000, ocean-based retinol, fruit extracts, and more, users get a well-rounded approach to anti-aging. Visit the Kremovage website to see what experts say about this unique formula.

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