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REMTyme is a dietary supplement and sleep aid that states it can stabilize your mood and reduce stress and anxiety to make sleep more easily achievable. Furthermore, the formula is designed to offer relaxation of the muscles in the case that the reason for sleep troubles is physical.

The product is sold in bottles containing 30 capsules each, and advises users to take one capsule about 30-60 minutes prior to going to bed. If these directions are followed, each bottle should last roughly one month.

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REMTyme Ingredients and Side Effects

It does not appear that REMTyme currently has an operational website, so the formula was somewhat difficult to track down. That said, we were able to track down a list of active ingredients within the formula, but unfortunately there was no supplement facts label provided, and no mention of the specific dosage information for each ingredient that was used. Obviously, this information is key to allowing consumers to make informed decision as to what they are purchasing and potentially putting into their bodies.

Here are the active ingredients that are used within REMTyme:

Magnesium Oxide L-Theanine Chamomile Extract Passion Flower
Hops Melatonin Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm: An herb from the mint family, it is used to make medicine. It can be used for treating digestive issue, bloating, flatulence, and an upset stomach. Additionally, it has a calming effect, so it is included in many sleep aids for its ability to reduce anxiety, restlessness, and stress. It is also used to prevent and combat Alzheimer’s disease. The balm contains a chemical that acts as a sedative, which make it affective in sleep aids.

Hops: Derived from the hops plant, of which the dried flowering part is utilized to make medicine. It is primarily used to treat anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, ADHD, excitability, and tension. Additionally, it can be used to improve the user’s appetite, treat indigestion, and increase urine flow. It is familiar to most for its role in brewing beer, and can be used as a flavor component in other foods and beverages. It is believed that it works to treat anxiety related disorder because of the chemicals it has that mimic estrogen effects.

Chamomile Extract: An herb that is derived from a flower and used to make medicine. It can be used to treat a variety of disorders, including intestinal gas, ADHD, diarrhea, restlessness, and trouble sleeping. It contains chemicals that can promote relaxation, as well as reduce swelling or inflammation in some users. By reducing anxiety, it helps many users relax their brain prior to going to sleep.

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REMTyme Quality of Ingredients

Overall the blend of ingredients appears strong and wide-ranging for a sleep aid, with the ability to address multiple issues related with sleeplessness. Melatonin, chamomile, and passion flower are ingredients that can be particularly beneficial to those who suffer from chronic sleeplessness or insomnia.

That said, the lack of any specific dosage information or explanation from the manufacturer as to how the product is intended to function within the body can leave consumers with legitimate questions regarding its effectiveness. The ingredients have been shown to be effective for the most part, but they are also commonly used in many sleep aids which have shown that it’s not just their presence that is the key to effectiveness, but the specific blend of ingredients and how they are released and utilized.

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The Price and Quality of REMTyme

As mentioned, there does not appear to be any sort of official website for either the product itself or the manufacturer, so any pricing information we were able to locate was found through other online reviews or mentions of the product. That said, the most recent mention of a specific price for one bottle of REMTyme, which again equates to a monthly supply, was $68.97. That price is, without a doubt, among the highest that we have even seen for sleep aid and it is hard to imagine any sort of justification for a price that high based on what we know of the formula.

Furthermore, because there is no official website, there is no free trial offer or money back guarantee associated with the product. While the blend of ingredients for REMTyme appears to be solid, they are also ingredients that are commonly used in many other sleep aids, many of which cost literally less than half of what REMTyme costs. Again, we do not know the specific dosage information for the product, but it is hard to imagine that any dosage combination could justify such as astronomical price.

Business of REMTyme

REMTyme is produced and manufactured by a supplement company by the name of Swiss Labs, who, like the product itself, do not appear to currently have an operational website. That said, we were able to track down some information regarding the company.

Here is the contact information we could find for the company online:

Address: 1915 Trade Center Way, Naples, FL 34109-6220

Phone Number: (239) 566-1646

Email: No email address is provided.

The company does maintain a page with the Better Business Bureau, but they are not accredited through them. It does not appear that they are currently involved in any lawsuit or litigation.

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Customer Opinions of REMTyme

Unfortunately, though unsurprisingly, we were unable to locate any consumer reviews online regarding REMTyme. This, no doubt, has to do with the fact that it does not appear to be being sold anywhere online, and there is no website for either the product or manufacturer so even product testimonials could not be located.

A complete lack of consumer reviews often suggests that either the product has not caught on or sold well, or is no longer being produced. Either way, it takes away some of the consumer’s ability to make an informed decision about their purchase.

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Conclusion – Does REMTyme Work?

The positive thing we can say about REMTyme is that is seems to feature a solid blend of ingredients, many of which have been clinically tested and have shown to be effective in treating aspects of sleeplessness. Beyond that there is not much we can offer in the way of praise, simply because there are so many unknowns about the product and the manufacturer behind it.

Because there is not website for the product, and we cannot find it for sale anywhere online, it may simply have been discontinued at some point, which would obviously suggest that it is not worth pursuing. The only price that we could find regarding the product was a completely ridiculous $68.97, despite the fact that the formula used ingredients that are commonly available in other sleep aids for much cheaper. The lack of any explanation regarding how the product is intended to function, or what makes it superior to its competition is also less than inspiring. Add to that, the complete lack of any consumer reviews about how the product performs, and there are simply too many unanswered questions about the supplement for us to consider recommending it.

Instead we would recommend finding a sleep aid that uses similar ingredients but is offered for a much more affordable price and is supported by a manufacturer that offers transparency and good consumer reviews.

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