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What is it?

Vitakor is a weight loss diet pill that was rated one of the best metabolism boosters of the year. It contains only natural ingredients made to help provide well-rounded weight loss benefits.

It also has rich antioxidants which can improve the immune system and overall health. There are many benefits which come from Vitakor’s proprietary formula of wholesome extracts. One of the featured ingredients is raspberry ketones, which has become popular as a weight loss ingredient due to its potent weight loss effects. This review will go over why Vitakor was rated as one of the best metabolism boosters available. Discover more information about Vitakor when you visit the official website found here.

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Vitakor Quality of Ingredients


There are no added stimulants, fillers, preservatives, colors, or potentially harmful additives. Vitakor contains only natural ingredients that have been shown to promote many health benefits.

There is African Mango which can lower appetite and control blood sugar, cascara sagrada which improves digestive health, fennel seed that can reduce bloating and improve digestion, pumpkin see that can improve sleep and has a high amount of antioxidants, and several other effective ingredients.

When all these ingredients are blended together they help to promote increased weight loss. They also help to provide other health benefits. Best of all there’s no cheap additives and a consistent quality is guaranteed by an official GMP certification. This means a 3rd party helps monitor and track the manufacturing process to prove it’s pure, free of impurities, made in a clean facility, as well as added in the amounts suggested.

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Vitakor Ingredients and Side Effects

Here are the official ingredients:

Raspberry Ketones African Mango Fennel Seed Cascara Sagrada Ginger Goldenseal
Pumpkin Seed Buckthorne Root Licorice Root Rhubarb Citrus Pectin
Acidophilus Cape Aloe Bertonite Clay Aloe Vera Cayenne Pepper
Senna Oat Bran Prune Juice Flax Seed Oil

Raspberry Ketones: Natural extract which can be taken from raspberries. It provides their unique smell. It’s been shown to help with weight loss via increasing metabolism and the hormone adiponectin. This hormone has been described by Web MD as:

“Adinopectin can increase the rate at which the body burns fat and reduce appetite”

African Mango: Also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, this African fruit is known to contain rich fiber and B vitamins. explains the benefits:

“Research on African mango shows beneficial effects for diabetes and obesity”

Other benefits included stabilized blood sugar and lower blood cholesterol. This ingredient became popular as a weight loss ingredient recently due to its potent effects.

Fennel Seed: This herb is commonly used to cook with, and it also has benefits such as improving digestive healthy, aiding digestion, and decreasing the risk for respiratory issues.

Cascara Sagrada: Thus shrub is used to regulate digestion. Web MD adds:

“Cascara contains chemicals that stimulate the bowel and have a laxative effect”

Therefore, it can promote regular bowel movements. To visit the official website to learn more information about Vitakor, click on the link here.

Pumpkin Seed: This wholesome seed has rich fiber, protein, antioxidants, and minerals. There are also many benefits as Worlds Healthiest adds:

“Decrease in oxidative stress”

“prevention and treatment of diabetes”

“preliminary evidence of decreased cancer risk”

This ingredient has also been shown to help improve mood due to its natural source of 5-HTP, which naturally stimulates the production of serotonin. This can also support better sleep which is important when one is looking to lose weight.

Cayenne Pepper: This spicy herb is used to flavor dishes, and has been shown to help increase metabolism via its extract capsicum.  Web MD also adds:

“cayenne pepper may help burn calories and curb appetite”

In the extract form added to this diet pill it doesn’t have any spiciness, so you get the benefits of this ingredient without having to eat an incredibly spicy herb. It can further burn fat and studies have shown it raises metabolism for some time after taking it.

Cape Aloe: This natural plant is added due to its laxative like effects and ability to regulate blood sugar. It can also help alleviate any stomach issues while helping to relieve bloating. It has also been shown to help improve skin health.

It’s clear from clinical studies provided by 3rd parties that the ingredients in Vitakor have been added with the knowledge that they would be effective for weight loss. The entire proprietary formula has ingredients which are high-quality, and have many benefits to help promote unique benefits.

The Price and Quality of Vitakor

A month long supply of Vitakor sells for $59.99, discounts are also offered on bulk purchases.  There are also no auto-shipment policies, and all purchases can be made directly via the official website.

The serving size is just 2 capsules a day, and one bottle has 60 capsules inside. Since all purchases are backed by a risk free 30-day money back guarantee, this offers potential customers the peace of mind that they can try this product without any potential issues. This metabolism booster can also be taken alongside the company’s other diet pill Sletrokor for increased weight loss benefits.

It’s manufactured in a FDA approved, GMP certified facility. This is a great way to ensure routine quality and purity during the manufacturing process.  It also guarantees customers are getting a consistent product which is reviewed by third parties unrelated to the company that makes Vitakor.

Business of Vitakor

The business that makes this diet pill is known as 18Nutrition, they have listed their contact information as:

Phone Number: (800) 614-1820

Address: 600 W 9th street, #611

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Email: [email protected]

They make sure to answer all messages within 48 hours, and an official contact form is also offered on their website to further reach them.

A full 30-day money back return policy is offered on all their brands, and this is without any restocking fee or penalty. Direct purchases can be made on the official website. They also do not enact any auto-shipment plan, which is done by some businesses to lock people into monthly contracts.

The company makes a lineup of weight loss diet pills and a meal replacement. All their items are made in a GMP certified facility which ensures consistency and quality.

In researching the company it’s clear they have no problems with customers and they have only positive reviews about their company. No issues were listed on their Better Business Bureau page either. They also list some customer testimonials with before and after photos on their official website.

Customer Opinions of Vitakor

 Here are some select quotes from users of Vitakor:

“it has worked great for me”

“It helped me lose extra pounds in 5 months!”

“I am very positive about these diet pills. Give it a try. I think you’ll like it too”

“I have come to love it, it has boosted my metabolism while melting my fat fast!”

The overwhelming consensus is that diet pill has effective weight loss results without any fear of side effects. People mention how they’ve noticed an increase in their metabolism, which lead to less weight on the scales. Users also add how they are glad to have started using Vitakor as an effective weight loss diet pill in combination with diet and exercise.

There were a few users who had issues with a lack of weight loss from other diet pills that mention Vitakor was truly effective. Customer testimonials on the official website highlight all the benefits of this diet pill. Satisfied customers add how they’ve been able to transform their bodies, and there are impressive before and after photos featured.

For more information about Vitakor and its weight loss benefits, visit the official website available here.

Conclusion – Does Vitakor Work?

The reason why Vitakor was rated as the best metabolism boosting weight loss pill is due to its pure ingredients, lack of artificial additives or stimulants, great customer reviews, and potent proprietary formula.

The benefits to this diet pill include increased metabolism, faster fat loss, improved immune health, antioxidants,better digestive health, decreased signs of aging, and many other benefits. This is made possible via the use of the pure ingredients which have been shown to have potent health benefits. Many studies have proven that these ingredients have the ability to promote sustained weight loss.

When searching for a quality diet pill it’s important to make sure the brand you choose has natural ingredients that actually work and is customer approved. Vitakor is an example of a truly effective and potent metabolism booster, and it’s even backed by a full 30-day money back return policy.

The company that makes Vitakor also sells it at a reasonable price considering the use of wholesome all-natural ingredients.  They also ensure a GMP certification for 3rd parties to review the manufacturing process to prove its purity and cleanliness.

Vitakor surpasses other diet pills as the most effective metabolism booster available, visit the official website to learn more.

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M. Parker says:

Is there any gelatin in the pills, or are the ingredients vegan?

Aaron J says:

Capsules are made from gelatin and other ingredients are natural/organic.

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