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Prost-P10x is a prostate health supplement that claims to be doctor-formulated in order to help provide optimal urinary function. This may include reducing the number of trips that men take to the bathroom, the ease and comfort of those trips, and improved quality of live for men with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), chronic prostatitis (CP), and other issues involving the swelling or irritation of the prostate.

Most men will experience some form of prostate or urinary problems in their life, and the longer they live, the greater the chances that they will have to deal with these types of issues. Prost-P10x is designed to help to both reduce the frequency and severity of these symptoms, as well as to help prevent them from occurring in the future.

The most effective men’s health supplement for prostate health specifically is Prostatrinex. It has been shown to effectively slow the growth of the prostate, if not actually reducing its overall size. Click here to read more about the ingredients that go in to Prostatrinex to see if it could be beneficial for your specific prostate needs.

How Does Prost-P10x Work?

Prost-P10x highlights several of their ingredients on their website, however they do not provide a complete breakdown of all of their ingredients and their dosage amounts. Instead, our research team had to find that information from one of their third-party distributors.

This is often a sign that the manufacturers of Prost-P10x do not believe that their product will compare favorably to other, more successful products of this nature. There is no clear reason given why Prost-P10x does not choose to publish their ingredients list, however our team does not tend to view it as a good sign.

Despite this, Prost-P10x does have some very useful ingredients in their blend. Most notably, they have a good-sized dose of saw palmetto in their formula, and saw palmetto is considered one of the top ingredients for helping to shrink or at least reduce the growth of the prostate.

Saw palmetto is rich in helpful nutrients like fatty acids, beta-sitosterol, and other plant sterols. These chemicals can reduce inflammation, soothe irritation, and improve the overall functionality of the prostate.

The benefits of this may include improved urinary frequency, less pain in the pelvic floor and during urinating, and decreased instances of urine becoming trapped in the urethra. Saw palmetto may also help restore erectile function in men who are experiencing erectile issues due to their prostate problems.

If the prostate gets to a certain size, it can start to put pressure on the nerves that connect the brain to the area, disrupting not only urinary function but sexual function as well. Saw palmetto may help men that have this specific type of ED regain their lost performance abilities.

The main ingredient used in Prost-P10x has far less of a history of usefulness, however. The top ingredient listed in their proprietary blend is called Graminex, a branded version of several different chains of grass and corn pollens. The study in to Graminex is still very new, and the data about its exact effects on the body is still inconclusive.

One of the main issues that our research team had with the formula for Prost-P10x is its low quantity of basic vitamins and nutrients. The most successful prostate health products tend to start from a solid foundation of the vitamins and essential trace elements that are used by the prostate in order to function normally.

The most important vitamins and minerals for a prostate support supplement to use are zinc, copper, selenium, vitamin B6, and vitamin E, however the only one of these core nutrients that Prost-P10x uses is zinc. The quantity of zinc found in Prost-P10x is also substandard, at only 15mg per serving, or less than half of what our experts would typically recommend for a product of this nature.

The problem with this is that many men’s prostate symptoms are brought on initially by a critical lack of one or more of these key nutrients. Treating only the symptoms of prostate irritation and never addressing the root causes is not considered an effective long term strategy by our team, who does not tend to recommend supplements that do not have at least a partial selection of those nutrients. If consumers choose to purchase Prost-P10x, our team strongly encourages them to also add an additional secondary supplement that features healthy doses of the core nutrients mentioned above.

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Potential Benefits of Prost-P10x

The low vitamin and mineral content in Prost-P10x severely reduces its overall effectiveness for all users, not just the ones with specific nutritional deficiencies. All men can benefit from having healthy quantities of copper, selenium, vitamin B6, vitamin E and especially zinc for both day-to-day functionality and for long term health.

Not including enough zinc in their blend particularly hurts Prost-P10x’s ability to prevent prostate cancer, which tends to be one of the major benefits of many of the higher quality prostate health supplements. That said, there are still a number of shorter-term positive effects that are possible for users of Prost-P10x.

Thanks to their use of saw palmetto, pygeum, and green tea extracts, it is possible that Prost-P10x could help to slow the growth of the prostate in men, and potentially even reverse it. There is a good chance that this can lead to improved urinary function in a variety of ways and may help to reduce the pain and discomfort that many men associate with prostate enlargement.

Improved urinary functions may include more complete voiding of the bladder, leading to an overall reduction in the number of trips that users need to take to the bathroom. They may also include greater ease in starting and stopping the flow of urine, including less dribbling and fewer instances of urine becoming trapped in the urethra.

These effects may have some secondary benefits for men’s lifestyles, including less embarrassment socially. They may also see improved sleep habits due to fewer trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, which can lead to more energy, better mood, and a reduction in fatigue-based errors.

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Are There Side Effects of Prost-P10x?

The majority of the ingredients in Prost-P10x are not generally considered side effects risks for most users, however there were a few ingredients that gave our research team some concern. The first is Graminex, which as mentioned above is a collection of grass and corn pollens.

Pollen allergies are one of the most common forms of sensitivities found in humans worldwide, and using them as part of a health product could lead to negative reactions in many people. These may include facial flushing, swelling of the face, tongue, and throat, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms associated with histamine reactions.

They also have some minor concerns about DIM, a chemical that is typically found in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. It is possibly unsafe to consume larger amounts of DIM or to take it on a daily basis, as users do with Prost-P10x. Issues that users may experience with DIM include nausea, vomiting, hormone imbalances, and issues with the body’s sodium processing abilities.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prost-P10x

Prost-P10x comes in individually-wrapped packets of six capsules each, the amount that their supplement facts recommend users take per day. These packets are sold in 30-count bottles through Prost-P10x’s website and by several other third-party distributors as well. The price can vary somewhat between retailers, so here are the prices that are quoted on the Prost-P10x official home page:

  • 1, 30-count bottle of Prost-P10x convenience packs: $89.95
  • 3, 30-count bottles of Prost-P10x convenience packs: $179.70

This price is quite a bit higher than the average prostate health supplement. Their advertising does not offer any explanations for why this may be, as they do not have any particularly rare or unusual ingredients in their blend.

Our Recommendation

While there are some things to like about Prost-P10x’s formula, there are also some significant issues with it as well. They use some ingredients that can potentially pose side effect or allergy issues for some consumers, however that is a minor concern when compared with the basic lack of fundamental vitamins and nutrients.

The prostate has certain nutritional requirements for optional functionality, and the best prostate health supplements provide that baseline of support. Prost-P10x mainly only focuses on trying to lessen the impact of the symptoms of prostate issues instead of actually getting to the core of many users’ problems.

The best all-around ingredients formula for a prostate health supplement belongs to Prostatrinex. They use a full selection of core vitamins and nutrients as well as using healthy doses of other top-rated natural ingredients.

They use saw palmetto and pygeum in their blend, as well as a variety of other unique ingredients that have been shown to help prostate and bladder function like red raspberry, graviola, and reishi, maitake, and shitake mushroom extracts. Click here to see the types of improvements that Prostatrinex users have experienced.

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