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Prostavec is a daily nutritional supplementation product that is specifically formulated to help provide prostate health support. They use a liquid blend of herbs, vitamins, and nutrients that are designed to help reduce the frequency and intensity of users’ need to urinate.

According to their promotional materials, Prostavec can help improve the strength and regularity of users’ urine stream while also working to prevent urine from becoming trapped in the urethra. Their advertisements recommend Prostavec to all men over 40 that have begun to experience issues with their prostates or that are looking to prevent issues from appearing in the future.

The supplement that has shown the most usefulness for helping men improve and maintain their prostate health is called Prostatrinex. It is the brand that our team of experts have studied that has shown the most potential for not just controlling symptoms but also helping to actually shrink the prostate itself.

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How Does Prostavec Work?

Prostavec does not chose to publish their ingredients on their website, which is rarely a good sign for the quality of a health and wellness product. Fortunately, there are some former customers that have posted images of their nutrition label, which allows our team of analysts to see what they use in their proprietary blend.

Unfortunately, given the way they list their ingredients in their nutrition facts it is still not possible to know exactly how much of any given ingredient is used in Prostavec. This makes it difficult to analyze their overall quality as it is hard to say that they are using appropriate quantities of their more effective ingredients and smaller quantities of the several less effective ingredients that appear in their blend.

The ingredient listed first in Prostavec’s blend is pygeum bark extract, a compound that is derived from the exterior of the African prunus africana tree. Pygeum is one of the better-known ingredients that are used for prostate health as it has shown some concrete benefits for reducing inflammation and the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

BPH is a condition that affects hundreds of millions of men worldwide. As men age, their prostates continue to grow, sometimes reaching the point where they can start to impact the natural functions of the bladder and urethra.

The prostate is located at the base of the bladder and directly behind the urethra. If it swells to a certain point it can begin to constrict the opening of the urethra, which can make it difficult to establish and maintain a healthy stream of urine.

Swollen prostates can have other impacts on users’ health and wellness as well, possibly including their erectile function. A swollen prostate can also put pressure on the nerves that allow the brain to communicate with the penis, sometimes reaching the point where it becomes impossible to send the messages necessary for proper erectile functionality.

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Prostavec also includes saw palmetto in their blend, which is another of our experts’ top herbal prostate health supplements. Like pygeum, saw palmetto is used to both shrink the size of the prostate and to help manage the other symptoms of BPH.

The fruit of Florida’s saw palmetto trees are small and generally inedible, however they are also rich in fatty acids and plant sterols that are very helpful for maintaining the health of the prostate. Saw palmetto has also been connected to restoring erectile function in men who are experiencing ED due to prostate swelling.

Their blend also uses several ingredients that are generally recommended more for inflammation reduction in general than for prostate health specifically, such as turmeric. This can be useful for some men whose prostate swelling is in part due to inflammation in the gland, however they will not be effective for every user.

Prostavec also features some more unusual ingredients in their blend that have much less established clinical histories of success. They use couch grass, kelp, prickly ash, and hydrangea, none of which have any clinical evidence that establishes them as definitively being able to benefit prostate or bladder function, although there is some anecdotal evidence that ties couch grass to improved urinary function.

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Potential Benefits of Prostavec

Prostavec is formulated so that it can help men to regain control over their urinary functions and it features a number of prostate health ingredients, as well as some other herbs that are focused more on reducing inflammation or improving bladder and urinary performance more generally.

It is possible that men taking Prostavec will see a reduction in the frequency with which they need to use the restroom, as well as improvement in the quality of their stream and the completeness of their bladder emptying. This can also help them to avoid the embarrassment and discomfort that can come along with urine that gets trapped in the bladder.

Are There Side Effects of Prostavec?

There are some allergy and side effects concerns that our experts have about some of the ingredients in Prostavec, particularly their usage of hydrangea rhizomes. Hydrangea rhizomes are the roots of the common hydrangea flower which, are not thought to be healthy when taken regularly over a long period of time.

Common side effects related to hydrangea rhizome consumption may possibly include gastro-intestinal and digestive issues such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, however there are more serious long term concerns regarding heart and circulation health. For these reasons it is not recommended as a part of a daily nutritional product that is meant to be ingested regularly.

Other ingredients in Prostavec have also possibly had some unpleasant effects on past users’ gastro-intestinal performance, especially prickly ash, which can interact negatively with some other foods and medications. Kelp can have some potentially negative digestive effects as well, and has also been linked to the possibilities of contracting hyperthyroidism, heavy metal poisoning, and excess iodine.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostavec

Prices for Prostavec tend to be fairly consistent regardless of whether it is purchased from their own website or through one of the several third-party retailers that carry their product as well. As of the date of this article’s publication, these were the prices that were being quoted on the Prostavec website:

  • 1, 2oz bottle of Prostavec Advanced Prostate Formula (24-day supply): $34.00
  • 2, 2oz bottles of Prostavec Advanced Prostate Formula (48-day supply): $60.00
  • 3, 2oz bottles of Prostavec Advanced Prostate Formula (72-day supply): $86.00

These prices are about average for a product of this nature, however users should be aware that they do not have particularly positive ratings and reviews with their third-party distributors. They have a mediocre 3/5-star average on, however this number is complicated by the fact that internet watchdog group Fakespot found that up to 60% of Prostavec’s reviews may be fakes.

If this is accurate, it would not only severely reduce their already unimpressive ratings but it would also compromise the trustworthiness of their manufacturer, Rejuvica, LLC. Given that there are already some concerns about Rejuvica’s reliability, this is especially concerning to our panel of experts.

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Our Recommendation

There are some things to like about Prostavec and their ingredients blend, and there are also some significant issues that our team has had with their product. They use pygeum and saw palmetto in their proprietary blend, which our experts approve of, however they also use several other less effective ingredients in their blend, some of which have been connected to some unpleasant side effects for some users.

Our team also had some concerns with the honesty and accuracy of Prostavec’s reviews and promotional materials. The fact that so many of their positive reviews seem to be fake is highly concerning, as is the fact that even with those inflated numbers their ratings are still not very high.

It should be easy for most customers to find a prostate health product from a more reputable company that uses pygeum and saw palmetto in their blend but that doesn’t compromise themselves with other less-reliable additives.

The product that our team of experts has ranked the highest for prostate care and support is Prostatrinex. It has the most effective formula for fighting prostate swelling and inflammation while also offering bladder and urinary function support.

They have established a reputation within the industry as being exceptionally effective for helping men get back to their previous levels of prostate and bladder performance. Click here to read more about the different ways that Prostatrinex can help to improve overall prostate health in their users.

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