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Prostafin is a prostate health supplement made with natural ingredients intended to help combat many common prostate issues. This includes reducing the need to constantly urinate and supporting healthy urine flow.

Results are said to come within a 2 week period without the risk of side effects. 8 key ingredients are added to support the prostate, and there are additional ingredients for added benefits. There is also consistency in the formula since they make it in a cGMP- compliant facility in the US. It is recommended to take it for a 30 to 90 day period in order for results to be experienced.

Our research team has dedicated themselves to finding the best supplements in the world of prostate health. The overall best brand we have reviewed this year was the all-natural formula in Prostatrinex. Customers approved its results and backed up how strong it was in regulating their prostate. Find out more information on what made Prostatrinex our number 1 pick by examining it further here.


The full ingredients include:

Vitamin E Vitamin B6 Zinc Oxide Copper Gluconate Selenium Chelate
Saw Palmetto Pygeum Africanum Powder Plant Sterol Complex Red Raspberry Graviola
Green Tea Extract Cat’s Claw Extract Broccoli Extract Tomato Powder Nettle
Maitake Extract Reishi Extract Shitake Extract Quercetin Juniper
Uva Ursi Buchu L-Alaline L-Glycine Pumpkin Seed
Burdock Cayenne Goldenseal Marshmallow Parsley

Pygeum Africanum Powder: Evergreen tree native to Africa that produces a red berry. This is used to help support BPH related prostate issues and support sexual function.

It is used for its anti-inflammatory effects and to help reduce swelling in the bladder.

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Graviola: A fruit bearing tree grown in tropical climates. The chemicals in it are used to help fight bacteria and viruses, and it is also used to help empty out the bowels.

Green Tea Extract: A natural antioxidant rich tea which is used to help reduce the risk for prostate cancer, by slowing down the growth of harmful pathogens in the body. It is used as a natural way to help support the prostate and it is made possible by what is called catechins, which also boost the immune system.

L-Alaline: Considered a non-essential amino acid since the body produces it naturally, this is used to help regulate blood sugar and reduce an inflamed and overly large prostate.

Cat’s Claw Extract: Woody vine found in the Amazon rainforest which is used to improve the immune system and also prevent inflammation in the bowels.

Maitake Extract: A kind of fungus that has chemicals in it used to improve the immune system, blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight in mice.

Quercetin: Referred to as a bioflavonoid or plant based pigment, this is found naturally in thins like berries, red wine, and onions. It has been sued to help support proper blood flow, reduce the incidence of chronic issues in the prostate, and to support athletic stamina.

Buchu: This plant is used to help relive urinary tract infections and also to support prostate health. The chemicals within it are used to help support proper urine flow.

Burdock: A plant used to help reduce bacteria and inflammation; it is used in particular to help purify the bladder.

Goldenseal: Herbal ingredient used to reduce the risk for urinary tract infections.

Marshmallow: The roots and leaves of this plant are used to help reduce inflammation and to also provide a protective layer within the digestive tract. This is added to help support many issues in the respiratory tract and urinary tract, including stones.

We have looked at many prostate health supplements and to make it easy to make a decision, we’ve provided the top 10 list.


Many of the ingredients are backed by 3rd party clinical reviews and they do only add natural additives, no fillers or artificial extracts of any kind are used.  They also add great vitamins and minerals, and they help explain how the ingredients are meant to work.

It would have been preferable if they added a bit less copper since there is 200% of the daily value user per serving, and also the proprietary blend is low at just 176 mg with a total of 11 ingredients used. Had the formula had a bit more strength it would have improved it much more so.

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Their official website offers different prices depending on the amount selected:

  • 1 month supply for $39
  • 3 month supply for $78
  • 6 month supply for $132

This is around the same amount of money you would expect from a brand like this. It’s a fairly decent price though some of the ingredients would have been much better had the company decided to increase and decrease the dosage strength.

More details about the best supplements for prostate health are outlined here; click this link to view our top 10 list.


Their official company name is Pure Nature Plus and they offer their contact details which are:

Phone Number: (888) 457-6441

Address: A return address is offered at 18433 Collins Suite 212

Tarzana, CA 91356

Email: [email protected]

A refund is offered up to 265 of the purchase date. 2 opened bottles can be returned and this comes with a 15% processing fee. There really isn’t much information available about the company online.

What was odd about them is that their social media page says they’re based out of San Francisco, CA, but their returns address is in Tarzana, CA, over an 8 hour drive. They fail to list their official address anywhere also, which is concerning for a company this large.

A FTC disclaimer is provided which says that any and all experiences listed on their website from testimonials are expressive of an individual experience. Therefore it may not fully represent what is possible for all users, nor should one expect the exact same results.

Another strange issue is the fact that the company has 2 websites, one called the Prostate Health Group, it’s not known for certain if it is at all related however. They both use similar images but each claims to have a different

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The following are some reviews we found for Prostafin on their website, no outside 3rd party reviews exist:

“Husband ended up loving it”

“Helped with many of the common prostate issues I had”

“No more pain it made urine flow come out so much easier than before”

“So much easier to go to bed know without the nagging pain I had before and frequent urination”

For the kinds of ingredients added it would be expected that there would be positive experiences. The problem with these reviews is as stated before, no unbiased 3rd party websites offer any mention as to what this brand is capable of. It’s always better to have reviews from various websites in order to know for certain that what is said hasn’t been tampered with.

Without any other sort of evidence provided there is no way to know for certain if the reviews are reliable, and whether or not they are representative of what this supplement can truly offer consumers.

Our review team put a lot of effort into finding the best supplements for prostate health; learn about what your best options are by clicking this link.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results


Prostafin has a lot of good going for it; the ingredients in it are natural and shown in 3rd party studies to help support prostate function. So it can lead to relief during urine flow, more control over your bladder, and better overall prostate function. The only clear issue is that the dosage strength would be improved had certain additives been added in more and even less amounts. The company is not well-known from any 3rd party websites, and there are no outside reviews outside of the official website. Without a clear indication what people have experienced, there is no way to know if the results aren’t exaggerated or biased.

Our number 1 reviewed prostate health supplement is Prostatrinex, which offers a natural formula at high dosage strength. There are many positive reviews from consumers who said it improved their prostate with noticeable effects. They provide an easy to understand explanation on how it works, and their official website explains its use.

The company makes it in a facility that ensures the overall quality as it is GMP approved. They also make the formula without the use of stimulants, fillers, binders, or any c heap unwanted filler. Learn about Prostatrinex and read our official full coverage review by visiting the link here.

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