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GoFlo is a men’s prostate health supplement that is specifically formulated to help restore proper urinary function in its users. Their advertising promotes its ability to help men that are dealing with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis control symptoms such as overactive bladder, difficulty starting or stopping the flow of urine, and burning or itching sensations in the urethra.

They promote their product to all men over 40, even those that have not yet started to experience any issues with their prostates. Prostate problems affect so many men worldwide that they encourage consumers to take preventative steps to help maintain proper urinary function and prostate health throughout their lives.

The prostate health product that has shown the most overall effectiveness for improving urinary function, prostate size, and long term health is Prostatrinex. It provides the best combination of basic nutritional support and symptom control of any of the supplements that our team has analyzed. Click here to read our panel of experts’ complete review for Prostatrinex.

How Does GoFlo Work?

As men age, their prostates continue to grow. At a certain point, they can start to put pressure on the bladder, urethra, and nerve fibers, disrupting men’s ability to go to the bathroom normally. This can have an impact on their lives in a number of ways, including disrupting sleep function, causing embarrassing body odors, and interrupting normal activities with trips to the bathroom.

GoFlo hopes to help men control this by focusing on improving urinary functions in their users. They do not have many ingredients that actually focus on the health of the prostate itself, and it is unlikely that GoFlo will be able to control the gland’s slow growth over time. Instead they focus mainly on the symptoms of prostate enlargement by attempting to improve bladder and urethra performance in general.

An issue of concern for our panel of experts is the fact that GoFlo avoids publishing their actual ingredients list. They highlight several of the ingredients in their proprietary blend, however without seeing the official supplement facts there is no guarantee that these are the only ingredients in their blend.

Not posting an official copy of your ingredients blend leaves open the possibility that there are other ingredients in GoFlo that they do not choose to mention in their advertising. This is frustrating not just because it makes it difficult for our team to accurately analyze a product, but also because it is a safety risk for many users that may have allergies or take prescription medications.

The choice not to list ingredients is often a warning sign that a product is worried that they will not compare favorably with other similar brands in their field. It is impossible to say why any given manufacturer would choose not to list what they put into a health supplement, however it is not a choice that is generally made the more reputable brands.

Top brands tend to heavily promote their proprietary blends so that users can see that they are using quality ingredients. Just because GoFlo does not publish their ingredients does not necessarily mean that it is not a quality product, however our research team tends to see that as a potential negative indicator of a product’s overall quality.

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Their website lists five ingredients for GoFlo:

  • Flowens cranberry fruit powder
  • Beta-sitosterol from soy beans
  • Stinging nettle root extract
  • Pygeum bark extract
  • Zinc picolinate

All of these ingredients are well-regarded by our team of experts, however they do tend to have more and less effective dosage amounts. It is hard to say exactly how effective any of these ingredients can be without knowing if it is being used in a quantity that makes it bio-available without risking being dangerous.

Flowens is a branded form of cranberry powder that has been fractionated, reengineered, and optimized for maximum impact on the urinary tract and bladder. Our team recommends cranberry products in general for prostate and urinary health, however there is very little data about the safety and effectiveness of Flowens in particular.

Stinging nettle is also a top urinary health supplement and is highly recommended by our team in prostate and bladder health products. It can help restore stream strength and allow men to more completely empty their bladders each time they go to the bathroom.

Pygeum and beta-sitosterol are both top rated additives for helping men to improve their prostate health directly. They have both been shown to be particularly effective for reducing prostate swelling due to inflammation, and are recommend to men that are trying to control the symptoms of BPH and prostatitis.

Shockingly, the ingredients mentioned for GoFlo do not include saw palmetto, the single most effective herbal ingredient for prostate health. Saw palmetto has been shown to directly impact prostate functionality and is considered a staple of nearly every major brand of prostate health product.

They are also lacking in the vitamins and nutrients needed for core prostate support. They do not use any copper, selenium, vitamin B6, or vitamin E, the most necessary basic nutrients that should be included in any effective prostate health product.

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Potential Benefits of GoFlo

The majority of the benefits for GoFlo will be related to improved urinary function. This may include helping users more complete void their bladders, which would lead to an overall decrease in the frequency with which men have to go to the bathroom.

It may also make it easier for men to start their urine streams and to see more consistency in their stream strength. Other symptoms that may be benefitted by using GoFlo regularly include fewer instances of urine getting trapped in the urethra, and less burning, itching or pain during or directly following urination.

Depending on how much zinc is included in their blend, GoFlo may have some benefits for preventing prostate cancer. Zinc has been shown to potentially help prevent the malignant transformation of cells, reducing the chances of tumor formation in the long run.

Are There Side Effects of GoFlo?

None of the ingredients in GoFlo have been connected to any side effects that concern our panel of health and wellness experts. As with any supplement it is possible that users could have a negative reaction to one or more of the ingredients, particularly if they have allergy issues. These reactions are generally mild, rare, and will tend to be gastro-intestinal in nature.

It should be noted that Flowens cranberry does not have as extensive a history of safety as our team would prefer. That said, there have been no indications at this time that it could be a danger to users.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy GoFlo

GoFlo is available exclusively through their own website. They offer several different pricing options, including a monthly automatic renewal program. The one-time purchase prices are as follows:

  • 1, 60-count bottle of GoFlo capsules: $35.90
  • 3, 60-count bottles of GoFlo capsules: $66.85

These purchases also include a bottle of their Omega-D and Virility PLUS supplements as well. There is no purchase option that does not include these extra products.

Our Recommendation

GoFlo has a number of very serious issues with their product that make it difficult for our team to recommend. They have a substandard ingredients blend, including a total lack of most basic vitamins and nutrients needed for proper prostate health and performance. They don’t even use saw palmetto, which has long been considered the most effective herbal ingredient for products of this nature.

The fact that GoFlo also does not choose to publish the specifics of their contents and dosage amounts is of concern to our experts, as there is no guarantee that they are using effective quantities of all of their ingredients. There is also the possibility that they are using unlisted ingredients that may be more controversial for whatever reason, however there is no way of knowing this is the case if you cannot see their precise proprietary blend.

GoFlo does not have the core nutrition, the symptom support, or the reputation for success that would convince our team that it could be a successful product for most consumers. We cannot encourage our readers to try GoFlo.

The prostate support product that we do suggest our readers try is called Prostatrinex. It has the most reliable proprietary formula that our team has analyzed, including a healthy dose of saw palmetto and a variety of key vitamins and nutrients.

It has shown itself to be extremely effective for improving urinary function in men and helping them overcome the symptoms of BPH, prostatitis, and other prostate health issues. Click here to see the complete supplement information for Prostatrinex and to see if it is a good fit for your specific needs.

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