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Prostate RX is a male prostate health product that is designed to help improve urological function in men that are experiencing swelling or irritation in the prostate gland. Their advertising says that it may be able to reduce the rate of growth of the prostate, if not help to shrink its overall size, and that it can help to treat the effects of conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or chronic prostatitis (CP).

Their promotional materials say that Prostate RX can help reduce the frequency with which men have to use the restroom, improve the strength and consistency of their urine streams, and help to relieve the pain that users pay experience in the bladder, urethra, or lower abdomen. They further say that it can help to soothe inflammation and irritation in the prostate and throughout the body, as well as also potentially improving the health of users’ hair, skin, and immune system.

The prostate health product that our team has ranked the highest is Prostatrinex. It has an ingredients blend that helps to improve men’s prostate health and urological performance in a variety of ways, helping to make it applicable for a larger percentage of men’s needs. Follow this link to read testimonials from current and former Prostatrinex users about their experiences with the product.

How Does Prostate RX Work?

Prostate RX only uses a single ingredient in their proprietary blend: 320mg of saw palmetto extracts. This is a decent sized dose of saw palmetto, which is one of our experts’ top rated ingredients for products of this nature, however it is also very rare that a product that claims to be a prostate support supplement will not back their saw palmetto usage up with any other active ingredients.

Saw palmettos are also known as dwarf palms because they are members of the palm family, but are smaller in stature. The name “palmetto” comes from this familial connection as well, and the “saw” refers to the somewhat sharp, toothed edges of their fronds.

The plant is native to the southeastern United States, predominantly Florida, where it has been cultivated by the native Seminole tribes for years. The berries of the tree are not typically consumed directly, as they have a taste that is said to resemble a moldy, heavily peppered cheese, however they are incredibly rich in helpful nutrients, particularly for men’s prostate issues.

The Seminoles used to make an herbal tonic from the berries that men would drink to improve their health and urinary functions, and the usage of the berries began to spread to the colonists of the area. By the late 1800’s it was being studied by the western medical establishment, who found it to have a number of beneficial effects on the body.

The primary reason that saw palmetto is so popular in products of this nature is because it does not just have applications for relieving the symptoms of prostate issues, but it may actually be able to help reduce the overall size of the prostate gland itself. This is important because as men age, the prostate keeps growing, and it can reach a point where it starts to crush the urethra, put pressure on the bladder, and even disrupt nervous communication with the entire genital region.

Common symptoms of prostate enlargement include an overly frequent and often urgent need to urinate, sometimes with very little warning time; a painful burning sensation before, during, or directly after urinating; and a loss of velocity and volume in the urine stream.

Saw palmetto is rich in a variety of different nutrients that can help the prostate and bladder, including a combination of fatty acids and phytosterols. Beta-sitosterol is the most potent of those phytosterols, which leads most brands of prostate health products to include an extra dose of it in their ingredients blend for maximum impact.

They also tend to feature a broader variety of ingredients for this reason, especially those core vitamins that the prostate needs in order to maintain its health, functionality, and size. Much prostate growth is the product of irritation caused by a lack of basic nutrients, and the rate of that growth can often be slowed simply by including an effective combination of amino acids, essential trace elements, and core vitamins.

Prostate RX does not do this, which means that it may have some applications for controlling the symptoms of conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis (CP). It is unlikely, however, that it will be able to resolve any significant issues with the prostate or provide as through a level of relief for most men’s prostate conditions as they are looking for.

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Potential Benefits of Prostate RX

While Prostate RX will probably be far less potent than the vast majority of prostate support supplements for improving the symptoms of BPH, CP, and general prostate inflammation, it may still be able to have some positive effects. Most likely, these will be urological in nature and may include a reduction in the total number of trips that men take to the bathroom.

Fewer total bathroom trips overall also means fewer trips in the middle of the night, which can help men to get better, more consistent rest. Improved sleep leads to higher energy levels during the day, better immune function, and even a more optimistic outlook and improved mood.

It could also help men that are having difficulty getting their urine streams started maintain a thicker, higher velocity stream, and it may have applications for reducing pain and discomfort while urinating. Other benefits that Prostate RX may offer beyond simply improving urinary performance include stronger hair and heightened immune function.

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Are There Side Effects of Prostate RX?

Saw palmetto tends to be very well tolerated by most people, and most of its side effects tend to be beneficial, such as strengthened hair and skin. It is, however, in the tree nut family and some people that have tree nut allergies may experience a reaction to saw palmetto.

This is very rare, however, and the vast majority of people tend to tolerate saw palmetto well. Our team of health and wellness experts do not have any significant worries about any negative health effects related to Prostate RX in either the short or the long term.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostate RX

While it used to be available from a variety of different sources, it seems that at this time Prostate RX is only being offered through their own home page. The prices that they were quoting on their website as of the time that this article was published are as follows:

  • 1, 6-month supply of Prostate RX capsules: $39.99
  • 1, 12-month supply of Prostate RX capsules: $69.95

That is an exceptionally low price for a prostate health supplement, which reflects how minimal their ingredients list is. This may make it more possible for Prostate RX customers to purchase an additional secondary prostate health product that does include some of the more necessary ingredients for supplements of this kind.

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Our Recommendation

Our team views saw palmetto as one of the top herbal ingredients that a manufacturer can use for an over the counter prostate health product. It is, however, still just a single ingredient, and it will not cover as many issues for as many men as a product with a more complete nutritional profile.

Prostate RX does not feature any of the basic vitamins, amino acids, or essential trace elements that the prostate uses for its day to day functionality. While saw palmetto is effective for helping many symptoms of prostate enlargement, it is not capable of preventing all forms of prostate growth on its own.

That said, it is possible that Prostate RX could help reduce the frequency of its users trips to the bathroom, improve the strength and consistency of their urine stream, and help to reduce instances of residual urine getting trapped in the urethra. It will not be as effective at this as the vast majority of prostate health products that use more diverse ingredients blends.

The supplement that our review team believes has the best ingredients selection and dosage levels for products of this nature is Prostatrinex. It has the most complete selection of basic core nutrients of any supplement that they have reviewed, and they back this up with a potent prostate size complex and effective urinary function boosting complex.

The overall effect of Prostatrinex is that men with a variety of prostate issues including BPH and CP have seen dramatic improvement in their prostate health and functionality. Click here to see a complete list of the types of conditions that Prostatrinex may be able to benefit.

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