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Prosvent is a prostate health and general wellness supplement that is designed to help men that are experiencing issues related to enlarged or overactive prostates. Their advertising claims that it can help to improve urinary control, flow strength, and the overall emptying of the bladder.

This can have a number of other benefits, such as improved sleep schedules and sexual function, as well as helping to prevent the embarrassment of leakage and frequent stops to use the bathroom. They say that their product may be an effective substitute for men that do not want to use prescription prostate medications, as well as men that are looking to prevent the onset of prostate issues later on in life.

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How Does Prosvent Work?

Prosvent’s advertisements claim that it functions as a prostate functionality regulator and general health booster. They say that it can help younger men maintain healthy prostates as they age while also restoring lost functionality in older men.

Prostate problems, especially benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), are incredibly common in older men. Data shows that up to 75% of men will experience some sort of prostate-related issues at some point in their life, and this number rises to 95% in men that live to be 85.

As men age the prostate often continues to grow. This can put pressure on the bladder and constrict the urethra, which can lead to a number of complications with men’s urinary function.

Most commonly, it increases the frequency with which men feel as though they have to urinate and the suddenness and intensity of those feelings. It can also affect the strength and consistency of men’s urinary streams, potentially leading to burning or dripping sensations due to an incomplete emptying of the urethra after peeing.

This can impact men’s lives in a number of different ways, large and small. Many men have experienced sleep issues due to overactive prostates that wake them up in the middle of the night. Not only is this unpleasant and frustrating, but this can also lead to fatigue and other issues throughout the day.

Prostate issues can also be a source of social embarrassment, as many men do not like how often they have to stop what they are doing to excuse themselves to use the restroom. Swollen or overactive prostates can also cause residual urine to become trapped in the urethra, which can lead to leakage and spotting.

It can also lead to more serious health issues such as bladder or urethra infections, bladder stones, or blood in the urine. There is no connection between BPH and bladder or urethra cancer, however their symptoms very frequently resemble one another.

The top ingredients in Prosvent’s proprietary blend are sterol esters derived from a vegetable or soy source. These are a common additive found in many prostate health products due to their ability to reduce the symptoms that tend to be associated with BPH.

Plant sterol esters have clinically demonstrated an ability to reduce the frequency of men’s need to urinate, the suddenness of the urge, and to help ensure the complete emptying of the bladder. They may also have a number of other potential benefits for users, including muscle building, immunomodulation, and cholesterol functionality.

They also use saw palmetto, which is one of the most traditionally successful ingredients for improving prostate health and functionality. Saw palmettos are trees found most frequently in Florida and other Southeastern states that get their name from their distinctive saw-like leaves.

Unlike plant sterol esters, saw palmetto extracts have been clinically shown to not just reduce symptoms but also the physical size of the prostate itself. This helps relieve pressure on the urethra and bladder, and it may improve some nerve-based erectile dysfunction issues.

They also use pygeum, stinging nettle, and pumpkin seed, all of which have shown uses for reducing symptoms of BPH. Pygeum in particular has demonstrated some positive clinical results for prostate health, as well as showing some beneficial anti-inflammatory signs. All three ingredients are well regarded by our team of nutrition and prostate health experts.

Unfortunately, as positive as all of these ingredients can be for prostate health, Prosvent’s proprietary blend is a fairly minimal 345mg total. For comparison purposes, this is about 1/3 to 1/5 the size of most other products with similar ingredients profiles, which severely compromises its overall potential effectiveness.

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Potential Benefits of Prosvent

For the most part Prosvent uses well regarded ingredients that have been shown to have a number of beneficial effects for both the prostate and for the rest of the body in general. Users could reasonably see significant reductions in both the overall size of the prostate as well as the severity of the symptoms in relation to that enlargement.

Men could see increases in the length of time between trips to the bathroom, the completeness of their emptying, and a reduction in leakage and other embarrassing side effects. There is a chance that users could also experience some secondary benefits such as improved hair quality, increased sexual functionality, and boosted testosterone levels, however these benefits are less studied and are not a focus of Prosvent’s advertising.

We should note again that while the dosage size for Prosvent is exceptionally small, that does not mean that users will not see any benefits, just that they may not be as potent as users may be expecting.

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Are There Side Effects of Prosvent?

Prosvent uses an all-natural ingredient blend that should be well tolerated by most people. The small dosage size may make it much less effective overall, however it also decreases the chances that anyone will experience severe side effects as a result of consuming any of their ingredients.

There are some mild allergy concerns with some of their lesser used ingredients, such as lycopene, a derivative of tomatoes that some people can react against, however for the most part Prosvent did not worry our team of experts. Contact your doctor or health care provider if you have any specific health issues that you are concerned about Prosvent affecting.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prosvent

Prosvent is available through several independent retailers, and the price seems to be relatively across each of these platforms. As of the date of this article’s publication, this was the price that was generally being used for Prosvent:

  • 1, 60-capsule bottle of Prosvent softgels (60-day supply): $59.95

Prosvent is also available through their own homepage, however the terms for this are very different. They do not have a single-purchase option available to consumers, but rather only offer a “30-day trial.”

Users should note that the “30-day trial” claims that it is free and has zero obligation to the consumer, however reading the fine print shows that there are very few circumstances that the user has control over that result in them actually getting to try the product for free.

The largest issue is that signing up for the offer actually signs you up for monthly installments that automatically charge your credit card. In their legal documents Prosvent does not specify how much users are charged as a part of this plan, however complaints from former customers found online indicate that its costs are probably similar to the ones found on their third-party dealers, if not higher.

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Our Recommendation

Prosvent has a very impressive list of ingredients in their proprietary blend, but also very unimpressive quantities of those ingredients. Their 345mg total combined size is less than the quantity of single ingredients in many of the more successful prostate health blends on the market.

It is also rare that a reputable company uses the “Free Trial” marketing strategy. It tends to rely on tricking consumers instead of selling them a product that stands on its own merits. When purchased on its own, Prosvent is far more expensive than their minimal ingredients blend would lead one to expect.

Users should easily be able to find a more effective prostate health product that costs less money, has a better history of effectiveness, and better reputation among other industry professionals. As such, our team of experts does not recommend Prosvent to our users.

The prostate health product that they do recommend is Prostatrinex. It has shown an ability to significantly lower the detrimental effects of prostate swelling such as urinary frequency, stream health, or bladder emptying efficiency.

They also utilize sterol esters, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, and pumpkin seed, however they have far more impressive dosage levels than other brands. Click here to learn more about why Prostatrinex is so strongly recommended.

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