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Prosta-Response is a prostate support supplement that is designed to help men that are dealing with the symptoms of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia), prostatitis, and general inflammation and swelling of the prostate. It is also used to help prevent more serious conditions in the long term, such as bladder infections or prostate cancer.

Prosta-Response’s advertising recommend it to men that have been experiencing urinary issues such as difficulty starting to urinate, inconsistent or weak urine stream, or taking too many trips to the bathroom. They say it may also have benefits for hair quality, immune health, and possibly even sexual performance.

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How Does Prosta-Response Work?

Prosta-Response uses a diverse blend of ingredients that features some of our experts most highly rated ingredients, as well as some other additives that are not typically found in prostate health products. There is a reasonable chance that Prosta-Response could provide several different kinds of benefits to men’s prostate health.

Prosta-Response uses a decent base of core vitamins and nutrients to help support general prostate function and hopefully slow the growth of the prostate. Men’s prostates continue to grow throughout their lives, and things like irritation, inflammation, and the lack of basic vitamins and nutrients can all increase the speed of that growth or the overall size of the prostate.

Prosta-Response uses zinc, copper, selenium, vitamin E and vitamin D-3 in their mix, all of which are used by the body to maintain core prostate functionality. Our team of experts would prefer that a product also include a measure of selenium and B vitamins as well, but overall this is more core level support than most prostate health products provide.

The lead ingredient in Prosta-Response is saw palmetto, which is generally considered the top herbal additive for products of this nature. The extracts of the saw palmetto’s berries are rich in beta-sitosterols, which help to control the symptoms of BPH including overactive bladder and urinary difficulty.

They also include several other top rated prostate health ingredients in their blend including pygeum, quercetin, and beta-sitosterols. There are several other ingredients that, while not directly related to prostate function may still be able to help control some of the symptoms of BPH, such as the helpful urinary function aid stinging nettle.

There are also some ingredients in their blend that are not typically associated with prostate health or urinary function, such as red clover flowers, Swedish flower pollen, and soy isoflavones, that do not have any clinically demonstrated use for decreasing prostate size, improving urinary function, or reducing the effects of BPH.

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Potential Benefits of Prosta-Response

Prosta-Response’s product is formulated to help men with BPH control their symptoms. Based on their ingredients profile and dosage amounts, our team believes that they have a reasonable chance of doing this to some degree, although their formula may be too mild for some men with more aggressive cases of BPH or prostatitis.

Some men will see a reduction in the frequency with which they need to use the restroom and will notice more complete voiding of the bladder when the pee. Many users will also see a reduction in the amount of urine that gets trapped in their urethra post-urination, which can cause its own set of health complications.

Men may see that they have an easier time starting their urine streams, which they may find to generally be stronger and more consistent. Men that experience pain, discomfort, or burning sensations due to prostate or bladder issues may see those symptoms reduced as well, however often those can be indicators of a more serious condition as well. Men that experience intense, regular pain or burning sensations in the urethra should consult with their medical professional as soon as possible.

Other secondary benefits to taking Prosta-Response that are not related to prostate function may also include hair regrowth, improved erectile function, and improved skin quality. They could also potentially see improvement in their hormone function, immune function, and energy levels.

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Are There Side Effects of Prosta-Response?

It is unlikely that most consumers will experience any side effects related to Prosta-Response. The majority of their ingredients are natural products that have been well-tested for safety in human trials. It is always possible that any individual consumer can have some negative reactions to one or more of the ingredients, however if they occur the most common issues will tend to be mild, such as digestive discomfort or diarrhea.

There are some allergy dangers related to some of the ingredients in Prosta-Response, particularly their use of flower pollens. Pollen allergies are one of the most common forms of sensitivities found in humans, and anyone that has a history of reacting to pollen should go very slowly with Prosta-Response or avoid it altogether.

The only other ingredient that our team of experts had concerns about was red clover flower extracts. They are fine for most people to ingest, however in addition to also being an allergy concern they also have a history of causing bleeding issues in a small percentage of people.

Some people with specific kinds of protein deficiencies have had issues related to estrogen function and blood clotting, which can possibly lead to strokes or other serious issues. It may also worsen some hormone issues, and is not considered safe for female consumption.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prosta-Response

Prosta-Response is a product of well-known supplements manufacturers Source Naturals and is widely available in both physical retail locations and through a variety of online outlets. Its price can vary considerably depending on where users’ purchase it from, however it can typically be found retailing in this range:

  • 1, 45-count bottle of Prosta-Response tablets (15-day supply): $17.43-$22.95
  • 1, 90-count bottle of Prosta-Response tablets (30-day supply): $25.54-$47.98

Prosta-Response may seem more cost effective at first glance, but given that their directions call for three tablets per day in order to be effective, it is actually one of the more expensive prostate products on the market. It has decent but not great reviews on most of their independent retailers’ websites, however the online review site Fakespot believes that up to 10% of those reviews could be fakes.

Potential customers should be aware that Prosta-Response violates the standards of California’s Proposition 65, a supplements safety ruling that establishes standards past the United States’ national standards. It does meet national standards, however since it does not comply with Proposition 65 then Prosta-Response is forced to carry a warning label in order to be sold in California.

The standards that Proposition 65 establishes for safety are among the most stringent in the world, and many people feel that they are too strict. That said, our experts always feel better recommending products that meet all available safety standards, especially when information about why a product does not meet those standards is not provided.

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Our Recommendation

There are quite a few positives about Prosta-Response and their ingredients blend. They use saw palmetto, pygeum, quercetin, and have a decent selection of core vitamins and minerals in reasonable dosage amounts. They also neglect some of the other more common core vitamins and use some ingredients that our experts don’t tend to recommend for prostate health products.

It is possible that Prosta-Response could benefit some users and their prostate health and functionality, potentially leading to a decrease in the symptoms of BPH like urinary frequency and stream efficiency. Overall, it is one of the better prostate health products on the market, however it also has some significant issues that prevent our experts from being able to recommend it above the top supplements on the market.

The most highly ranked prostate health product according to our team of experts is Prostatrinex. It is the supplement that has shown the most effectiveness for improving prostate and urinary function in its users, including improved emptying of the bladder and reduced frequency of residual urine getting trapped in the urethra.

Prostatrinex has also shown usefulness for helping to prevent prostate growth, prostate and bladder infections, and even instances of prostate cancer. Click here to see more information about the potential benefits of Prostatrinex and to see whether or not it is an appropriate supplement for your specific needs.

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